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Well, it is a slow Hillary-news day, so I thought I would go back a few days to two more stories both of which  developed and got little attention in the media over the past several days,  although they did receive some mention on the interwebs.

First, we have a link to a video that I cannot embed of Bill Clinton talking about the oil gusher in the gulf wherein he defends Barack Obama while laying out a plan of action.  Clinton: How to deal with BP spill.   The plan of action is not my central reason for visiting this video , and the plan has received moderate attention and discussion already.  I do want to deal with how Obama’s personal reaction plays out with an entire country angry about the situation (not well) and  point out that while Bill Clinton defends Obama thus: “I think he’s done a better job than he’s given credit for.   I feel very strongly about this.”   He also said “Until people feel good about their own lives, they’re not going to feel good about their president”

Well, in light of that,  it appears Obama is missing the boat on two fronts.  He has no plan for repair and recovery, and neither is he helping people feel better.  Every day we sink further into the doldrums of a hot, oily summer depression, especially under threats of tropical depressions developing.

All of which brings me to another story that received even less attention.  This is the header  a Sunday Op-Ed in the Irish IndependentLet the people who really know run our affairs — women.  If the title smacks a bit of the missing piece in the discussion above,  Hillary Clinton, then it will come as no surprise that the author, Celia Larkin starts right out with this.

IT mystifies me why Hillary Clinton isn’t used more often as a role model by female politicians. Here’s a woman who served her apprenticeship as a New York senator. Not that long an apprenticeship, but smartly managed nevertheless, and managed in a particularly female way. Instead of in-your-face conflict, she did negotiation. Instead of driving leadership on issues, she did collaboration.

She learned the system and worked it. Because she’s pragmatic, knows not to fixate on humiliation but concentrate instead on recovering from defeat, she’s now secretary of state.

Using Hillary as a launching pad, she goes on to argue for a greater place for women in politics using examples we have heard many times from Hillary herself. Embedded further down in the article, I came across this zinger.

If you’re a man, the chances are that your eyes will roll at the notion of changing politics to include soft and fuzzy stuff like emotion. Men feel most comfortable with data and statistics, but the emotional well-being of individuals in society is every bit as important as their financial health.

Does this not relate to what is wrong right now in this country with this oil gusher not only unstopped, but with weather and choppy seas involved,  occasionally completely unchecked? I think it is.

I do not want to be one of those “I told you so” people (although I did). Many of us did point out that while one candidate gave good speeches, the other got stuff done. I have no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton would have had a one-two-three plan on day one. I also have no doubt that if it were her smiling sympathetic face we were looking at people would feel better right now, and with good reason since I do not think the spill would have been allowed to arrive at this proportion. *sigh* But that’s just my two cents.

You didn’t think I would end it with out our down-to-business Head Homegirl, did you?

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