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Yes, THAT list, the one that includes Dana Carvey (co-alum of SNL), Robin Williams, Bill Maher, and Keith Olbermann (among others) who had harsh words for or imitations of our intrepid Homegirl and Secretary of State.  In your slick “endorsement” of Sarah Palin on O’Reilly, you fired a shot across MY bow, and I am firing back right into your bulwarks because the entirely unnecessary comments about my Homegirl were out of line, mister! *In my best Sister Mary Ruler Bearer voice*

Here is what you plopped into the middle of your rather insubstantive endorsement for president of the woman who failed to complete more than two years in the post her constituents elected her to.

…as Dennis Miller says, there is probably a bit of a sympathy vote for Clinton, ‘She’s been cheated on more than a blind man playing scrabble with a bunch of gypsies’. Harsh (but undoubtedly true)!

Another point he makes is that Clinton has managed to give an aura of competence when lined up next to the other players in the democratic party right now. Of course, her tendency to laugh at enormously inappropriate times and during serious ceremonies is more than a little off-putting. Not to mention that she laughs The Laugh. That cackle she’s become known for. It’s very off-putting. But by staying a couple of steps away from the inner workings of the Obama Administration, she’s managed to avoid having the air of incompetence flow over her.

I have heard Miller defend and even praise Hillary. I never trusted him when he did that, and my instincts, it appears were good.  He turns on her with withered old broomstraws, exaggeration,  and personal criticism.   Wow!  What a manly man you are, Dennis!  And, like many (but not ALL, by any means) men you lodge this criticism as if the only judges on earth are men and the only contestants women.  As if measuring up to male standards is the only rule.

Tendency to laugh at enormously inappropriate times?   I spend a good deal of time following Hillary Clinton.  I challenge you to show me the videos!  There was one incident, early in her tenure as Secretary of State, I believe she was meeting with the Foreign Minister of Morocco at the time,  when she broke up inexplicably when discussing piracy at sea.  I will not pretend to know why that happened, but anything could have explained it, including fatigue.  It was not sustained.  She immediately brought it under control.   In the hours of footage of Hillary Clinton that I have followed in the past year, I have never seen her do that again.  That, Dennis, equals exaggeration.  Arguably, it might have occurred once.

Click on the image. The animation ia adorable!

Now THE laugh,  that you refer to as a cackle,  is her personal laugh and your characterization of it is your personal opinion and amounts to personal criticism.  For many reasons, not the least of which are attacks similar to yours,  Hillary’s admirers happen to love to see and hear her laugh.  In fact, if she does see the video of what you said,  I have a feeling (and hope) she will crack up and laugh long and loud because, as she says, “I’m used to that.”

I have no intention of addressing your thesis except to say that comparing a woman who resigned her elected post after a mere two years with a woman who bravely puts on the most cheerful of attitudes and faces while serving her country in dangerous places and in dangerous ways is a false analogy.  Excuse me, what is it?  Sarah vs. the mean media as opposed to Hillary vs. the terrorists who target her?   The analogy is ….what?

Hillary Clinton has faced down dangerous men and made explicit accusations and statements to their faces on their land.  She soldiers forth in regions where many are probably plotting against her, and may have (August, Nairobi – enough said).  The smile and the laugh are always there and they charm many.  She reaches out to populations wherever she goes (unlike her predecessor) putting herself at risk.   If you hear it as a cackle, well that is your own personal disorder.  We hear the bell of freedom ringing,  and we see populations responding.

Some of us, many, when we see and hear Hillary laugh, feel emboldened, braver,  as Americans, against the threats we face.  And MY opinion is that Hillary has a great sense of humor and a terrific laugh.  I love it when our Homegirl laughs!  She is beautiful, brave, and funny!  (You, on the other hand, are none of the above.)

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Man!  Or anyway THIS man!  Right on the heels of all the cute body language stuff in the previous post, this comes up on one of the news feeds,  and I am amazed since heretofore Dennis Miller has been pretty positive about our Head Homegirl.

Speaking with Palin, Dennis Miller transitions from calling Newsweek cover ’sexist’ to insulting Hillary Clinton.
Earlier this week, Sarah Palin wrote on her Facebook page that Newsweek’s choice to use a Runner’s World photo of her in running shorts for its cover was “unfortunate” and “sexist.” Palin’s criticism has since been echoed on both the left and right. Interviewing Palin on his radio show yesterday, Dennis Miller added his voice to those calling the cover “sexist.” But he then did something that most of the other critics haven’t done. He immediately followed it with a joke about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that could also be easily characterized as sexist:

MILLER: Listen, Sarah, I have to ask you. This Newsweek cover. First off, I have two thoughts on this. To me it seems blatantly sexist and secondly I’m just glad they didn’t decide to do it with Hillary during the primaries. But your thoughts on it. You a little POed at this? I mean this was for another magazine, right?

Well, it is sexist, Dennis,  and now you are on my list that includes Bill Maher, Dana Carvey, and Robin Williams, for making  nasty comments or innuendo about our Homegirl’s appearance. Actually, Dennis and cohorts, physical features and their appeal are very much a matter of taste. I, for one, just do not think Sarah Palin is all that attractive, although it seems a lot of guys think she’s hot on that Newsweek cover.

I have, but will not post, two very hot pictures of Hillary Clinton wearing less than what Sarah is on that cover – in a bathing suit – and she is very beautiful. She has a very curvy figure, a tiny waist, nice bust and hips, and yes, pretty legs and looks smashing – very feminine. So, Dennis, I do not know what you mean.

I am really sick of men who think they are so hot (and are not) making remarks about women’s physical appearance. This goes for you, Dick Morris, and for you too, Lame Cherry, too cowardly to come out from behind your screen name making negative comments about Michelle Obama’s appearance.

These women (all women) have their own personal styles. The cover picture on Newsweek (I will not give them the satisfaction of a link) was an inappropriate choice, and I believe Mrs. Palin (she is not Governor of anything anymore) should have been allowed input as to what picture went on the cover.

But, reality check, Dennis and the rest of you: You and your “parts” (that includes the parts between your ears) are none too attractive to me! You are not going to make headway with women by speaking with forked tongues – by petting Sarah then slamming Hillary. I am boycotting the appearances of all these guys on my list and invite my Sistah Homegirls to do he same. The portrayals by all of them of Hillary were shameful. Shameful!

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