In the News: Women Around the World

There is some good news. Women have won victories.

But there remain threats.

Both here and abroad there is hope.

Having served on several Fulbright panels to select English teaching scholars, I am especially impressed with and proud of this young woman.  We all should be!

Courtesy Ilhan Dahir

True Greatness

The Child of Somali Immigrants Who Makes Ohio State, and the USA, Proud

ISIS wants to make us see Abdul Razak Ali Artan whenever we encounter a young Muslim, and feel fear. What ISIS fears is that we will see Ilhan Dahir, and be inspired.

Michael Daly

Michael Daly


Ilhan Dahir and Abdul Razak Ali Artan were both of Somali extraction. Both attended Ohio State University.

But ISIS claimed 18-year-old Artan as a soldier after he attempted to run down fellow students and leapt from his wrecked car with a kitchen knife, slashing at them until he was shot by a campus cop.

All of humanity can claim 23-year-old Dahir after she became a 2016 Rhodes Scholar and a Fulbright Fellow and was named a White House Champion of Change and was sent by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to represent us at an international meeting on violent extremism.

Her senior thesis at Ohio State was on the threat posed by foreign fighters in ISIS. She taught English in Turkey while on her Fulbright. She also spent a summer teaching English at the Iman School for Girls in Mogadishu, Somalia.

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