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Secretary of Homeland Security

Secretary of Homeland Security

Homegirl Security has learned that malicious elements at the Department of Homeland Security are inexplicably targeting American citizens,  and we find this intolerable. A report surfaced this week citing groups and behaviors that DHC concludes bear watching. Oddly, none of the groups or activities are in any way related to the terror attacks of 9/11/01 (which provided the impetus for the creation of the DHC to begin with). Brought up short by criticism on several sides, including from the Democratic Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, Napolitano offered first a Greek apologia and later a half-hearted, still defensive apology. But for many, none of that is enough. Given that “returning vets” were targeted (which Napolitano defended by citing Timothy McVeigh), the basis of the report is in question.

Homegirl Security finds that this is the most recent and most serious in a series of missteps and demonstrations of ineptitude by Napolitano. While she did accompany Obama to Mexico this weekend, we wonder why her silence on the issue of border violence was deafening for weeks back in February, and why, when she did speak she denied the leakage. Instead of taking the reins on the issue, she scheduled a late afternoon meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and, next we knew, Hillary was off on a diplo mission to Mexico. Now, that might have been appropriate for the SoS anyway, but it engendered visions of Janet hiding under her desk.

More recently, the capture of a U.S flag ship, the Maersk Alabama, and the taking of the Captain as hostage appeared to be the perfect incident upon which the new Secretary of HS might base her maiden voyage into international waters – perhaps in conjunction with the Pentagon and Secretary Gates. But wrong again! Once again, Hillary stepped in, with Gates, and cobbled a plan of action. Why Hillary? The last time I looked, we had no embassy on the high seas, and in addition, the FBI, now operating under the umbrella of Homeland Security, was brought into the picture.

By the time the crisis came to an end, the appearance of a Secretary of Homeland Security in absentia was complete – until this week when the report was released and everyone could see that for Napolitano, drug cartels operating in the US and Mexico and fomenting violence on both sides of the border, and lawless pirates at sea apprehending American vessels and crew were not the enemy she has in her cross hairs. No, the enemy Napolitano suggests surveilling are her fellow American citizens.

How many days in office and acts of incompetence does it take for someone to holler, “Enough!”? For some, that point has been reached. Janet, do everyone a favor and resign.

Meanwhile, at the Summit of the Americas, a particularly fierce looking Hillary Clinton took a sheepish-looking Venezuelan dictator into custody, proving, once again, that a little charm and suasion and the guts to step up to the plate go a long way. And he did not DARE try to give HER a book!

You have the right to remain silent.

"You have the right to remain silent."

Now, you know I just HAD to get that last little piece in there so I could post this priceless picture of the Homegirl looking totally hot.

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