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Representing the Obama Administration, and, as none of us are likely to forget,  having been Senator from New York when the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center occurred, our Homegirl Hillary gave the keynote speech today at the commissioning ceremony for the battleship USS New York today near the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum.   As you know,  the bow of this beautiful ship is forged of steel salvaged from the Twin Towers.  A brief snippet of her speech was played on CNN, but so far no complete video is available.  When it is, I will post it as a current event on A Rose for Hillary and Still4Hill.

In the clip I saw on CNN,  I thought something was wrong – terribly wrong.  It was very brief, but Hillary seemed unusually subdued.   She was not her exuberant self,  not the cheerful, vigorous, Hillary we are used to,  not the forceful voice and happy face we saw just yesterday, and I am concerned.    Something is wrong.  I snatched eleven pictures off of Daylife.  She is smiling in only one.  I confided this to stacyx of Secretary Clinton blog, and she sent me this: Monotone and bland Hillary Clinton.

Now, the Homegirls know that Hillary would NEVER consider an event like this “beneath her.”  On the contrary,  Hillary feels honored to keynote events like this, especially when they are in New York.  She always makes that clear with her enthusiasm, good cheer, humor, and beautiful smile that was pretty much missing in action today.  Given that this event is tied to very sad, tragic events and memories,  a degree of solemnity is appropriate and understandable.   It also is a celebration of our resilience, strength, and ability to keep going. I believe Hillary remarked upon this today.   So something is wrong.  I do not think she is sick, but she looks preoccupied, and not in a good way.  She looks like she needs a hug.

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