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How on earth do these two stories arise on the same day?  I have done  battle with myself all day to refrain from commenting on these stories, but can restrain myself no longer.  There is this.  Smart money is on Hillary Clinton for 2016.   When you read it you understand that the writer is a Beltway regular even though the publication is out of the UK.   In addition,  you  will note that 2016 is a mere come on since he really means 2012.  This is a familiar song from the UK in that it is the second time in a week that we have seen this proposal raised  from those quarters –  wishful thinking, I am guessing.

In the face of the UK story,  we encounter a great deal of hype for The Death of American Virtue: Clinton vs. Starr, due out in February, and supposedly,   according to Joel ,  a gigantic  obstacle to Hillary Clinton.   In her current post  she shines brighter than any SOS in MY memory.   She  will  excel in any  official position and give it her full attention.  We are not talking about an easily distracted person.

I really do not have a great deal to say about all of this except that Hillary has much bigger fish to fry than to occupy stuff that happened more than ten years ago or might happen two or six years from now.  She is a major player on the world stage, and she knows very well how to brush this nonsense (almost 800 pages though it may be) off her very pretty shoulder.

There’s a coup brewing in Pakistan – where they have nukes! And she’s expected to worry about whom? Monica Lewinsky? Please!!! Give me a great big break!

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Markedness is a linguistic concept that developed out of the Prague School. A marked form is a non-basic or less natural form. An unmarked form is a basic, default form. For example, lion is the unmarked choice in English — it could refer to a male or female lion. But lioness is marked because it can only refer to females. The unmarked forms serve as general terms: e.g. brotherhood of man is sometimes used to refer to all people, both men and women, while sisterhood refers only to women. The form of a word that is conventionally chosen to be the lemma form is typically the form that is the least marked.

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In the wake of the Forbes Magazine publication of its list of the 100 most powerful women, story after story today noted Hillary’s position on the list (36 this year), compared that position with her spot last year (28), and noted the positions of other American women in and out of politics and government, e.g. Nancy Pelosi (35), Kathleen Sibelius (51), Janet Napolitano (56), Michelle Obama (40) and Oprah (41), Wait a minute! What kind of list IS this? Are they serious? Michelle Obama does not have a job for Pete’s sake! She’s more powerful than the Secretary of Homeland Security? I don’t think so!

It is possible that the toxic meme of Hillary in the Shadows has taken some kind of toll on Hillary’s position on this list, but even if it has, a linguistic analysis of recent headlines cannot help but betray the truth about the media’s perception of Hillary no matter how hard they slam her or what other toxic memes her opposition might frame. Let’s take a look at a few from the past few days.

US can benefit from India’s economic progress: Clinton

Clinton seeks to reassure on US-Colombia agreement

Clinton Puts Spotlight On Women’s Issues

Releasing Lockerbie bomber is wrong: Clinton

Clinton: Insurgents seek to intimidate Afghans

Clinton Says Defense Deal Would Not Create U.S. Bases in Colombia

I could go on, but that might be enough to get my message across when compared to these:
Obama talks to Bill Clinton about NKorean mission

Clinton (Bill, That Is) Meets Obama on N. Korea

I bring these up not to insert this blog into the completely inappropriate discussion of competition in this marriage. Personally, I hope they are making mad, hot, passionate love in Bermuda as I plug on pushing Hillary’s agenda and giving her the publicity she deserves. I post these to provide evidence, and the way we use language never lies. that Hillary has become the unmarked Clinton.

If you were to go back several years and see the name Clinton in a headline, assuredly it would be Bill the header referred to. Even as recently as last year, they were differentiated by her first name. He was Clinton, and she was Hillary. She does remain a woman whose identity is recognized by her first name alone. If you say Hillary – she IS THE Hillary.

But recently, very recently, in the past few weeks, the unmarked name means Hillary. Bill is the marked Clinton now. This is a very informative phenomenon. It betrays a recognition of her power even while the media might play into the marginalization meme. A marginalized, shrouded, weakened figure does not rise to the level of unmarked.

Hillary is now the default Clinton. When references are to Bill, his first name is used – that is marking.

Language never lies. Hillary is doing what we all, at this time last year, chanted, blogged, tweeted, and prayed: Rise, Hillary, Rise! She’s doing it. Hillary is rising. And Forbes be damned!

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CONGO-DEMOCRATIC/CLINTON-OUTBURSTGiven the pitiful coverage Hillary’s trip to Africa is receiving from the MSM, bloggers are on the alert for updates from the Dipnote Travel Diary blog, tweets from Dipnote, and from americagov on Twitter, entries on the State Department Facebook site, and tweets from Shaun Tandon, AFP Correspondent traveling with Hillary (who has been told several times, just by me, that he should appreciate how lucky he is). Yesterday and Sunday were particularly “slow news days” from this African journey. Hillary was in Angola on Sunday, and very little news came out except for some rather disconcerting tweets from Shaun about the amount of camo and ammo he was seeing on the street. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad the soldiers were there protecting our Homegirl, but just how dangerous WAS Angola? Perhaps very. Hillary has insisted on visiting some places she had been advised not to.

Yesterday morning, I knew that Hillary was already out of Angola and on the ground in The DRC. I was hoping that would be a more open visit than the rather shrouded operation in Angola. At some point in the day, Shaun tweeted about Hillary’s now famous but brief (and mild) “outburst” at a mistranslated question from a student at a Town Hall in Kinshasa, DRC. Well, knowing that the very expensive traveling press presence was being represented here only when Hillary danced (so far), I was pretty sure that she would be on the news again last night for her short rant since that, too, was “girly” behavior, and if there’s any message we are getting about how the press likes to portray our Homegirl SOS, it centers around her girliness. Her broken “ladybones,” her dainty dancing, and, now, her temper display (the old “everybody’s ex-wife” meme).

What I did NOT expect to see, and was not covered on the evening news, was the Facebook link to this story by Nicholas Kristof (NYT): Update on Paul Farmer and USAID saying that Paul Farmer would not be heading up USAID. Dr. Farmer, long a practicing physician in rural Haiti, was Hillary’s candidate for the position of Director.

There was not a word about that on the TV news last night, but there was plenty of Hillary erupting. To tell the truth, I have been the object of many explosions so much worse from men: boyfriends, an ex-husband, a former boss and from men who worked for me, that if Hillary wanted to “explode” like that at me on a daily basis and it would relieve some stress, I would gladly volunteer.

Now I am sure that the White House decision had a lot to do with any “touchiness” she displayed yesterday. But there was more to the story, and I am sure that Hillary knew it all. Late this afternoon, at about the same time I saw Kristof’s story yesterday, this story came through on Facebook from the U.N. News Centre: Haiti: UN envoy Bill Clinton appoints prominent US doctor as deputy. Yup! That would be the one and the same Dr. Paul Farmer.

So while today’s NY Post dwelt on the past in looking for reasons why Hillary might have been a bit raw yesterday, they missed the real story which happened in the present right under their noses. The White House subjected Hillary’s candidate to a vetting so frustrating that she mentioned her exasperation when she spoke to the Council on Foreign Relations in mid-July. Hillary, and Bill for that matter, are not strangers to this super-vetting process. USAID operates under the Department of State and also has a heavy presence in Haiti (as I know from having lived there a good long time). Whether Bill’s offer was on the table prior to the White House decision, I do not pretend to know, but I am sure Hillary knew that if the White house said no, Bill planned to bring Farmer aboard with him in the country Farmer knows so well. All three probably conferred about this.

So Hillary’s little display yesterday probably had a lot less to do with the past and with Bill than with the White House super-vetters who lost her the Director she wanted and handed him off to Bill as she knew would happen.

Neither was the “outburst” about Bill “overshadowing” her with his rescue trip to North Korea which she negotiated. If his shadow (there’s that word again, thank you NY Post) bothered her at all it would have been for the Breaking News that Bill stole Paul Farmer from Hillary (he did not). But, of course, like Kristof’s story last night, that story is flying under the radar of the TV news tonight.

Was Hillary a little beaten and wary yesterday? Yes! After many months of trying to fill that position with the best man she could find for the job, the White House smashed her, while she was in the middle of an extended trip on another continent, leaving Bill to pick up Farmer’s option for his (Bill’s) one dollar a year job as U.N. Envoy to Haiti (the envoy position another gift from the White House super-vetters who keep on giving). Since Bill must curtail his work with his Foundation, well, a guy’s got to do SOMETHING!

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Laura Ling and Euna Lee

Laura Ling and Euna Lee

Fox News reported a few minutes ago that our brilliant and lovely Homegirl, Secretary of State  Hillary Rodham Clinton, has selected and sent none other than than our brilliant and handsome former President William Jefferson Clinton as Special Envoy to North Korea to secure the release of Homegirls Laura Ling and Euna Lee.

This is wonderful news and a terrific move on Hillary’s part for many reasons.  It is the first time Hillary has secured Bill’s services in this administration,  and it is welcome participation.  There had been speculation that the Special Envoy might be Bill Richardson, who has a track record with the North Koreans, or Al Gore, for whom the two journalists work.  But Hillary has connections.  Instead she sent in her big gun.  This is sweet!


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Hillary (and Bill) are in a battle against the deadly carrier of malaria, the Anopheles mosquito. While we’re at it, we should also raise awareness of the Aedes Aegypti, carrier of dengue fever, another deadly tropical disease.

On another note, I hope it’s okay to mention Hillary and Bill in the same post in their professional capacities.   We would not want to effect any appearance of collusion between State and The William J. Clinton Foundation.   But, hey!  This is an important battle.  Big institutions like these should be engaged in a coordinated effort, even if the CEO’s are in bed together (a mental image I find charming and adorable).

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more about “Homegirl v. Anopheles“, posted with vodpod

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