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Upon imminent return from public service to private citizenry, Bill Richardson, retiring Governor of New Mexico, has failed to take a page from the book of his former friend and boss, William Jefferson Clinton. Rather than marketing his wares in the NGO sphere to better the lives of the unfortunate, he has chosen to campaign most bizarrely, for a cabinet post in the Obama administration. Oddest of everything about this effort, is that he is applying for the position currently occupied and so well executed, by WJC’s brilliant, beautiful, charming, and effective wife, the most admired woman of the year for the ninth year straight, one Hillary Rodham Clinton, Village Chief of Hillaryhood, and our Head Homegirl.  What is this guy thinking?  Or is he?  Thinking, I mean.

Here is a good article that refutes the rumor and traces its genesis:

How Richardson-to-replace-Clinton rumors started By Matthew Reichbach

I do not doubt for a moment that if we dig down far enough it is Richardson himself that is at the bottom of this.  He is angry that Bill Clinton has cut him off cold, and that after his “heroic” (in his book)  trip to North Korea where he “averted nuclear war,” as he told it on CNN, he did not get a tumble from the Secretary of State.  When asked if he had met with her afterwards, he squirmed and said he met with “high officials” at State.   Right, but not the highest one.  She would not have him on a silver platter!

The idea that the most admired woman and, as President Obama put it, “the best Secretary of State ever” would leave her post, when one thing we all know and love about her is that she is not a quitter, is ridiculous.  Nonsense!

While I am at it, I would like to put a cork in this one as well:

Hillary Clinton – Made For Comfort, Not Speed!

One sure sign of the kind of weight gain this article purports is a new wardrobe.  Last January, when she came back to D.C. after Christmas, she wore this beautiful new outfit.

Here we see her on December 14 at the State Department with South African FM Mashabane.  Same outfit, same fit.

This is not someone who “has piled on 40 extra pounds in the past few months” as this article states.  She is still wearing the same outfits that we have seen on her for two years as SOS, and she looks fabulous!

This is NOT what 171 punds looks like on her frame.  I know a lot of much younger women who would not mind having that body.

She looks gorgeous, so lay off, Enquirer and Showbizspy!  Pick on somebody else (like Bill Richardson).  Pictures do not lie, and our eyes do not deceive us.  The SOS is in fine form!

*rant over*

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