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Neither do real men steal and sell girls.  Neither do real men laugh about it.

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U.S. Forming ‘Coordination Cell’ in Nigeria to Find Abducted Girls

… just hours before Kerry spoke on Tuesday, a report was released that eight more girls have been kidnapped from a village near one of the Islamists’ strongholds in northeastern Nigeria overnight, according to police and residents. The girls were aged 12 to 15.

Lazarus Musa, a resident of the village of Warabe, told Reuters that armed men had opened fire during the raid.

“They were many, and all of them carried guns. They came in two vehicles painted in army color. They started shooting in our village,” Musa said by telephone from the village in the hilly Gwoza area, Boko Haram’s main base.

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A statement so smug, pompous, and chilling:


‘I abducted your girls,’ Nigerian Islamist leader reportedly says in video

Terrorists fund their activities via trafficking in poached animal parts, drugs, and human beings. They are nothing but gangsters masquerading as religious zealots.

If this is not the first instance of girls being kidnapped this way,  it is good to see the story finally getting media coverage.   It should not have taken this long considering the huge bucks spent by the media covering a lost airliner long after finding survivors was hopeless, and lesser but considerable amounts spent on the sunken ferry story after it was clear that there were no survivors inside.  These girls are alive and need to be rescued.  Enough time has been wasted.

Girls belong in school not in terrorist camps. They belong with their parents and their teachers, not transported across borders. Their government must rescue them, and if that government needs help, assuredly many are willing to assist.

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Access to education is a basic right & an unconscionable reason to target innocent girls. We must stand up to terrorism.

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stands in solidarity with Nigerians & people around the world calling for action to


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I hope Americans appreciate the ferocity and dedication with which these girls pursue education and how hard their parents work to provide it only to lose them this way.  We take our educational opportunities for granted too easily and often.

These students are like girls in any country where education for anybody is at a premium and where the girls are the last in line.  They know they are privileged to be in school,  live up to that privilege very seriously, and always know their stuff.

They are very goal-oriented. Being the child bride of thugs is not among their objectives.  They are planning to study medicine, international studies, law, education, nursing, business and marketing,  etc.

They are so far out of their environment right now.  This is so alien to them.  We need to make a lot of noise about this – make people aware.

Media coverage has been paltry.  These are not passengers on a long-missing airliner (covered) or children known dead on a ferry (covered).  They are alive, in danger, and need to be rescued.  This needs much better media coverage.

Raise your voice, please.  Inform. Participate and follow.


#BringBack OurGirls


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So 18 days into this kidnapping here are some sad and infuriating facts.

The story finally was reported on World News Tonight on NBC (thank you for finally doing so) with a “This just in…. preface. (OK  – carrier pigeons I guess.)

This Twitter account, BringBackOurGirls has fewer than 1700 followers as I post this.  1700 busloads of people traveled from Poland to Vatican City to participate in Sunday’s canonization mass (for contrast). How happy do you think St. JP II would be at the way these girls in this situation are being ignored?

This action Twitter account, RescueOurGirls has even fewer followers.  Not even 500 as I post this.  Shameful!

NEW YORK: Rally tmrw! Friday. 12 -2pm Ralph Bunche Park, 1st Ave between 42nd/43rd Str. Wear red.

PHILADELPHIA: Join the march. Saturday, May 3rd, 12PM-2PM Love Park, 1599 JFK Blvd. Wear red

Toronto Rally Sat. 3pm May 3rd at Dundas Square — at Yonge-Dundas Square.

Join the social media march to 230 school girls kidnapped by terrorists. Tell world leaders u care

Join us at 2 march on social media. Change yr profile pic. Join the march


Let’s get it together! Girls are not property or pawns. Students deserve our respect and support. These girls are good, serious students.  Their families love them and want them home.

They deserve to complete their studies and be what they aspire to be.  They did not deserve to be kidnapped in the middle of their studies.  They do not deserve to be sold off as child brides for $12 apiece.

Let’s get behind them! Let’s support them and their families!

Let’s get our girls back!

Get out there!

Wear red!

Tell a lotta friends!

Bring a lotta boys!

Make a lotta noise!

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It has been two weeks since the invasion of a girls’ dormitory in Nigeria and the kidapping of well more than 200 young girls  (accounts differ).

This Twitter account has been set up to publicize this case and any progress made in locating the missing girls.




234 school girls abducted: we’re getting organized and coordinated to make an actual difference. and

You can join the discussion here:

Hundreds of kidnapped Nigerian school girls reportedly sold as brides to militants for $12, relatives say

An unidentified mother cries out during a demonstration with others who have daughters among the kidnapped school girls of government secondary school Chibok, Tuesday April 29, 2014, in Abuja, Nigeria.  Two weeks after Islamic extremists stormed a remote boarding school in northeast Nigeria, more than 200 girls and young women remain missing despite a “hot pursuit” by security forces and desperate parents heading into a dangerous forest in search of their daughters. Some dozens have managed to escape their captors, jumping from the back of an open truck or escaping into the bush from a forest hideout, although the exact number of escapees is unclear. (AP Photo/ Gbemiga Olamikan)

Samson Dawah was nervous. For two weeks, he had waited for any bit of information regarding his niece, who was among the 234 Nigerian school girls likely kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram. This week, he gathered his extended family. He had news but also an unusual request. He asked that the elderly not attend. He wasn’t sure they could bear what he had to say.

“We have heard from members of the forest community where they took the girls,” he told them. ”They said there had been mass marriages and the girls are being shared out as wives among the Boko Haram militants.”

The girl’s father fainted, the Guardian reported, and has since been hospitalized. But the news got worse. Village elder Pogo Bitrus told Agence France Presse locals had consulted with “various sources” in the nation’s forested northeast. “From the information we received yesterday from Cameroonian border towns our abducted girls were taken… into Chad and Cameroon,” he said, adding that each girl was sold as a bride to Islamist militants for 2,000 naira — $12.

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Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls Forced To Marry Extremists: Reports

Posted: 04/30/20

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Scores of girls and young women kidnapped from a school in Nigeria are being forced to marry their Islamic extremist abductors, a civic organization reported Wednesday.

At the same time, the Boko Haram terrorist network is negotiating over the students’ fate and is demanding an unspecified ransom for their release, a Borno state community leader told The Associated Press.

He said the Wednesday night message from the abductors also claimed that two of the girls have died from snake bites.

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