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Two days ago,  many of us encountered this story at Secretary Clinton blog.  I hesitated to post about it here because I wanted to see it from more than the original Kenyan source, The Daily Nation, How plot to bomb Clinton in Kenya was foiled.  Well, this evening it popped up on my Love Hillary feed, and the source is Newsmax citing another Australian source, Islamists Plotted to Kill Hillary Clinton in NairobiThe Copenhagen Post also carried the story, Dane linked to terror plot against Clinton,  since one of the plotters carried Danish papers.

Although I DON’T work for Ben Bradlee, I really did want to have three sources on this before putting it up.  It is deeply disturbing, horrid!  Thank heavens the Kenyan anti-terrorist security and intel forces uncovered this plot which was foiled,  according to Newsmax, the last minute.

From the time she left for Africa, we have been saying on this blog that it was a very dangerous trip -in many, many ways, and it was frustrating that the American media chose to pay more attention to her dancing and the outburst in the Congo than to the hard messages she was delivering both vocally and with her presence in very hard, dangerous places.  This was no holiday cruise.  (It was even more frustrating that, with little information coming through the MSM, this blog went down due to internet problems during the last leg of that trip).

We have, in Hillary Clinton, an intrepid Secretary of State who serves selflessly (she really does not HAVE to work, you know).  She wants to make her contribution and is doing so with dedication and courage.  If there is one thing I never want to see, it is this wonderful woman who does so much for so many, stricken in any way that is preventable.  So I am thankful that the Kenyans foiled this plot.  I hope in her future travels, other countries are just as assiduous in protecting this very precious visitor.  She means the world to her Homegirls.

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