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The look on this little girl’s face is haunting. It should be. These “weddings” may be   “customary,”  but that does not imply that the tradition should be protected.  This is not a cultural practice that should be relegated to global diversity. It combines two of the most heinous practices among humans: slavery and rape.

Faiz Mohammed, 40, and Ghulam Haider, 11, sit in her family’s home prior to their wedding in the rural village of Damarda, Afghanistan, on Sept. 11, 2005. Ghulam said she is sad to be getting engaged as she wanted to be a teacher. Her favorite class was Dari, the local language, before she was made to drop out of school.

It breaks my heart because when I was 11, I already knew I was meant to be a teacher.  I had the opportunity to fulfill that.  Secretary Clinton’s mission is for every child to have the chance to live up to her/his God-given potential.  It does not appear that this little girl will have that privilege.

Read the story in today’s Foreign Policy.  The Young and the Betrothed..

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