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We are often reminded that European countries are so much older than we are, and sometimes that much more gorwn-up.  Last week, the story of Vera Lengsfeld’s campaign poster, seen below, showing her side by side with Chancellor Angela Merkel both displaying a generous dose of cleavage,  zipped around the internet at lightning speed.   The slogan at the bottom of the poster translates to a good-natured “We have more to offer.”

Homegirls here cannot help but remember the onslaught of mainstream media a little over two years ago when our Homegirl appeared on the Senate floor showing the tennsiest hint of cleavage.  That, too, in video form as well as print, zipped around the internet and MSM like there was no tomorrow – also like the subject of her speech was of no importance.  I take this opportunity to hit the refresh button:  She spoke for approximately 30 minutes on the need to provide new ways for students to finance higher education.  It was an impressive presentation that got NO press because everyone was more concerned about the cleavage than the content.  Here’s how she looked.  I actually thought she looked tired, as if she had been working way too much that day.

Well the media eruption was raucous enough that our Homegirl appeared to have been concerned enough to have made a change in her wardrobe that went across the boards.  All necklines were raised – some high enough to touch the signature choker necklaces with which we are so familiar.  Since that July, 2007 incident, we have become used to seeing our girl in necklines raised modestly to above the collarbone.  Here is a typical example.

Thailand Clinton Now I think she looks lovely in this pantsuit, but I have regretted for years that stupid attack on her wardrobe and on her since it gave the impression that the media had succeeded in doing what it never should have done: make a lovely woman self-conscious about her body – a body, I might add, that a good many American women would trade their own for in a NY minute.  I have said in comments at other blogs and forums, and perhaps even here, (I have said it too many times to remember) that Hillary should not be so shy about showing a little skin.  One of the things we love about Hillary, whether as a Senator, a candidate , or as our top diplomat, is that she is a woman.  She’s our Homegirl  – out there showing us that women can do it.  I just resented that she felt she needed to cover up some of the evidence .  Well, I don’t know if  Hillary even has a spare minute to occupy my concerns about such things, but I did mention that an inch off the necklines would not be a scandal.  She has beautiful skin.

Well, lo and behold, it has happened as the recent photos below attest!  Yes! lower necklines, very pretty, and still modest – but not a suit of armor against media criticism – something a little more, well, revealing?   No – just a little LESS careful.  I think she looks beautiful.

I put this on this blog because it seems standards for women’s clothing in American politics and government remain puritannical compared to the decidedly more relaxed European standards.   I think women in government, in business, in a wide variety of venues should feel comfortable within their own skin .  I applaud these German leaders as well as their supporters and constituents for being at ease with the facts of life.  I applaud Hillary for showing a little more skin.  I expect no further negative attention from the media to Hillary’s style or body parts.  She is flaunting nothing but a nice clear complexion (and, as always, pretty curves).    You look gorgeous, Hillary.  We love it!


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