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The way this country has evolved toward marriage equality is bass-ackwards.  There are perfectly normal, and straight, adults walking around who were raised by committed gay couples.  That is because we have for so long allowed gays as well as singles to adopt.

Often, gay couples have adopted children who are considered unadoptable – older children, siblings, children with special needs.  What our society has accomplished, thus far, is to have given those children loving homes they might otherwise not have had, but minus the full protections and advantages that children of straight married couples enjoy, most importantly happily married parents with all of the rights and privileges granted straight married pairs.

The argument that children need to grow up in a home with a mother and a father doesn’t wash.  In addition to completely normal children raised by gay couples,  there are many straight and gay single parents of both sexes who have successfully raised happy, healthy children.   Denying gays the right to marry based on an argument that marriage is meant for procreation is equally baseless.  Many straight unions cannot produce children or do not.

Given the fact that there already are families with gay parents, it seems high time parents so committed be permitted the right to marry should they want to.

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