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About Michelle Obama

I am not a fan. On the other hand, I am not sure identifying as a fan is much of a credential. Michelle Obama has a book out. Among all the literature I have weathered lately, I think that when it all settles down I might read her book. A commentator on cable called it “literature.”  I think I might try that.

I was disappointed in Woodward’s Fear. It was too recent. Too close to home. Too much what we live with day-to-day. Maybe a little too forgiving. Maybe not “a little.”

Michelle writes, as I understand it, as a mom and a wife. I think I can digest that. I celebrate this book. I am not a fan. She was my FLOTUS. Her story is history. I believe she has documented it responsibly.

Becoming is her story and ours. I understand that she is a talented writer. I know she is an icon. I think she knows how to handle her roles. I look forward to reading her story.

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I have been trashed once or twice on Facebook. Among the most hurtful accusations was that I am a Republican. I have been a registered Democrat since 1968.

Donald Trump was way out of line today. His remarks about Mia Love were sexist, misogynistic, and untrue.

1. She has not lost, yet. That race remains undecided as I type.

2. His play on her name was crude and distasteful.

3. Any elected official should feel s/he can appeal to the sitting president for assistance in a hostage situation without her/himself being held political hostage to that president.

I do not agree with Mia Love on any of her policy positions. In fact, I disagree strongly. But she did not deserve to be spoken of as if her party affiliation somehow put her at Trump’s beck and call. In fact it was worse than sexist and misogynistic. There was a racist undertone.

Being a Republican does not make her his personal property. The 13th Amendment abolished that. I haven’t seen anyone speak up about this. So I will.

This race is still undecided. I hope McAdams prevails. Mia Love, however did not deserve the disrespect accorded her by the man who went on to insult members of the press for asking questions at the same event today and, further, revoked the press pass of one of them.

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