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The original mission and purpose of this site was to defend Hillary from bashing. It has expanded itself in a natural way to cite other abuses, mostly against women. Our Homegirl’s recent trip to Mexico, however, revived the need to upgrade our vigilance once again for abuses aimed specifically toward her and toward those associated with her. Two online publications this weekend and the comments about them illustrate the fact that we cannot let the guard down on this behavior from the MSM nor from established online news sources.

First there was the dust-up around Hillary’s visit to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. This visit was not on Hillary’s original itinerary for the trip to Mexico. The visit took place early in the morning. Hillary arrived at the Basilica at 8:15 a.m. and was received enthusiastically by the Rector, Monsignor Diego Monroy. She was there for about 30 minutes during which she examined the tilma (cloak) worn by Juan Diego when the Virgin appeared to him and which later was found to bear her image miraculously imprinted upon it. The cloak, encased in glass and framed, usually hangs above the altar of the Basilica. For Hillary’s visit, it was lowered to floor level. She also lit a candle, as is Catholic custom, and she left a bouquet of white roses from us – the people of the United States whom she was representing there.

Now a few points, Hillary, who is not Catholic, could easily have spent an extra 30 minutes in bed rather than fit this pilgrimage into what amounted to a very long day ending with a one-on-one interview with Greta Van Susteren. Lord knows she could have used the rest. I do not pretend to know what motivated her to go there, but as a Catholic I believe she was called there by the Virgin, who is the patron of all the Americas. Second, since she is not Catholic (and not expected to be familiar with Catholic practices) she was guided through the rituals by the clearly thrilled and kindly Monsignor.

I was so touched and pleased with this sacrifice and gesture on her part that I posted the story on another blog which simply illustrates Hillary’s journey through the past several months, A Rose for Hillary. I thought this was so typical of Hillary’s thoughtfulness and willingness to go the extra mile, such a sweet thing for her to do, that I needed to record the lovely event.

Lo and behold, yesterday Twitter was full of tweets remarking about Hillary’s inappropriate, some even said “stupid” (I put that in quotes because it is a word never to be associated with Hillary) question asked of Monsignor Monroy as recounted at The Catholic News Agency. Upon examining the image, she reportedly asked who painted it to which the Rector responded with the only answer we have: God.

Whoa the bashings that followed this news! In defense (my job here) I have a few things to say:
1. Not being a Catholic, Hillary cannot reasonably be expected to know the story of the image. Many Catholics do not know this story.
2. She made this visit of her own volition and motivation and it was not convenient or planned.
3. It was a kind gesture on her part toward all Catholics, Latinos (who revere Guadalupe), and the Mexican people in particular.
4. If you see the image, it is easy to think it is painted somehow unless you know the story.

So enough jumping all over Hillary for doing what many of us who are Catholic appreciated for what it was – a sweet and lovely gesture.

Right on the heels of all these tweets about that issue followed a second barrage also associated with Hillary. As I mentioned, later that same day, Hillary appeared in an interview with Greta Van Susteren. Well evidently Greta angered the powers that prefer to see Hillary marginalized and left unpublicized by spending a segment of her show with Hills.

Sure enough, the next day, HuffPo (I will not put their link here) let loose with a diatribe against Greta and her husband, John Coale who both donated to and advised Hillary and later Sarah Palin who has also received some spotlight time on Greta’s show.

It becomes pretty clear what is going on here. No attention is supposed to be paid to serious women in government. If they do or say anything, it is to be vilified. And if a member of the Fourth Estate should dare to permit any objective and fair coverage, that member is also to be taken to task.

That Greta has been even-handed in covering these women from two parties, an admirable journalistic tactic, receives no compliments because, you see, she is just SO wrong by providing women with a platform.

So thank you Hillary for your sweet gesture. Thank you Greta for giving Sarah and Hillary some airtime (the only serious airtime Hillary has had since assuming this post), and shame on those who continue the bashings. ¡Basta! Enough!

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