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Yes, I have been thinking all week that I would be required to address here at DeHoS the appalling judgment exhibited by Time Magazine (which is getting no link from me here,  at least not to their latest issue)  which has done a good deal to alter the connotation of the word “influential” in the American English lexicon.   And I do mean judgment!

Masquerading as a poll, the Time “Most Influential List” is actually the product of the assistant managing editor Radhika Jones who decided who was on the list and who was not as she explained so enthusiastically on The Today Show the morning the list was unveiled.  She said she decided “to let” Bill Clinton be on the list for his humanitarian work.  She also said she “wasn’t going to be the one to kick Oprah off.”  But in admitting this, she also admitted that she IS the one who kicked THE HONORABLE Hillary Rodham Clinton,  HER EXCELLENCY, off the list!

There are 18 million Americans who have seen this kind of “poll” before (it was called Primary Season at the time), and it is no more defensible now than it was then.  If Time is going to put up a poll, the true results of the poll should be available to readers.  The results should not be cherry-picked and doctored by anyone on the Time staff.

How it is possible that the woman who was the cover girl on the November 16,2009 issue with the feature article of the week,  is NOT among the most influential while Sarah Palin IS, is very hard to fathom.

It should be noted that the article by Joe Klein was not a slam dunk for Hillary.  He is wont to be critical of her but grudgingly had to afford her deserved credits.  Certainly, within the ensuing six months since that article appeared we have seen the excellent results of all the efforts put forth tirelessly by our outstanding, diligent, dedicated Secretary of State, the Very Honorable and Esteemed Hillary Rodham Clinton.

  • START Treaty (engineered by her with Russian FM Lavrov )
  • Help for quake-stricken Haiti – immediately!  As well as to Chile.
  • Outstretched hand to the world – most recently Syria
  • Women and girls as her (always) signature issue arising most prominently during the  Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship

Right now I am watching for probably the 100th+ time, Dirty Dancing.   As Jen and I always have said, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”

You do so at your own risk, Time. You look quite comic, actually, and somewhat grotesque at the same Time.  Shame on you!

Your own stats here make your list suspect.

Hillary Clinton is mentioned in 682 articles and has appeared on 16 TIME covers

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