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My new boyfriend!

My new boyfriend!

I have a new boyfriend! His name is Shepard Smith and we see each other nightly (shhhhh) on FoxNews. Here are two reasons why I love my Shep.

1. I missed out on this report last week somehow – I get home late some nights. But on the evening after Hillary’s somewhat (on Hillary sites and state.gov) publicized “major foreign policy speech,” which, by the by was meant for a specific audience, The Council on Foreign Relations, not the general American public, this exchange occurred on Shep’s Fox New report. I cannot embed the video because Fox does not provide the code. So please click on the link here or above.

2. Then tonight, Shep came out as a REAL feminist (regardless of that idiotic Ms cover). He called the remarks by North Korea about our Homegirl and the Secretary of State of the United States sexist! You go Shep! Hillary’s Women and Girls are right behind you! You are a hero!

Jordan Lieberman can go suck an egg! Shep had the last word and we are lovin’ us some Shep tonight!

Here’s the transcript of the video.

” What she’s America’s top diplomat to the rest of the world in the face of US foreign policy. The last few — weeks really the secretary of state Hillary Clinton has to certain agreement. Been sort of out of the spotlight and in it played second fiddle if you will the president the vice president Biden. And really another of a number of other special envoys to be fair you know she was sidelined with a fractured elbow. And had to cancel two overseas trips she’s been rehab and if you will. But today Secretary Clinton delivered and what that what — office called a major foreign policy speech. Among the things about which she spoke America’s role on the global stage here listen.”

” No doubt we lost some ground in recent years but the damage is temporary it’s kind of like my elbow it’s getting better every day. Whether in Latin America or eleven on Iran — Liberia. Those who are inspired by democracy. Who understand. That democracy is about more than just elections. That it must also protect minority rights and press freedom. Develop strong confident and independent judiciary legislatures and executive agencies. And commits. For democracy to deliver results these are the people who will find that Americans are their friends not adversaries.”

” But after being forced to sit things out for so long. Some are asking mostly her critics whether secretary Clinton’s influence waned in the Obama administration — is now the publisher of politics magazine. Jordan Lieberman as witness Jordan to — I — is this more than above elbow here or it just sounds like detractors trying to make something that absolutely nothing to me.”

” Both got a perfect storm that she’s you know she’s got broken elbow in the Barack Obama goes on a huge international trip and she’s been marginalized because her husband’s. Supporting — someone else in the New York senate primary. All this together makes her you know in some ways really on the outside of this administration.”

” So where do you see things going now.”

” You know the balls entirely in hit in her court you’re living on a major international trip are now she needs to carve out a niche she needs to be relevant. At and then cut and and actually deliver something in terms of policy or she risked becoming just really a figure had become a kind of the — Angelina Jolie of American foreign policy.”

” Hillary Clinton ambassador come all want to feel — I let you know the Taliban and are you out of your mind. Hillary Clinton why can’t I just can’t imagine Hillary Clinton no that’s not that’s foolish to got nowhere to go. She’s got nowhere to go with the issue surrounded she’s around about Obama loyalists and she’s she’s really in a tight — right now while we you know because we have more than one problem in the world and I was — kind of — that we had more than one person working on a mall. If she falls off the front pages and becomes an afterthought to Joe Biden. I don’t know how much of.”

” Biden but but she’s got you got Richard Holbrooke and she’s got it you know extraordinarily talented staff of deputy pull over. So the question is really what is her job. — his visit to project the — you know this image of America and and go to funerals and ribbon cuttings and deliver checks. Or just to make policy and I think unfortunately for voters it’s the former about the latter.”

” While. If that happens I don’t know you dinner some wish — on this. There’s this just sounds like a bunch of people who have sour grapes against the clintons trying to come up with some bad on Hillary that she’s — them. Drooping flower at the no it never checked all the her — respect Jordan thank you believe that when I see it.”

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