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Zerlina Maxwell does not think women carrying guns is sensible rape prevention.  She received quite a reaction to statements she made to this effect in a Hannity segment.  Here is her story along with a sample of the kind of tweets she has been receiving since the show aired.

There may be some women who carry and know how to use a gun for self-protection.  As long as they are trained and competent and keep the weapons away from irresponsible hands, that is fine.  Not every woman wants to go that route.  We should not have to and should not be made to feel we ought to.

Not having a handy weapon to fend off an attacker (or multiple attackers)  is not what generates rape.  Thinking that the penis you were born with was meant to be used as a weapon is.

Telling women to get a gun is not rape prevention

By zerlina | Published: March 7, 2013

On Tuesday night, I appeared on Hannity in a segment framed around the idea that giving women guns is the solution to ending rape.  I was on with Independent Women’s Forum’s Gayle Trotter who recently made the point that women need guns for self defense from rape and gun violence prevention is infringing on their second Amendment rights, as well as, putting them at greater risk for domestic violence and rape.

Obviously, I disagreed.  Giving every woman a gun is not rape prevention.  If a woman chooses to go out and buy a legal gun for self-defense, that’s fine.  But that shouldn’t be confused with actual prevention, which is really about stopping rapes before they happen and focusing on the sole party responsible: the rapist.

Since Tuesday, I’ve been bombarded by conservatives on Facebook and Twitter purposefully misquoting and misunderstanding my point in order to call me dumb, bitch, idiot, and at worst threaten to gang rape common sense into me.  Charming.

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