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During this election cycle,  a great deal of attention is being placed on domestic issues, and to listen to the Republicans, the rest of the world can go to blazes. Hillary Clinton not only has experience out there in the larger world, she also knows that closing doors, erecting walls, and wearing blinders against the rest of the world do nothing to eradicate global problems. Human trafficking is a global crime. No other candidate is speaking out against this widespread and malignant phenomenon. No one. It is not alien to us. It happens right here in this country and across borders. It touches all of us.

Here is Hillary’s essay on how, as president, she intends to address it.

Here’s How I Plan to End Modern Slavery

Here’s How I Plan to End Modern Slavery

In 2012, I visited a shelter in Kolkata…

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Hillary’s campaign released this new video and sent it out a little while ago for circulation.  It’s lovely, optimistic, and captures Hillary’s message beautifully.

Meanwhile, with the emphasis on mean, Bernie Sanders, on Sunday morning TV yesterday, doubled down on his laissez-faire posture vis-à-vis his surrogates and their remarks.  As I have said before, his campaign management style is a window into how he would run the White House and the country.  The glimpse we get from the campaign trail foreshadows a White House run amok.

If he doesn’t know or care what his surrogates are doing in his name, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries has a memo with his name on it.

Thank you Rep. Jeffries!

This is not an acceptable  leadership style for the leader of the free world – the job for which  Senator Sanders is applying.

It is a recipe for disaster within the Democratic party, which…

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First among the big New York papers to endorse Hillary Clinton was the New York Times.  Hillary won New York, and she won it big.  Nothing will prevent the forever antipathetic MoDo from mounting her screeds against Hillary and the Clintons, but that is OK since her CDS was diagnosed long ago.  We know she has a condition.

Prior to the endorsement, we saw NYT attacks on Hillary in the course of the campaign aside from MoDo’s predictable volleys.  Not since the endorsement has there been anything as personal, unmerited, and outrageous as Timothy Egan’s assault on Hillary’s personality here.

It is fair enough to quote her own self-assessment as not a natural politician. But to feed a false portrayal of Hillary Clinton, and that is clearly the intent, as removed, insulated, and awkward is editorial malpractice.

Anyone who has had the privilege to encounter Hillary Clinton can…

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