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Yoaní Sanchez, this years’s winner of  the Maria Moors Cabot Prize special citation, administered by Columbia University School of Journalism,  and who was not allowed by the Cuban government to come and receive it, posted this:

Mail boxes look like ballot boxes, they have a slot to insert the paper and its contents, it could be a letter or a ballot, which receive similar respect on this Island. Despite the limitations on correspondence, it turns out that it is easier to get one to its destination than it is to influence the course of the country with our vote. Hence, one of the most popular sports for my fellow countrymen is that of writing their complaints to the higher authorities, addressed precisely to those most responsible for our problems.

A woman writes a long lament about the sewer ditch that flows into the nearby school yard; the pizza seller denounces in writing the inspector who demands a percentage of revenues in exchange for not shutting down his kiosk; one patient needing surgery deposited his letter recounting the year he had been waiting to get into the operating room. The complaints are so numerous that in many ministries there is a department with several employees for the receipt of the letters. A true flood of sheets that repeat – over and over – the familiar heading, “By this means I turn to you…”

What? Am I watching a previously outtaken episode of The Sopranos? There’s protectionism going on in Communist Cuba? Wasn’t that one of the objectives of this long revolution? From July 26, 1953 to January 1, 1959 and Batista’s departure,  was the ouster of the Mafia not part of the platform? And now, as Yoaní reports, Mafia tactics are the order of the day. Well, hello progress!

Oh wait – there’s a comment there about the socilaized medical program that Michael Moore seems to think is so good. Maybe for foreigners, but Cubans might be having a problem with it.

See the rest of Yoaní’s post here: The new Chartism. She’s a wonder, immensely courageous and informative.

Love ya, Yoaní! You go, Homegirl!

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