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On CNN this afternoon, political director,  David Chalian blamed Hillary Clinton for making her server and emails political.  Apparently he missed the July 15 letter from Democrats on the Select Committee on Benghazi.

Select Committee Dems Call Out Republicans for Turning Political Turrets on Hillary Clinton

July 15, 2015

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As Hillary said at the Iowa Wing Ding dinner this past weekend, it is not she who has turned this issue into a political football.

Not only is Hillary not the one who turned tragedy into a political issue, the ones who have done so have changed  the focus of the investigation from physical security in regions at risk to communications security inside the government.   From the beginning, Hillary has promised to cooperate fully, to provide the documents requested, to testify publicly, and to answer all questions.  Proactively, she provided 55,000 pages of work-related email to the State Department…

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Since the early days of his administration in 2010, Chris Christie has been at odds with teachers in New Jersey.  Sunday he brought his opprobrium to a national level, and the teachers are up in arms.

Teachers Demand Chris Christie Apologize For Face-Punching Comment

Rebecca Klein

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Prior to last night’s failed GOP effort to defund Planned Parenthood,  Hillary posted this video.

Powerful legislators are focused on one aspect of Planned Parenthood‘s services, abortion, but that is only one of many services the organization provides as a quick look at their website makes clear.

We provide up-to-date, clear, medically accurate information that helps you better understand your sexual health.


Abortion is a safe and legal way to end a pregnancy. Learning more about abortion methods and options can help you decide if abortion is the right choice for you.

Birth Control

There are many ways to prevent pregnancy. Learn more about birth control, and find the method that’s best for you.

Body Image

We all have ideas and feelings about how we look. Learning more about body image can help you stay healthy — mentally and physically.

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In an editorial in the New York Times Saturday, Margaret Sullivan compared Clinton stories to a luggage carousel where the bags are never collected and hence perpetually pile up.  One might say the same for the way the NYT handled its response to the reprehensible,  damaging, and unfounded story of July 23.

Emblazoned on the front page, the original header delivered a false report.  Despite its relatively rapid revision, the original became “the shot heard ’round the world” as myriad other publications picked up the header and the story and ran with it.  There was a simple solution, but one which the NYT unfortunately did not employ: issue an equally prominent apology to the unjustly treated Hillary Clinton and place it on the front page.

Instead, the NYT chose to roll out a series of subtle revisions like so many suitcases “barreling down the chute,” as in Sullivan’s…

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Rather than issue the apology they should have and that she is owed, the New York Times has chosen instead  to publish this shabby, third-rate excuse for its unethical treatment of Hillary Clinton.

Editors’ Note: Clinton Email Coverage

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Secretary Kerry released the 2015 Trafficking in Persons Report today.  Coinciding with the release came this story.

‘Sea Slaves’: Forced Labor for Cheap Fish

  • Cambodian migrants hauled in the nets on a fishing boat in the South China Sea. A labor shortage in the Thai fishing industry is primarily filled by using migrants, mostly from Cambodia and Myanmar.
  • The living quarters on the fishing boats are typically cramped and the men sleep for short periods between hours of work.
  • San Oo, 35, was trafficked into Thailand from Myanmar and sold to a fishing boat. He was forced to work at sea for two and a half years.
  • Migrant workers unloaded barrels of fish at the docks in Songkhla. "Motherships" bring the catch to shore so that the trawlers can stay at sea.The crew on the Thai fishing boat included two dozen Cambodian boys, some as young as 15.

SONGKHLA, Thailand — Lang Long’s ordeal began in the back of a truck. After watching his younger siblings go hungry because their family’s rice patch in Cambodia could not provide for everyone, he accepted a trafficker’s offer to travel across the Thai border for a construction job.It was his chance to start over. But when he arrived, Mr. Long was kept for days by armed men in a room near the port at Samut Prakan, more than a dozen miles southeast of Bangkok. He was then herded with six other migrants up a gangway onto a shoddy wooden ship. It was the start of three brutal years in captivity at sea.

“I cried,” said Mr. Long, 30, recounting how he was resold twice between fishing boats. After repeated escape attempts, one captain shackled him by the neck whenever other boats neared.

Mr. Long’s crews trawled primarily for forage fish, which are small and cheaply priced. Much of this catch comes from the waters off Thailand, where Mr. Long was held, and is sold to the United States, typically for canned cat and dog food or feed for poultry, pigs and farm-raised fish that Americans consume.

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The political division at the New York Times has come under scrutiny and criticism in the past several days for faulty and inaccurate reporting about disagreement between the intelligence community and the State Department on classification guidelines.  This particular story, from a different division, seems pretty well documented.

We are accustomed to stories of women, especially young women and girls, being sold or kidnapped and held in sex trade bondage, but we hear precious little about other forms of modern human trafficking and slavery.

Clearly we need to feed our pets and livestock.  We do not need to do so on the backs of unpaid hostages in an unregulated industry.  It remains a mystery to me why some (men), when Hillary Clinton raised this banner,  called it a “soft” issue.  There is nothing soft about slavery.

Back in mid-2008, prior to the election, when the tea leaves were just beginning to soak in the hot water for the big party (you know, the one where a mass of inexperienced outsiders were swept into congressional office in 2010 vowing to change how DC operates),  a woeful noise arose around Barack Obama’s nomination in Denver.  Some of that came from disaffected Democrats who wanted a fair and open roll call vote on the convention floor rather than a shrouded one in hotel rooms.  Some of it came from outside agitators who were willing to do and say anything, no matter how outrageous, to sink Obama’s chances of being elected.

I chose the verb sink intentionally because, as time went by, we came to know the sources of the disruption to be identical to those behind what came to be known as the “swiftboating” of John Kerry during the 2004 general election cycle.  specifically, one of these two guys along with the publishers.

SBVT founder and spokesman John O’Neill and Jerome Corsi are listed as coauthors of the book Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry, published by Regnery Publishing. A best-seller upon its release in August 2004,  it criticized Kerry’s judgment in battle, his truthfulness, his entitlement to certain medals, and his later anti-war activities. – Wikipedia

We probably will never know the degree to which the swiftboating damaged Kerry’s candidacy or affected the 2004 election results.

Having smelled blood in the water, Corsi,  in 2008,  went on the attack against Barack Obama.  He always finds willing cohorts.  In 2004 it was Swift Boat Vets (only one of whom served with  John Kerry). In 2008 it was this sterling character.

Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair Holds Stupefying Press Conference

It is not often that a political reporter can claim to have witnessed the single most stupefying event on any single day, what with the diversity of inanity on display from coast to coast in an election year. But today, I feel confident laying claim to that dubious distinction, for I attended Larry Sinclair’s Wednesday press conference at the National Press Club.
The event began less than auspiciously for Mr. Sinclair — who has gained Internet notoriety by spreading wild accusations regarding gay sex, drugs and possible murder committed by Barack Obama — as National Press Club staff took pains to remove the association’s logo from behind the podium where Sinclair was set to speak. (Politico’s Ben Smith today detailed Sinclair’s “27-year criminal record, with a specialty in crimes involving deceit.”)

Since Obama was not a vet but was widely perceived as the “cool guy,” these allegations were made to order against his character.  When Obama was clearly in the running for a second term, the  tag team doubled down.

Larry Sinclair Interview: Is Barack Obama Gay and What Has Media Done to Hide that Inconvenient Truth? [Sticky]

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Note: The above was submitted by Kevin DuJan, self-described “Gay conservative political analyst, essayist, author and radio and TV commentator on politics, pop culture, LGBTQ issues, and current events” as a defense against attacks upon then presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Warning: Be Prepared for The Next Swift Boat

I am asking ALL Democrats and Socialists and Progressives and Liberals to get behind shutting down this rumor whenever you hear it. Regardless of how you feel about any of the candidates on the left, it is the agenda of the left that will suffer, the entire agenda, if we allow them to give us more opportunities for division.

Corsi started spreading rumors about Secretary Clinton last week. The video and its implications are so vile as to say she was behind the Benghazi attacks, as was the President.

Corsi is widely discredited.

At “hate group” event, Dobbs embraces discredited birther Jerome Corsi    September 15, 2009 8:13 PM EDT ››› MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

Media denounce Corsi’s anti-Obama book  August 15, 2008 9:00 PM EDT ››› MEREDITH ADAMS, MARK BOCHKIS, & MORGAN WEILAND

If a Democrat appears able to win the White House, Jerome Corsi is on the case!  He will stop at nothing, no matter how outrageous and incredible the story.  Let’s sink his latest Swift Boat in the deep dark waters where it belongs!



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