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Given the stated mission of this Department, a few events of the past few days require some comment.

Reports that Carolyn Maloney will challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for the Senate seat vacated by Homegirl-in-Chief, Hillary Rodham Clinton emerged. Now for two strong, accomplished Homegirls to be competing for a seat once occupied by the incomparable HRC might seem the best of all possible worlds. But, evidently, not so fast, girls!

Lets take two steps back. Both names (along with others) were floated when Hillary decided to accept Secretary of State. Many would have been happy with either one given the other prominent female name out there, the stunningly inarticulate Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. In the end, Governor Paterson picked Kirsten, but everybody involved knew that this seat would be up for grabs again and the occupant would have to fight for it.

Now the way these things usually work is that the incumbent decides whether or not to run again and challengers declare themselves and we, the voters, listen and decide who to vote for. Usually. But way back in May, this story and its disturbing implications came up from AnnieNYC. She tells it so well. Obama, the White House, interfering in NY State politics – um -you know – like he did when he told Paterson to put Princess Caroline in that seat.

Well, as we see in Annie’s blog post, Israel did back down in compliance with the wishes of The One and Only. The White House exhaled palpably.

Then, this week those annoying little tweets on Hillary-compliant Twitter (yes, they delayed maintenance because she asked them to for Iran protesters to have a line of communication – I love it) first claiming that none other than Bill Clinton himself will head up a fundraiser for – are you ready? – Carolyn Maloney to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for that Senate seat Hillary once graced. What? You ask. Didn’t she read Annie’s blog? Doesn’t she KNOW that the White House annointed Kirsten? And BILL! What is THIS about? Defying your wife’s – um – boss? (I get hives writing that).

Well, early posts in some PUMA quarters claimed that this was a mere formality based on Bill’s promise to raise funds for anyone who supported the Love-Of-His-Life and our beloved Homegirl-in-Chief. A spokesperson for Bill says Bill will not take sides in this. But wait! Charlie Rangel will! Gerri Ferraro will!

And why on earth should Carolyn NOT run? Well, I hear there has been a call from the White House – from Joe Biden. I don’t know if the WH liaisons such as Biden and Emmanuel are empowered to offer some kind of compensation for compliance with the wishes of the On High.

Clearly Carolyn has said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” And Charlie Rangel, to whom we are forever grateful for having lured one Hillary Rodham Clinton (whom he refers to as “My Girlfriend” – I love Charlie) to the Great State of New York in the first place, once again puts himself in the Rebel Camp against the Obama machine. Momma Nancy is going to be mad and once again threaten to spank! Personally, I think Charlie can stand up to all of them, just like Carolyn.

So let’s have a fair fight between the Homegirls. Democracy is often messy. We like it that way!

Before closing, and this will be VERY short, the other breaking news immediately preceding Independence Day was the news of Sarah Palin’s resignation as Governor of Alaska. Was there abuse by pundits, press, comedians, etc. of Sarah and her family? Yes. Did the recent dust-up with Letterman precipitate this monumental overreaction? Perhaps. Is this her move toward the national stage? Personally, I do not see how on earth it COULD be!

What about this action is supposed to inspire confidence in her as a public servant? Well, I suppose I am hardened and unsympathetic, and jaded. And I know, I know The Department of Homegirl Security is supposed to defend sisters in distress.

But, you see, THE Homegirl, The Head Honcho Homegirl, the H Homegirl on the bumper sticker that still graces my car, she taught us all something about sticking the way that sticker sticks to my car. She was treated HORRIBLY by her own party and by Main Stream Media over a year and a half while she pursued her candidacy. I cannot, being a Hillary Clinton Homegirl, understand how QUITTING an elected post after two years in any way enhances someone’s public image as any kind of candidate or why this should encourage my support or defense of the action or the person.

To those who ask “Will Hillary be next?” HA! Hillary has a lot of work to do at the State Department and the world is in a mess on several fronts. So I ask back, “Why SHOULD she or WOULD she?” Nonsense!

You are talking about Hillary Clinton – you know, the firecracker, the one who hangs in there!

This one:

(Well, you KNEW I was going to get Hillary in here SOMEWHERE, didn’t you?)
If you think SHE would quit for some flimsy reason, you never understood her to begin with. If she ever does, it will be over a very serious issue.

Have a Happy Independence Day, Homegirls and Homeboys. Stay safe.

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