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KOREA-NORTH/CLINTONWhen, about a week and a half ago,  the story of a possible foiled attempt on our beloved Homegirl arose, many of us knew, but somehow, in the shock of the moment, perhaps forgot that active role the U.S. has played in combating terrorism in that region over a period of many years.   When this story broke on Monday,  US kills al-Qaida target in Somalia helicopter assault. it brought home dramatically the true situation that exists between our country and Somalia, with its fragile new government and terrorist strongholds hosting  modern-day pirates.

Today, among the press releases from Secretary Clinton’s State Department, was this:  Key Outcomes of 4th Plenary of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia/  Hillary Clinton has done some tough talking about terrorism in Somalia and about the piracy that is home-based there.  She is not a neutral character to the terrorists.  She is part of the war – and a war is exactly what this is.

So IF there was an attempt on Hillary in Nairobi, in the context of the larger picture, it does not take a diploma from War College to know that, as in all wartime situations, discretion must be used by both the government and the press with regard to reportage.  Yes, yes, we embed press in combat, and they show you some amazing images of what happens on the battlefield.   My throat caught as I wrote that, remembering David Bloom.  But we never know the story that is withheld.  Routinely, sensitive stories are withheld by the press under military protocols in combat areas and war zones.

Given the nature of our involvement in Somalia, the possbility is that whether or not that story is true, releasing the story in some way interferes with special ops on a broader scope in Somalia.

At that, I will drop this issue.  We may never know the truth.  For me, under these circumstances, it is enough that our dear SOS came home healthy, happy, in one piece, and triumphant in her endeavors.  Knowing will not make me happier.  It could make me sadder.  I will not address this again unless the story receives official attention.

For me, for now, we have Hillary and she is superb.  I shall let the military do their job, and I’ll do mine, here: defending her against the lies.

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