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In “West Side Story,” the brilliant NYC-based adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet” by Sondheim and Bernstein, when Maria (Juliet) discovers that Tony (Romeo) has killed her brother, she quickly kneels before a shrine of the Virgin in her room and begs her to “Please! Make it not be true! Make it not be true!” I KNEW this was coming, but that does not make it easier to digest. I could not have phrased it better than New York Magazine.

Inevitable Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court Talk Begins
It’s only been a few hours since John Paul Stevens announced that he’ll step down from the Supreme Court this summer, but speculation over who his replacement will be, of course, is already rampant. The White House is well prepared for the decision; not only did it know Stevens’s retirement was approaching, but it already has a bunch of candidates lined up from the last go-round. According to ABC News, Obama already “has a list of fewer than 10 possible nominees,” including the widely discussed Solicitor General Elena Kagan, Judge Diane Wood, and Judge Merrick Garland. Other names being mentioned as “outside the box” picks are Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano and Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm.

But there’s also some chatter on the Internet promoting another big name: Hillary Clinton. Slate senior editor Emily Bazelon writes that Clinton would be “a rock star of a Supreme Court justice” whose only downside is that she’s already 62. Prominent liberal blogger Ezra Klein tweeted, “By the by, have always thought Hillary Clinton would make a good justice.” Daily Kos leader Markos Moulitsas, another prominent liberal voice, retweeted some other guy suggesting, “What about Hillary as Supreme Court nominee?”

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Oh, please! Do not!  Do not get me started!  Hillary Clinton, grad student extraordinaire, has spent the last 16 months cramming for and acing foreign policy exams á la I-have-never-seen-anybody-do-this-so-well, and yet, again, people want to throw a black robe over the rainbow in her pretty,   flag-coordinated pantsuits.  Wake up, America!

There are many, many qualified jurists out there.  We have a Secretary of State who has successfully RESET, really,  our relationship with Russia,  is standing firm on our Quartet Statement on peace negotiations for the Middle East,  brilliantly salvaged an almost doomed Armenia-Turkey accord (in an hour, on her Blackberry, from her car!),   can cajole Canada on important issues without a true meltdown along the longest peaceful border on earth,  goes like an angel of mercy to devastated places fearlessly, beams like the sun on all corners of the planet no matter how long she has been traveling or how tired she might be,  is greeted like a rock star wherever she goes,  and goes to the people in Town Halls, interviews, and Townterviews, generously, wherever she goes (SHE invented it – it was not part of her job description), talks to them, takes questions, answers them in a manner consistent with policy, yet respectfully no matter the answer.

Let me get this straight.  THIS Secretary of State, the one who has reinstated lost friendships, SHE is the one you want to throw a black robe over and sequester at SCOTUS?  Are you NUTS?

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