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The Homegirls and Homeboys would like to dedicate this powerful Youtube, courtesy of Team Hillary Clinton, to Vincent “Vinny” Albanese who was laid to rest today.

Vincent Albanese, firefighter who worked at WTC site, laid to rest

August 5, 2010 By STACEY ALTHERR. AND BEN WIEDER.  stacey.altherr@newsday.com., benjamin.wieder@newsday.com

As bagpipers played “Going Home” under summer’s blue skies Thursday, more than 100 city firefighters dressed in their formal blue uniforms, as well as friends and family, said goodbye to Vincent Albanese.

The retired New York City firefighter who worked rescue and recovery at the World Trade Center site died of cancer Saturday, just one day after Congress voted down a measure that would have…

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The guys and gals went to “The Pile” for months.  The fire burned until mid-February, yes, for FIVE MONTHS!  They were there, every day, breathing that smoke.  After the fire finally was extinguished, they continued, until the pile was no longer a pile.

Hillary Clinton, as a Senator, fought for medical care for these heroes.  Who among us would have gone down there as they did?  Daily, pulling the dead out of the rubble, clearing the rubble in all kinds of weather?  Hillary fought for them, but no longer can.  I remember the day she accepted Secretary of State publicly.  There were moments when there was a catch in her throat,  There were many moments when her face betrayed a sadness.  I believe the necessity of leaving this battle behind her contributed to that sadness.  So, yes!  Thumbs up and kudos to Anthony Weiner for picking up the gauntlet and fighting for the unsung heroes of 9/11.  We applauded them that day in September, as they drove DOWNtown, while refugees of the attacks limped uptown like so many refugees of Sherman’s attack on Atlanta.  We must remember that they did what Hillary Clinton told US to do.  They kept going.  Every day.  And MANY (900 +or-) have become seriously sick.

So the Homies, among us many who saw the towers burn in person, not on TV, applaud Anthony Weiner as he, too keeps going.  We applaud J.C. at Team Hillary Clinton for his masterful video, as well!  Let us never forget, and let us do the RIGHT thing!

Join us at Team Hillary Clinton!

Please join Team Hillary in writing the Republican Party and Demand that they do the right thing…
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And Vinny Albanese … bless you!  Bless your soul.  Eternal rest grant unto you.  May your soul and the souls of all the faithful departed  rest in peace.  Amen.

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