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NYCgirl, a regular here, sent this as an email. She gave me permission to post her eloquent defense here. We need to support and defend those who were fair and defended Hillary.

Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs

I just got a message from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to which I have belonged since 2005. They want me to write to CNN and ask them to fire Lou Dobbs for bringing up the BC issue! So, here was my response to their request, just FYI:

“I just received an email from J. Richard Cohen asking me to write to CNN asking them to take Lou Dobbs off the air. I have been an SPLC supporter since 2005, long before Obama declared his candidacy for president. I did not support Obama in the primaries — I supported Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was savaged by the blatantly pro-Obama sexist coverage by CNN and the rest of the so-called progressive mainstream media, while Obama benefited from their attacks on her and said nothing about the misogyny. I watched CNN regularly during the primaries and remain shocked by the bias and unprofessionalism of their coverage of then-Senator Clinton’s campaign.

BUT — Among all the despicable, hateful, anti-Clinton reporting on CNN, one person consistently reported the truth about Hillary’s campaign with respect and evenhandedness, repeatedly calling out the mainstream media for their unprofessional sexist pro-Obama bias: LOU DOBBS! And when I realized that in January of 2008, I became a regular viewer of his show, in spite of the fact that I disagree with many of his political positions. I am thankful for his ability to stand his ground during the contemptible sexist onslaught of the primaries and to defend Hillary Clinton against the media, including his own network CNN. Lou Dobbs has my gratitude for that. And he can question Obama’s eligibility all he wants. Obama has done nothing to dispel the rumors of his lack of an authentic birth certificate. If Lou Dobbs’ audience wants him to pursue this issue, then that’s fine with me. It’s called exercising your right to “freedom of speech”. SPLC also has that right.

So, more power to Lou Dobbs. No, I won’t write to CNN to ask them to fire him. I owe that much to him for telling it like it is about the media’s bias against Hillary Clinton.”

Authored by NYCgirl

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