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Having been through a long year when many of us have witnessed otherwise bright and reasonable people take the inexplicable turn to faith in tabloid rot, I have decided to attack this  now, since I may find myself attacking it often, as I have with the other toxic memes.  A friend sent me this ridiculous and completely unfounded story today from the Globe: Hillary Health Crisis! The blurb reads as follows:

HILLARY Clinton is battling a secret illness, say insiders who reveal the Secretary of State suffers from blackouts, crippling headaches and breathing problems. In this blockbuster world exclusive, sources bare the former First Lady’s agony and her shocking plans for the future. Don’t miss a single word!

This is the same rag that ran a story about a month and a half back saying that Bill Clinton has Parkinson’s disease, equally asinine since President Clinton had already raised the subject in an appearance on Larry King Live with Sanjay Gupta, explained that he had been tested and was found not to be suffering from Parkinson’s.

But here we have the Globe once again raising its nasty head with a new outright lie. How can I be so bold as to call it out as a lie? Easily, since on the same day, Preeti Aroon at Foreign Policy magazine’s Hillary Clinton blog, Madam Secretary provided a glimpse into an article to run in Parade Magazine on October 25: 24 Hours With Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by Leslie H. Gelb. His article begins thus:

“We’re going to work you to death,” Hillary Clinton promised me with a laugh. She was taking me—and PARADE’s readers—along on a typical day in the life of the U.S. Secretary of State. Our 24 hours together would prove both grueling and inspirational, full of diplomatic pageantry, big meetings with policy brainiacs, small sessions with trusted aides, a stream of time-consuming formal duties, and, of course, phone calls and more phone calls. The Secretary allowed me to be a fly on the wall for almost every minute, under the constantly watchful eyes of the Diplomatic Security Service. Having known her since her husband began his first run for the White House in 1991, I couldn’t stop myself from calling her Hillary. To everyone else, however, she was always Madame Secretary.

Gelb goes on to log the next 24 waking hours in the Secretary of State’s schedule commencing with the September 15 Iftar Dinner which began at 6:45 p.m., and continuing through the following day which began with an 8:30 a.m. small staff meeting and ended with a 7:30 p.m. policy dinner on Iran. Gelb has (thank you!) chronicled the day in pictures which are available at the Parade website as a 21 photo slideshow.

No one with as crippling a “secret illness” as Globe describes could sustain this kind of schedule day in and day out.  The photos show that she moves through these busy days smiling and energetic.  Have I ever seen the Secretary rub her forehead?  Sure!  Many of us get headaches, she probably is not immune, but to take any gesture or isolated incident as a marker of the catastrophic is irresponsible and misleading.

One more thing about that Globe article:  They use this photo of Hillary emerging from a car in my favorite hot pink jacket.

I believe this was taken on one of her trips, and at first I thought it was when she arrived in Germany and was greeted by Angela Merkle, but no.  I remember that she was wearing sunglasses then.  These trips are also packed with meetings and activities , and, again, through those busy days she maintains her beautiful smile and energy – even if the American media does not cover her.  I happen to like this picture and think she looks adorable.  So I just thought I would share it.

The photos speak for themselves.  So what am I to believe?  The innuendo of hidden source at Globe, or a day-long photoshoot at Parade?  I encourage you to check out Parade’s slideshow and then tell me, is this a woman who is battling a secret illness?  Nope, I don’t think so. I see my gorgeous, healthy, vibrant, brilliant Secretary of State.

(For the record: The fact that this Parade article is online will not prevent me from running to the corner store Sunday morning to get my hard copy.)


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