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Imaginary Lives

Who is Alexi Frest,  who resides here on Facebook?  “She” (if indeed it is a she and not a he or a they) is not necessarily an actual person.

There is an online story wherein “Alexi Frest is the main character.

The Witch Hunt

Alexi took in the peaceful environment, the white kitchen counter, the tastefully set table with the cheerful, bright red tablecloth, and the warm cloud of scents: apples, cinnamon, ginger, and spices. The Upper West Side apartment was large, high-end, and modern. The kitchen area was no different, with gleaming, high-performance, energy-saving household appliances, a stainless steel faucet, a white marble countertop and marble floor. Everything was trendy and expensive, but it was obvious that Golde Mueller was in charge in the kitchen. It was cozy, a safe nest for the family, a place to eat, laugh, and have a great time. Alexi looked through the window. Behind the large buildings, she could see the bare treetops of the Central Park. The streets below looked glorious. Holiday time was nearing, it was there everywhere in the city, in the falling snow, the white streets, in the piles of sweets and dazzling decor behind the glass storefront windows. Out there, on the streets, the atmosphere was celebratory.

Golde Mueller was an energetic, tiny woman in her mid-seventies. Her brown hair had streaks of white. She had fine features and a healthy, brown complexion. She was fixing dinner for her guest. Alexi watched her as she chopped spinach and onions, kneaded some dough, prepared the filling and, at last, started grilling the delicious food. Golde’s hands were elegant – until her retirement, she ran the family business, but her fingers were moving very fast.

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What is going on here?

Has Alexi on Facebook adopted the name of a fictional character and made her a Facebook profile?

The Alexi on Facebook is a Hungarian entity and has admitted that much to me several times in private chats (and defended the subterfuge – unsuccessfully, from my POV).  Go back a few years on her Facebook timeline, and you will see the evidence. You will also see nothing about Hillary Clinton until the Ready for Hillary movement began in 2015.

This entity fiercely impersonates an American and reacts angrily to any suggestions that she is not.  She blocked me and others on Facebook for questioning her on this. She said I “threatened” her.

I never threatened her. I merely said she should stop lying about who she is. She claimed I had something against her. I did. She is lying about being American and is misleading her friends as she reports what she claims to be news (all unattributed) about Hillary but which also occasionally contains fake news. Example: Once she said the U.S. is on the verge of civil war. When I questioned that, she told me she got it from “someone named Roger” whose last name she forgot. Politically aware Americans know who Roger Stone is and also know the veracity of his statements.

Her Facebook friends believe she is American while, in fact, Alexi Frest in a story is a fictional investigative reporter who resides in New York while Alexi on Facebook has never been to the U.S.

When Hillary’s birthday rolled around this year, many of my Facebook friends posted greetings – some of which clearly had been in preparation for weeks if not for months. It was the Big 7-0! Everyone was ready!

But not Alexi on Facebook. Maybe she had forgotten, or perhaps she just didn’t know. She is actually pretty new to HRC and might not know everything longtime Hillary people know. Maybe she found out the next the morning when she woke up and saw everyone else’s birthday greetings on her newsfeed.

She caught up the next day by posting a greeting using this photo taken by Hillary’s official photographer, Barbara Kinney, last year when Hillary was on the trail in PA. The photo is property of the campaign and was circulated widely last year.

October 26, 2016 - Lake Worth, FL.

Here is part of the conversation that ensued in the thread beneath that greeting.

Ambra Italia

Ambra Italia I took.this pic one years ago when I supported her

Alexi Frest
Alexi Frest Ooohh! Did you?! This is wonderful! Thank you for taking this photograph! It highlights Mama’s perfect figure and beautiful face.
Ambra Italia

Ambra Italia Yes it is a natural attitude smiling of Mrs Hillary, wonderful image!

Alexi Frest

Alexi Frest Yes, it is obvious that she is a loving, confident, and happy person. It explains her fast recovery after being robbed – so positive and incredibly resilient.

Ambra Italia

Ambra Italia Yes she is a really intelligent and positive woman and she is a winner

Alexi Frest

Alexi Frest It shows – plus, her positivity and confidence are infectious: we watch her and we become stronger, more confident people ourselves.

Ambra Italia

Ambra Italia Foundation Clinton the best!

Alexi Frest

Alexi Frest And Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What is going on there? Is this Ambra Italia (very suspect name) pretending to be Barbara Kinney in Facebook disguise?  WTF???

It is not hard to imagine people aspiring to be American. But aspiring and impersonating are two different things, especially when one  has a cohort who pretends she is Hillary’s official photographer and another is advising Americans, under Hillary’s banner, to act.

Whether these actions are legitimately approved by Hillary or those representing her interests defaults to moot when they are emanating from a questionable source.

This all could be, we can admit, immature hankerings by adolescents playing make-believe. Or it could be something else.

When a few mentally-balanced Republicans heard James Comey testify that attacks on our electoral system did not end with the 2016 election, they cautioned that we need to get to the bottom of how alien entities used social media to interfere because this can happen to either party. We should concur since there is no telling how the tables might be turned in the future, and the trolls who “support” HRC might influence her voters in events to come. Perhaps not in a good way. Maybe in a dangerous way. After all, on the other side of the globe, there is no danger to them.

Or are these just castles in the air? A masquerade.

The description of this Russian troll is very similar to Alexi.




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