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Those watching “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu cannot be faulted for thinking they might be living a cyncial version of the old 1940s “Road” pictures with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour. (Who gave her that name?!) A movie called “The Road to Gilead.” Emily Peck has other ideas, but there are portents that cannot be denied.

Women In The U.S. Don’t Live In A Dystopian Hellscape. Yet.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” resonates, but there’s reason for hope.

Peck is pretty optimistic positing that the road to Gilead is fraught with lots of potholes and obstructions, but we do well not to focus too narrowly on the falling rock on one side of the highway thereby missing the sheer cliff on the other side.

I am not watching “The Handmaid’s Tale,” much as I would like to. I simply refuse to pay another dollar beyond my already expensive FiOS service, so Hulu and Netflix are out for me.  I have, however, read the book. The coincidence of the airing of the mini-series with the Democratic “Unity Tour” should set off some bells and whistles.

This is the axiom Peck offers that Bernie supporters continue to reject.

“Progress does not happen in a straight line. Setbacks are inevitable. What’s critical is what comes next.”

They rejected it during the 2016 primaries renouncing any and all incremental policies proposed by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and stubbornly continued their opposition during the general election.  They persist in their unwillingness to allow the Democratic Party to evolve naturally and have set out to take it over and overturn the common sense principles that have been its warp and woof since the groundbreaking days of FDR.  Rather than empowering women, the party is rolling back its liberating positions on women under the influence of a man who refuses to join the party.  No, this is not a relitigation or extension of the 2016 primaries.  It is a fight for the future.

The parallels between the dystopia Atwood projected and perceived potential effects of the new administration are not limited to Trump’s positions and those of his cronies. The BernieBros continue to have a hand in suppressing female issues, concerns, and voices within the only party likely to continue to highlight them.

Women have a stake in resisting efforts on either side to curtail our rights and freedoms. Resisters must do it for ourselves.  But we must be careful not to lose the party.  That is where the strength is.  The reason the BernieBots are fighting to usurp that power is because they know that a third party will have no muscle except to do what they have done in 2000 and 2016 – split the progressive vote.

We must remember that there was a reason why, at the end of her senior thesis, Hillary Clinton spurned Saul Alinsky’s methods (i.e. change from without the system rather than within) as well as the job he offered her and opted for the discipline of law school instead.  We have to be in it to win it.

Leaving the party  is no solution.  Think hard before you do that because it is not only the Trump crowd that would happily see us in shades of red, blue, green, and stripes according to their designations of how we serve.  We cannot determine our fate from the outside.  The Bernie crowd knows this, and that is why they fight to take over the party.  Let’s not just abandon it to them.

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For many years, George Lakoff has been asking the Democrats to beat the GOP at the “frame game.”  Here he provides not only the frame but also the rationale for it. It is a long read, but well worth the time because it’s all about the frame!

A Minority President: Why the Polls Failed, And What the Majority Can Do

in Political

  1. The American Majority

Hillary Clinton won the majority of votes in this year’s presidential election.

The loser, for the majority of voters, will now be a minority president-elect. Don’t let anyone forget it. Keep referring to Trump as the minority president, Mr. Minority and the overall Loser. Constant repetition, with discussion in the media and over social media, questions the legitimacy of the minority president to ignore the values of the majority. The majority, at the very least, needs to keep its values in the public eye and view the minority president’s action through majority American values.

The polls failed and the nation needs to know why. The pollsters and pundits have not given a satisfactory answer.

I will argue that the nature of mind is not a mere technical issue for the cognitive and brain sciences, but that it had everything to do with the outcome of the 2016 election — and the failure of the pollsters, the media, and Democrats to predict it. They were not alone. The public needs to understand better how the human mind works in general — but especially in politics. There is a lot to know. Let us go step by step.

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This story is evolving. Women are coming forth with their stories of encounters with Donald in which they were the objects of unsolicited and unwanted sexual aggression, and he was the agent.

Donald Trump has been a deeply flawed candidate from the beginning.  He is a power-mad, thin-skinned bully at every level of interaction in society.  Stories that have come to the fore in the wake of the videotape Friday night assert that his “locker room talk” was more than talk.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign released this statement not long ago.

HFA Response to Tonight’s Troubling Revelations about Donald Trump

HFA Communications Director Jennifer Palmieri offered the following statement in response to the new allegations about Donald Trump’s actions:

“This disturbing story sadly fits everything we know about the way Donald Trump has treated women. These reports suggest that he lied on the debate  stage and that the disgusting behavior he bragged about in the tape are more than just words.”

Perhaps this is Donald Trump’s actual contribution to society.  If enough decent men turn against the tawdry, dissolute, perverted “model” he represents for young men in this country, maybe he will have performed a service – his first ever – for the nation and society at large.

He should never be president.  His behavior disqualifies him.  His cavalier attitude toward violating women’s privacy and personal boundaries fall far below the bar.  He is, on so many levels, a horrendous choice for the position and the job.  He lies. He invents fiction about his opponent (which his supporters believe even though none of it is true or validated).  His business practices are predatory and dishonest. He knows nothing and does not seek to learn. He holds dangerous positions regarding foreign policy.  I could go on.  I will not. his attitude toward women is sufficient.

Vote.  I will not tell you how to vote, but you should know on which side your bread is buttered.

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The rally itself was featured at Still 4 Hill yesterday as part of the regular reportage on Hillary Clinton’s activities and campaign.  The protest outside the campaign was mentioned there based on news reports.  Since then, my friend Jennifer Hall Lee has sent me her personal account of having been caught up among the protesters.

Bernie Sanders, his campaign managers, and surrogates have stirred up a hornets nest and cast Hillary Clinton as the enemy.  The Republican Party is in chaos over its unqualified and out-of-control presumptive nominee. For the United States to elect the only clear-headed, sober, and qualified candidate, the Democratic Party must pull together.  This will not happen while Sanders contends, as he continues to, that unifying the party is the sole responsibility of the front-runner. He should bear a good deal of the burden having attacked Hillary personally at his rallies and having sown seeds of distrust and, at worst, hatred for her and her supporters.

He has been running for President of the United States.  It is time for him to prove his leadership chops, rein in the anarchy, and make it clear that the alternative to the all but certain nominee on the Democratic side is President Donald Trump and a cultural shift too extreme and dangerous to entertain.

Here is Jennifer’s report.

Vagina Shaming at Los Angeles Hillary Rally

Jennifer Hall Lee
May 6, 2016

The California anti-Hillary protestors were out in force yesterday in front of East Los Angeles College in Monterey Park at a Hillary rally. They were assembled outside the auditorium with signs and megaphones and many wore Bernie stickers.

I had sent in my RSVP as soon as the Hillary campaign sent the invitation, but not being a seasoned rally-goer I showed up too late. The line snaked slowly along Avenida Cesar Chavez, but by the time we arrived we were declined admittance. It was disappointing but I had made a few new friends, we were happy members of the overflow crowd, a mixed group of women and men, young and old.

We were told by campaign workers that Hillary would come to greet us so we waited. We were jubilant. Hillary did arrive and we cheered. She was happy and smiling in a powder blue outfit. She waved and said a few words and then she was gone.

Why did she leave so quickly? I was told there were two people in front of the barricades who heckled her so the secret service detail ushered her safely inside the auditorium.

Too bad for us.

It was time to leave as the rally was inside and she wasn’t coming back out.

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05/07/16 Edited to add additional reports.

Bernie Sanders Zealots Are Now Shouting Obscenities in the Faces of Hillary Clinton Supporters, Including Children

Bernie Sanders very likely couldn’t stop this madness even if he wanted to.
Just a little while ago as of this writing, Rachel Maddow aired a one-on-one she did with Bernie Sanders earlier in the day. Toward the end of the interview, she confronted him about the behavior of some of his supporters, specifically those who protested both outside of a Hillary Clinton rally in East L.A. on Thursday and inside the rally. The constant disruptions inside the hall where Clinton was appearing forced her to cut short her comments to her own supporters, those who had come to hear her and her alone speak. When pressed about this by Maddow, Sanders stated that he doesn’t agree with protesters’ trying to stop Clinton from speaking by interrupting her. What he said he doesn’t have a problem with, however, is protesters gathering — even by the “thousands” — outside of a venue where Clinton is appearing and making their voices heard.
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The only person who can and should be charged with stopping these obscene protests is Bernie Sanders. If he cannot accomplish that, how would he ever stand up to Assad, Putin, and the Chinese?  If he cannot, he is no different from Marcell Dockery who didn’t think the fire would get so out of hand.  We might hear an excuse like that from a 10-year-old.  It’s deplorable!

Also sharing this.

Antii-Hillary Clinton protestors at the Hillary Clinton rally at East Los Angeles College, Thursday, May 5, 2016. Photo by Albert Serna/sac-media


Your favorite anti-establishment hero won’t call off his dogs.

I arrived with one of my student reporter colleagues to our first presidential rally at East Los Angeles College on May 5. After a drive in the usual L.A. traffic, I found myself in the realm of professional trail-birds and journalists who join a campaign trail and ride it through to the November election. We approached the media check-in desk and handed them our press passes. The people checking us in saw my student media badge and checked that we were on the list.

Hillary supporters were lined up around the block. I was glad we didn’t have to wait in that line. My colleague Cory Jaynes and I went in and snagged a spot with a good vantage point to cover the former Secretary of State. There were reporters from CNN, ABC, MSNBC, Fox, Univision, local station KTLA, and so many more. I was in with the big kids. It was easy to stay professional on the outside, but inside I was screaming. Not only was I reporting on a campaign trail, but I was also getting to see Hillary Clinton speak.

She was eloquent, clear, collected, and inspiring. The crowd inside loved her and so did the media. Her supporters were loud and enthusiastic, hardly able to keep quiet. There were a couple of Berners who were tossed out, but neither Clinton or her supporters acted with aggression. She even said, “We don’t need to shout at each other; that’s the other side. So let’s talk instead of shouting.” She wanted to bridge the divide between Berners and her own supporters. It was obvious that she wanted to unite the party.

But a storm was brewing . Reporters kept going outside and when they returned, many had come to the same conclusion: the Berners were scary.

Read more and respond to Albert >>>>

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One of the reasons why, unlike some of my friends, I did not de-register from the Democratic Party after the 2008 spectacle/debacle,  is because once in awhile they actually contact me to ask for something besides money.  (Another reason is because the Clintons are both still Democrats, and I like being in their party.)  Yesterday, Patrick Gaspard sent me a question and a questionnaire.  Being a responsible Democrat, I responded to both.

Here is my response to the question:

April 30, 2011 email question:

What should democrats be doing to prepare for 2012?

The Democratic Party should wake up and realize that Barack Obama campaigned on rhetoric, built a coalition that has fallen apart and, like Humpty Dumpty, cannot be put back together again, not with all the king’s horses and all the king’s men.

In forcing Barack Obama on us, the party managed to fracture itself. It shot itself in the foot. His approval ratings are low for a good reason: He fails to act. He folds to the GOP. He hesitates. This is not leadership. This is weakness.

Hillary Clinton is a strong leader, and the DNC failed to give her a fighting chance in Denver. Right now, she is the only one who exhibits the kind of leadership this party needs and the country needs.

It is time to stop making this campaign about re-electing a feeble candidate. It is time to be realistic and make the campaign about doing the right thing for America. The RIGHT thing: Put Hillary Clinton on the ballot. Get on your knees and beg her to run. Give Obama his walking papers, and pray that Hillary Clinton says yes. I know she will… for her country.

The questionnaire is a typical survey, but there are places to write text.  It looks like this:

How do you feel about the work the Democratic Party is doing now?:1 Extremely Negative
5 Extremely Positive
How do you feel about the work the Democratic Party has done in the past?:1 Extremely Negative
5 Extremely Positive
How important would you rate the following issues?
Job creation and strengthening the economy:1 Least Important
5 Most Important
Health insurance reform:1 Least Important
5 Most Important
Clean energy:1 Least Important
5 Most Important
Education reform:1 Least Important
5 Most Important
Wall Street reform:1 Least Important
5 Most Important
Immigration reform1 Least Important
5 Most Important
Which issue is the most important to you?:
If “Other”, please tell us which issue is most important to you:
How would you rate the quality of the Democratic Party website (www.democrats.org)?:1 Very low quality
5 Very high quality
Do you know or work with your local Democratic Party?:Yes
How likely are you to participate in the Democratic Party’s next online activity (letter to the editor, online petition) on an issue that’s important to you?:1 Very unlikely
5 Very likely
Do you identify yourself with any of the following groups? (Check all that apply):

  African Americans
Americans Abroad
Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Business Owners/Entrepreneurs
Healthcare Professionals
Native Americans
People of Faith
People with Disabilities
Young Professionals
How would you categorize yourself politically?:
Are you a fan of the Democratic Party on Facebook?:Yes
No, but I use Facebook
I don’t use Facebook
Do you follow the Democratic Party on Twitter?:Yes
No, but I use Twitter
I don’t use Twitter
How would you describe the current political climate? (Optional):
What do you believe the Democratic Party stands for? (Optional):
Why are you a Democrat? (Optional):

Here is how I answered the optional questions:

Which issue is the most important to you?:   (There is a drop-down menu with choices.  I chose “other.”)
If “Other”, please tell us which issue is most important to you:

Choosing the right leader to take the party in the right direction. That would be Hillary Rodham Clinton whom the party kicked to the curb in 2008. We need a real leader, not a hesitant, weak, do-nothing. All Obama does is talk. Hillary acts. I am sick of this gutless, self-centered weakling. Many thousands of Democrats, former Democrats, and Independents agree with me. His coalition is gone. He cannot be re-elected. It is time for the party to wake up to that. I did not vote for him, and I will not. I will write in Hillary Clinton’s name, if I have to.

How would you describe the current political climate? (Optional):

Very dangerous for the middle class and the poor. The Democratic Party used to stand for those groups, but,  under Obama’s leadership (if you can call his paralysis in the face of every crisis leadership),  these groups are hurting.  He simply folds to the GOP every time. ENOUGH! Get Hillary Rodham Clinton on the ticket. She is decisive, strong, and smart. Her heart is with the people.

What do you believe the Democratic Party stands for? (Optional):

Right now? There is nothing democratic about the way Barack Obama became the nominee and plenty of us are angry about that. The party stands for manipulation, caucus fraud, sexism, and disenfranchisement.
Why are you a Democrat? (Optional):

Why am I STILL a Democrat? After what I saw in the last general election?  To continue to receive questionnaires like this from you. I want my party back! The Democratic Party I grew up with did not tolerate thuggery. Primaries were civilized. Roll call votes on the convention floor were genuine,  and a candidate would emerge after several ballots. Hillary Clinton and her delegates (for whom we voted) were not given a fair vote. I want my party back!

Unfortunately, there was no way to put my poster on their survey. 😦

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I have written on this subject on these pages in the past, and as the runup to the mid-terms foreshortens, the subject rears its exasperating head once again.  Party leaders and functionaries are rattling off emails at an amazing rate in efforts to collect funds for battleground contests.  In the process, they have allowed common manners to fall by the wayside.

The character of communications from arms of the Democratic Party went through a transition that I noted long ago,  specifically in August 2008,  when the leadership of the party changed.  The morning after Michelle Obama spoke at the convention (and apparently to the writer, less notably, Teddy Kennedy who appeared despite disapproval from his family and doctors), I received an email from Barack Obama addressing me by my first name with no salutation asking me if Michelle was not the most electrifying speaker at the convention thus far.  I was appalled!  First by the lack of regard for Teddy’s gallant gesture (even though I disagreed that he should ever have endorsed Obama) and secondly by the shameful lack of etiquette. I was more accustomed to the courteous ways of the Clinton campaign.

Well, the behavior remains intact.  While Gentleman Bill is out there trying his best to set an example of how to approach voters, the Democratic leadership continues on its insistently rude path.  Here are three examples of communications in my inbox over the past two days.  There were many more, but these three are sufficient, I think, to make my point.

First this, from I-am-the-POTUS himself.  N.B. This is edited to break the links and a live-linked graphic has been removed.  If being addressed in this way motivates you to contribute, you will have to seek out the website.  I will not provide the link here.

Still4Hill — (of course my real first  name was here)

Two years ago, you joined millions of Americans to assemble a grassroots movement to move this county forward.

Even though we’ve made extraordinary progress, entrenched power concedes nothing without a fight. Thanks to a Supreme Court decision called Citizens United, the very same special interests that we are finally holding accountable are now spending unlimited amounts of money on political attack ads to try and take our country back.

That’s why we’ve got to fight their millions of dollars with millions of grassroots supporters who are ready to finish what we began in 2008.

Right now, my Democratic allies in the House are preparing for the final days of this campaign. Your support to help them raise $1 million before Tuesday will determine how many doors they can knock on, how many phones they can dial, and how many Democratic voters they can get to the polls.

Contribute before Tuesday’s deadline to fund our final get-out-the-vote efforts on behalf of my great Democratic partners in the House. Your support will be matched by a group of generous Democrats.

My partners in the House led by our remarkable Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have done extraordinary work to get our economy back on track and clean up the mess left over by the other side.

But rather than remind ourselves of all that we have accomplished, now is the time to recognize all of the things that will remain undone unless we are just as focused, just as energized, and just as excited as we were in 2008. That is what will make the difference in the days ahead.

Contribute before Tuesday’s deadline to fund our final get-out-the-vote efforts on behalf of my great Democratic partners in the House. Your support will be matched by a group of generous Democrats.

If you can dig a little deeper, knock on a few more doors, talk to a few more of your friends and neighbors, we will be successful in this election and continue working to reclaim the American Dream for the next generation.

I am grateful for all that you’ve done already in this election. But now I need you to do a little more. When polls close on Election Night, we cannot have a single regret, not when the stakes are this high.

Barack Obama

P.S. Right now, my Democratic allies in the House are preparing for the final days of this campaign. Your support will help to determine how many doors they can knock on, how many phones they can dial, and how many Democratic voters they can get to the polls. Contribute before Tuesday’s deadline to fund our final get-out-the-vote efforts.

Then there was this charming piece of correspondence.

hey everyone- the great polling we’ve seen this week had an inevitable consequence. Karl Rove just announced another $4 million of spending into 4 key races: WA, IL, NV, CO. This is a significant amount of money and threatens the gains we’ve made in these states.

we’re are on the cusp of a complete turnaround from a month ago, but we need money to fend this off. There are 9 races within 2 percentage points, so Rove’s move here could very easily tip the balance. We can’t let this slip away only 12 days out.

If we get $60,000 in the bank by midnight tonight we will counter the GOP through the weekend. if we don’t, attacks will go unanswered.

chip in $5 so we can fight them thru the weekend

Thanks for helping us fight.

Martha McKenna
Political Director
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC)

Hey? No uppercase initial letter? What? Well, at least she said “thank you,” but this hardly motivates me to dedicate my hard-earned cash.

Here is a final example, and a fine one, from Gentleman Bill, Hillary Clinton’s country squire who is doing his best to repay her supporters with his own backing while exemplifying the way some of us are accustomed to being asked to help.

Dear Still4Hill, (again, my real first name was here)

12 days from Election Day, and you’ve got to hand it to the Republicans — they’re honest. They say in no uncertain terms what they’d do if they get control of Congress.

Exactly what they did before. All that bad economic policy that got us into this mess? There’ll be a lot more of it if they win. So we need to come together right now and stop these guys before it’s too late. I need your help immediately.

The pundits say we’re going to get clobbered — but there are 15 Senate races that could go either way. If they win 10, they take control of the Senate. Yes, it’s that close.

That’s why what you do this second matters. Please make an immediate contribution to the DSCC. The DSCC must raise $300,000 by midnight tonight to move some of these tight races our direction, and they can’t do it without your help.

Please click here and make an immediate $5 donation to the DSCC. There’s no path to victory unless the DSCC raises $300,000 by midnight tonight. Meeting this goal is so important that if you give today, your gift will be matched—doubling your impact. Let’s stop all the prognosticating and prove we can win.

We Democrats have a sensible plan to create jobs in small business, manufacturing, clean energy, and infrastructure, and to bring the budget back into balance as the economy grows.

Republicans are resting their political hopes on three things: anger, apathy and amnesia. We Democrats don’t work that way. We come up with solutions. So why don’t we come up with a solution to this problem we’re facing right now—the problem of this upcoming election? How are we going to stop the anger, apathy and amnesia and get people to look at the issues?

The answer is for each and every one of us to remember what it’s like to live under Republican control. And when we do that, we’ll realize that we have to give as much as we can right now to the DSCC, which can help bring the issues to the fore and get our Democratic candidates elected.

Click here to make an immediate $5 contribution to the DSCC. They simply must raise $300,000 by midnight tonight so Democratic candidates have the resources they need to compete in these tight races. Meeting this goal is so important that if you give today, your gift will be matched—doubling your impact.

Remember, folks, if we don’t win in November, here are some of the Republicans’ “solutions” to our current economic crisis that we’ll have to live with: cut taxes for the wealthy, give handouts to corporations and deregulate the financial sector. That’s right. They want to repeal our financial oversight bill that limits risky, job killing lending and bans future bailouts. They want to add $100 billion to the debt by repealing health care reform and giving control back to health insurance companies. They want to repeal landmark student loan reform, to make college more expensive, loans harder to repay, and add $60 billion to the debt. They want to cut $100 billion from education, the environment, clean air, food safety, air traffic control and homeland security and still increase the debt another $1 trillion. Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t we seen all this before? Aren’t these the kinds of policies that put us in this hole to begin with?

If I can leave you with one thought, it’s this: You can make a difference. You can give $5, $10 or $20 to the DSCC. You can get out and talk to your friends. And you can hold your head up high and work for a better America.


Bill Clinton

Salutation: “Dear”
Complimentary closing: “Sincerely”

“Please click here….”

“If I can leave you with one thought….”

(I can see why Hillary loves her Bill.)

Is it the digital revolution that has provoked this disconcerting lack of common courtesy?  I tend to think so.  Obama’s youth coalition may have been impressed by his young techie team’s use of the “social” networks,  but their mastery of social skills leaves a lot to be desired.  Before anybody goes calling me a nitpicky old fogey, let me point out that crucial in this bad job market is the impressive letter of recommendation.  Yes, these are still required along with resumés and applications, both for jobs and for university programs – you want to know someone who can write a good one!

As a person who writes a good many letters of recommendations on a regular basis, I refer the current Democratic leadership to the following very simple to follow model with terminology.  Or, you can just actually look at and read Bill Clinton’s lovely example before simple-mindedly hitting “send” and zooming it all over cyberspace.

Old American proverb: You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

If you want my money,  and you want my vote, respect me.  I am not a cash cow.  I am a citizen, voter, and to you, Mr. POTUS,  your employer!  Treat me with some common human courtesy, please.  It is very simple, a matter of a few words.  You see, as I am always saying, words are important.  They mean something.  It is very easy to use a magic few and,  in doing so, acknowledge human respect.  It is ill-bred not to.  The Clintons know this.  They always have.  There is a place for the niceties in life.

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Over the past week there was a huge noisy story, and a huge quiet one.  Is there anyone who has not by now,  heard the saga Of General Stanley McChrystal, his wise-cracking mouth, and Barack Obama’s “Truman Moment”  in either accepting McChrystal’s resignation or in firing him, depending on the story you heard or read?  No, I figured not.

The “Truman Moment” of course refers to President Harry S. Truman’s firing of the very popular General Douglas MacArthur in 1951 for his direct, written opposition to Truman’s strategy  in Korea.  McChrystal, of course, did not oppose, in writing or otherwise, tactical or strategic policy in Afghanistan.   He merely wise-cracked about certain government officials.  The fact that one comment, really simply an opinion, was aimed at the head guy, the Commander-in-Chief, was less than prudent.  But if one is going to make comparisons, MacArthur is not as appropriate as George Patton.  Maybe FDR should have fired Patton for his battle-hardened, wiseacre remarks.   That battle-hardened officers might make off-the-cuff comments should come as no surprise to an experienced commander.  To elevate the comments to the level of insubordination Truman saw from MacArthur is the height of hyperbole.

As for FDR (who did not fire Patton for his profanities), there was Rachel Maddow this week comparing her American Idol Rock Star, Barack Obama,  to FDR himself, citing the many Rooseveltian bills Obama has jammed through Congress.  Well, the jury is still out on that, and while replacing McChrystal with David Petraeus appears roundly popular, the degree to which it was fair or wise is questionable.  Will this make a difference on the ground? The jury is still out on that, too.  The bottom line is that Obama’s numbers continue to tank which brings us to the huge quiet story of the week.

It is a cautionary tale.   Pictured above with our wildly popular Head Homegirl and Secretary of State, is Kevin Rudd,  Prime Minister of Australia beleaguered by low approval ratings up until June 24 (Thursday) 2010 when he was summarily replaced as head of Australia’s Labor Party (and thus as PM) by his Deputy PM, Julia Gillard.

She is Australia’s first woman Prime Minister, and in the land of Germaine Greer, some women are wondering why it took so long.  Sex war rages on as Sheila takes a bow.  The cautionary part of this tale is that the way parliamentary democracy works is that the majority party chief stands as PM.  This is not comparable to a challenge to Obama by Sarah Palin.  The challenge to Rudd came from within his own party.  Got that?  Rudd and Gillard are both members of the Labor Party.  The more popular one replacing the guy whose popularity slid down the tubes.

So, as we welcome a new female world leader on the scene, I’m just sayin’.

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