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So up into one of my news feeds pops this, which is a victory, don’t get me wrong,  but is a rather anti-climactic one.

Obama orders additional benefits for same-sex partners of executive branch employees

Seems rather staged to me, coming, as it does at the onset of Gay Pride Month.  Last year, when Secretary of State Clinton announced benefits for domestic partners, there was a transparency at work.  We knew of her meeting with an LGBT group from State early on in her tenure, and of her promise to study the situation.  Her announcement came at a propitious,  but also at a reasonable time, after her promised research and budgetary work could be completed.

This announcement, on the other hand,  has the appearance of  a time-release capsule scripted to occur at a specific time although it may well reflect benefits that were possible from every porrtal, much earlier than now.  I’m just sayin’….

So if you were not here last year, or even if you were, I thought now might be a good time to remind you of this post.

Sit! Stay! Under the porch!

Not completely unrelated, if you read that post, it is a good time to remind everyone that this is also Adopt-a–Shelter-Pet Month.   If you are looking for a pet,  please do!  If you are gay and looking for a pet,  please!   The  sweetest little Princesses and Tinkerbelles, or Spikes and Machomans can be found at shelters, and they are there just waiting for YOU!  Even if you only want Spot or Puff, take my word for it  – they are there!

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