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Well this story, like the Vampire Tales also seems loathe to die, but perhaps that is a good thing.    The story of the now infamous party crashers at the India State Dinner Wednesday night continues to fly around the interwebs and TV and print media.  I do not want to provide these self-centered fools with additional attention, since, like other Hillary bloggers I spent  a good deal of time from Wednesday night forward  looking for pictures of our very lovely Secretary of State looking like a goddess in her midnight blue gown.   I have found only one, and from what I see at other Hillary sites, this is the only one.

Meanwhile, those two clowns who crashed the dinner are all over the place.   My biggest problem (aside from not being able to find a front shot of Hillary in this beautiful gown which is fabulous on her) is that these two made it through so many layers of security and past the Secret Service.  I keep hearing that they went through metal detectors so there was no danger.  Excuse me?  In a room full of cutlery there was no danger?

I do not know what other layers of security are involved in being waved in, but I am most disappointed, and not for the first time, in the Secret Service.   Outside of the State Department, with its own security team, the Secret Service is charged with protecting one very precious Hillary Rodham Clinton, and this failure on their part does nothing to make me feel that she is safe in their hands.

Last year it was the shoe-throwing at President Bush that they failed to stop, and now it is this.  They let a couple of publicity-seeking nobodies into the tent  with the entire succession of power.  The woman even succeeded in having her picture taken with Vice President Biden – with her hand on his chest!  And there was “no danger?”

And while they were busily being photographed with every official who would give them a tumble,  the pretty SOS was NOT photographed?  In case the photo above is the only one you have ever seen of her in this dress, this is how she looks from other angles in this masterpiece of a dress.


So that’s my gripe for today. Rant over –  for now, anyway.

UPDATE: This was just tweeted.    Source: Secret Service agent didn’t check couple.  NBC News is also told that they were not cleared as their lawyer contends.

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