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Mean girls are certainly not something new and neither is bullying, but Jennifer Lee’s article today at The Broad Side does provide a cautionary tale about girls, reality TV, and social media.

Emphasis below is mine.

I first heard about the murder of Skylar Neese in January when Shelia Eddy, 17-years-old, was sentenced in court to a life term in prison. I learned that the girls were on social networking sites and utilized Twitter almost daily. Shelia Eddy’s tweets (Rachel Shoaf’s Twitter account has been deleted) reminded me of a report issued by the Girls Scouts of America in 2011 about the positive and negative effects of reality TV shows on girls. Conclusions from the report were disturbing. Girls who watched reality TV expected bullying, “drama” and higher levels of aggression in their lives. They spent more time on their physical appearance than girls who didn’t watch reality TV shows and a majority of the girls studied felt that being mean to others enabled one to get what they wanted.

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It is a chilling story that reads like a concept for a Lifetime movie, but it is no movie.   What amazes me the most is that although I follow the news pretty closely,  this is the first I have heard of this case.  It is interesting that Jennifer has a link in the article to UK coverage.  I have not seen this coverage stateside.

No age is harder for parents and kids to navigate than adolescence.   If we needed additional reminders of the vulnerabilities of the high school years, this case,  so well researched and laid out by Ms. Lee,  should give us pause.   Reality TV is not your mom and dad’s Candid Camera.

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