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How ironic is it that these little nuggets from the Monday cabinet meeting arrive via none other than Maureen Dowd? (That’s a rhetorical question, btw.)

Here is what she wrote in her Op-Ed  Thanks for the Memories which appeared in today’s New York Times.

At his Cabinet meeting Monday afternoon, President Obama took a moment to give thanks to his team.

Sipping a glass of water, the president offered special gratitude to the woman on his right.

“I advised this hard-working Cabinet to get a little bit of rest this week,” he said, looking at Hillary Clinton, “particularly the people who have been traveling around the globe day-in and day-out and don’t know what time zone they’re in.”

The secretary of state, with a china cup and saucer in front of her, smiled.

We do not really get much of a glimpse into what is said in cabinet meetings. I think it was nice of the President to single out our Homegirl who clearly has been working very, very hard.

Dowd goes on to contrast Hillary Clinton’s position, both physically in the meeting room, and figuratively within the cabinet, with the recently resigned White House counsel, Greg Craig, a Yale Law classmate of Hillary’s and friend of both Clintons who turned on Hillary to support Barack Obama in the primary race.

Only a year after he had helped Barack Obama get elected by eviscerating his close friend, Clinton White House colleague and Yale Law School classmate, Hillary Clinton, Craig was himself eviscerated by the Obama inner circle.

She speculates as to whether he or Susan Rice, whose role in the primary campaign was to attempt to derail Hillary’s claims of foreign policy experience, ever dreamt they would be working on the cabinet with her.

I often wondered if Craig and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, the other former Clinton official who helped undermine Hillary’s foreign policy record, would have done so if they had known that after turning on Hillary they would once more end up working beside her; if they had known that Obama can often be more interested in wooing opponents than tending to those who put themselves on the line for him.

Well, for all that, Susan and Hillary seem pretty tight lately, and indeed work together like a well-oiled machine. Greg, though, ends up under the proverbial bus which is the real point of Dowd’s Op-Ed, that Obama’s supporters still do not seem to get that he is more interested in forming alliances with former adversaries than in gifting supporters with important posts.

That it is Maureen who delivers this message with nary a single negative comment about Hillary is indeed a shock – stunning! Congrats, Mo! Looks like the 12-Step Program might be working.

None of this comes as any surprise to those of us who have watched for many years as Hillary characteristically threw herself into projects without a care as to whether or not anyone noticed her hard work. As Secretary of State, her dynamo approach to her duties have not gone unnoticed. To know that the President so appreciates it, and to learn of this from Maureen Dowd satisfies rather sweetly a karmic debt.

Read the whole Op-Ed here.

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