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On February 7,  after at least a week of my friends and I following and discussing the “verified” status of a Twitter account called VerifiedClinton but lacking the blue verified check from Twitter,  I went to battle against that Twitter account for impersonating Hillary Clinton.  At Still4Hill,  I posted this  first volley:  NOT Official Hillary Clinton and UNverified.

I shared the post in the usual places on Facebook and Twitter and also specifically directed the tweet to  Vote_Hillary which had been touting it as genuinely Hillary Clinton’s official Twitter account.  I was immediately blocked after being told in no uncertain terms that it was really Hillary.

In the ensuing weeks, my homegirls and I kept an eye on the bogus account.   Tuesday morning, “Verified” was advertising a Q & A with Hillary herself.  Since the account was not Hillary, and this was fraud, I did a little detective work and called him on it.  You can see the process here.  Pay special attention to the comments thread.  That is where the mystery was solved.    Hillary Clinton’s Twitter Impersonator @VerifiedClinton is a Man – See His Picture Here.

Here is what happened next.  Note To Potential Hillary Clinton Impersonators: Don’t Even THINK About It!

The VerifiedClinton account is down.  So I moseyed over to Twitter a little while ago to see how the VerifiedClinton takedown was going and saw this tweet.


FYI Hillary Tweeters — @VerifiedClinton is a FAKE TWITTER and Twitter FINALLY Shut it Down Today After 3 Months. #HillaryClinton

Thing is,  Vote_Hillary, which is associated with GlobalYouthJustice,  still has me blocked for saying VerifiedClinton was fake.    Where is the justice in that?

This blog began in order to wage, and has largely been devoted to,  defense – defense of Hillary and other women.  Occasionally,  we have celebrated women in the trenches fighting the good fight like the Nuns on the Bus and Karen Finney outing ALEC.   It never occurred to me that I would need to defend myself, however, I feel I have been treated unfairly by Vote_Hillary when my sisters and I were proven correct.   It is especially ironic that I was summarily blocked by a fellow Hillary supporter who ignored the very valid reasons I gave for my argument.

So I  wanted Vote_Hillary‘s followers to know exactly how just GlobalYouthJustice is.    I was not even given the courtesy of a hearing.  I was slammed and blocked – as I remain tonight.   I was right.  VerifiedClinton was neither verified nor genuine, but by all means, Vote_Hillary, shoot first and aim later.  Perfect way to win and gather Hillary supporters.

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