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Well, J.C. at Team Hillary Clinton suggested that team members post “Go Hillary in 2012” messages to encourage Hillary Rodham Clinton to run.  Whenever there is a big decision to be made, it is wise to employ a PCI (Pro-Con Inventory) in order to evaluate the situation.   Thus, before I go ahead and endorse this very pretty lady,  I should do a PCI!  Here it is.

PROs      vs. CONs

Demonstrates strong leadership skills.            Has boobs.

Best qualified: U.S. voters.*                                  Has ovaries.

Gets stuff done.  (e.g. START)                                Has a vagina.

Inspires confidence.                                                  Wears high heels.

Brilliant, logical mind.                                              Wears lipstick.

Shows empathy, sympathy.                                   Has shown cleavage.

Listens to America.                                                  Wears earrings.

Favors human rights for all.                                Must be a lesbian.

Works diligently.                                                   Must have a hidden agenda.

Cares deeply about the USA.                             Cried in NH.

Team player.                                                            Played baseball = lesbian.

Promotes women, girls, gays.                            Told ya! Lezzie!

Won back Russia’s friendship.                            AND a COMMIE!

Charm offensives save the day.                         And a flirt & a tease!

*Voters Say Hillary More Qualified To Be President Than Obama, Romney, Gingrich, Palin

Bear in mind, this is not complete, but it is enough for me  to make my assessment.  Decision:  I want a POTUS in 2012 who fits that description on the left even if she does have boobs & curves (very nice ones, I’ll submit – call me what you will), female external & internal plumbing,  cute shoes, banging jewelry,  an agenda for America that is anything but hidden, and a huge skills set in her pink toolbox.  And, no, she really isn’t a lezzie (who would be happy to claim her, but see Hillary Clinton and the Men) or a Commie, although I do have to admit, she is a flirt.   Yes, she did cry at a memorial for a Foreign Service Officer who was killed, and I love her for that.  The Pros outweigh the Cons.

Conclusion:  Hillary!  We’re all ready!  Let’s make this happen!

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