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Some of us older folks remember these little guys.

I was, it seems, a handful when I was in 2nd grade and finished the reader the first weekend I had it.

So I read the paper, the New York Daily News, after my dad was finished with it. Nobody monitored my reading as long as I was quiet. Shhhhhh… she’s reading. Leave her alone.  (Translation –  don’t start her talking!)

These little guys showed up on the front page, and I had read their story.  I lived in terror that my mom and dad would be next – based on nothing except that they were parents.

Sons of Ethel Rosenberg plead with Obama to exonerate mother

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The sons of convicted spy Ethel Rosenberg returned to the White House on Thursday, more than 50 years after pleading unsuccessfully to spare her life, in a last-ditch appeal to President Barack Obama to exonerate her amid new evidence.

Rosenberg was executed in 1953 along with her husband, Julius, after being convicted of conspiring to pass secrets about the atomic bomb to the Soviet Union. But court records made public last year through a judge’s order cast doubt on the conventional narrative of a Cold War espionage case that captivated the country.

“This is our mother we’re talking about,” Robert Meeropol, one of Rosenberg’s two sons, said as he stood outside the White House gates. “Since we can’t bring her back to life, there could be nothing more satisfying to us than to have the government acknowledge that this shouldn’t have happened, that this was wrong.”

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When I was seven, I was devastated for the Rosenberg kids. Probably the stories I read were too old for me. But their parents being executed was probably too old for them. I always felt a bond with those two little boys.  I remember that front page.  They were reading the story.

I was so upset!!

I don’t know what their dad did, but I don’t think their mom knew anything about it.  At that age the idea of losing your parents, especially your mom, is overwhelming.

Poor Ethel. I don’t think she knew what – if anything – was going on with her brother and her husband.

I remember the day they were executed.  I was just a little kid. I wasn’t even old enough to make my first confession or receive the host.  But I thought it was wrong.

President Obama could be a hero. He could exonerate Ethel Rosenberg. I hope he does.


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