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Stacyx shared a link to this story in a comment at the previous post, but I think it is time to bring this story to the front page before it is co-opted and used as we can all guess it will be, against Hillary.  This Scared Monkeys article: The Audacity of Disingenuous: Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton Were Kept Informed at all stages of Lockerbie Bombers (Abdelbaset Al Megrahi) Release indicts Obama along with Hillary, so it will be interesting to see if this is used against both of them or whether Hillary will take the bulk of the flack.

Of course we would expect that the UK was keeping both State and the White House informed of their intention to release Al Megrahi, but it is a giant illogical leap, not to mention a huge betrayal of ignorance about the workings of foreign policy to interpret this information as any kind of endorsement of the action taken by the UK.  Obama is not, I repeat NOT an official of the UK!  Hillary Clinton has no power over what the UK does,  How on earth were they supposed to stop this?

I am no big fan of Obama, but this is nonsense.  The fact that they were informed does not imply an ability to prevent an action with which they disagreed.  If Hillary displayed anger,  I assure you it was genuine, not disingenuous.   So before this meme grows legs, here at The Department of Homegirl Security we call it for what it is: NONSENSE!

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