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After a week plus of news littered with sexual misbehavior of prominent and powerful members of the male of the species, refreshing news arises regarding a possible replacement for Dominique Strauss-Kahn,  the disgraced former director of the IMF,  in the person of Christine Lagarde.

WINS NY reported earlier in the week that she received high marks from U.S.  Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner .  His colleague, and our Head Homegirl,  Hillary Rodham Clinton,  accorded Lagarde’s candidacy her enthusiastic support.  It should be noted that neither is is a position to endorse officially.

Hillary Clinton welcomes Christine Lagarde’s IMF candidacy

“As you know, the time frame for candidates to be put forward has a few more weeks to run, so officially the US will be assessing and then eventually announcing its position,” Ms Clinton said at a news conference in Paris yesterday. “Unofficially, let me say we welcome women who are well qualified and experienced to head major organisations.”

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This caps off a week of prime time news that read more like a tabloid with former Senator and Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards facing indictment for misuse of campaign funds to pay his mistress, and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger admitting an affair and an illegitimate child all on the heels of  allegations that Strauss-Kahn molested a hotel employee at a NY hotel where he was staying.

During the same week,  Hillary Clinton delivered an address at UNESCO about the value of educating women and girls,   Video: Secretary Clinton’s Remarks at UNESCO Global Partnership for Girls’ and Women’s Education, and another at OECD on development and gender,  Secretary Clinton’s Remarks at the OECD Session on Development and Gender.

Is it high time for women to take the lead in global economic development?  Yes!  Lagarde is eminently qualified to lead the IMF.  We, as a nation,  should support her candidacy as evidently the Europeans do.

Europeans consider Lagarde’s IMF job ‘a done deal’

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