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Harriet Mills, Scholar Held in ‘Brainwashing Prison’ in China, Dies at 95

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I ran across this little gem while searching for news about Hillary today.

Hillary Clinton – Gone Rogue on China?
Thursday, 28 January 2010 By Stephen K. Ryan

As has been widely reported, Hillary Clinton recently lectured the Chinese government in support of Google’s accusations that the Chinese Government had assisted in a “cyber attack” against Google that breached the company’s sophisticated firewalls and looted sensitive privacy data.

China has denied the charges but rather than quite diplomacy, Hillary Clinton has raised tensions between the two countries with her very public condemnation of that country.

Now, based on recent headlines, it seems that the China/Google dust up was just the beginning of Secretary Clinton’s bully pulpit campaign against many of China’s foreign policies.

The question is has she gone rogue?

President Obama in his “State of the Union” speech had little to say about the growing strain between the United States and China, yet right after the President’s speech, Hillary Clinton has unleashed a barrage of warnings, condemnations and threats against the Chinese Government.

Here are today’s headlines

“Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned China on Friday that it faced international pressure and increasing isolation unless it joined other world powers in sanctioning Iran to try to halt Tehran’s nuclear ambitions.”

“On Saturday, Hillary Clinton defended the arms deal to Taiwan which angered the Chinese, saying, “such sales contribute to maintaining security and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

These are serious and complex foreign policy issues yet some are beginning to wonder if Ms. Clinton is shooting from the hip. Have Ms. Clinton’s recent incendiary comments against the Chinese government been carefully crafted in conjunction with policies supported by the White House national security team and the U.S. Treasury Department? Is the State Department unveiling a get tough approach against China long in the works or is Ms. Clinton engaged in a seat of the pantsuit diplomacy not coordinated with White House officials.


Oh for pity’s sake! I remember that same question being asked between this night:

and this one when she called Netanyahu’s “restraint” on settlements “unprecedented.”  I hate the picture below because he looks like he just screwed her, and I like it even less that she looks like she enjoyed it.

That was when she went from this stance in late May: Clinton, Israel Must Halt West Bank Settlements to this in November: Unsettling Questions.  The question at the time was whether she had gone rogue over there in Abu Dhabi and Jerusalem.  Sources in the White House allowed, at the time, that this stance was one that had evolved in the Situation Room although a plan and timeline for unrolling it had not been formalized.  In other words, whether or not it was a policy shift (and I am still unclear on that), it was not Hillary going rogue, but rather her driving the bus on the route previously mapped.

So when I see the above question regarding China, I tend to think this is carefully crafted, planned, and not at all in conflict with anything the White House plans.  If there is one thing Hillary Clinton has been fastidiously careful about, it is to show no daylight between her State Department and the White House.  She  has shown loyalty almost to a fault many might say. Thus I find renewed speculation that she is going rogue still more of the same old song. Elements in the media would just love to see her in conflict with the White House. It appears to me that conflict is one thing Hillary Clinton dearly wants to avoid – even in cases where some would prefer to see her take a tougher stance.

I know this disappoints and hurts some Hillary loyalists. It is the ultimate irony that one of the characteristics of Hillary that we admire and love so dearly, her loyalty, is perhaps the quality that prevents her from stepping out onto the thin ice of her personal agenda more publicly. Of course, this was her motivation in campaigning so hard for her party’s ticket, to demonstrate her loyalty, to keep her word that however the nomination went, she would work hard for the ticket.    It was the opposition to her campaigning by some who had supported her so strongly that inspired this blog to begin with.  I was surprised and hurt to see those Hillaryites turn against her, and some of them turned viciously.

The truth is that we cannot know the truth. We do not know where Hillary actually stands while she represents the administration. As for me, I continue to have faith in her. She did not initially want this post, deliberated long and hard about taking it, but, once she accepted, she drew the parameters of the administration around her. I do not expect that she will be stepping beyond those boundaries while she is Secretary of State. That is the Hillary I know. For better or for worse, that is the Hillary Clinton I love and defend (even though I wish she would not let it look like Bibi is always screwing her over). Hillary Clinton is my Homegirl.

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