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On Meet the Press, Ben Carson said the “mother”  (woman) should not be allowed terminate a pregnancy in cases of rape and incest.  He drew an allusion to “slavery days.”

“Many stories of people who led very useful lives who were the result of rape and incest.”

That is not an argument.  That is an excuse,   Newflash Dr. Carson.  Slavery exists even unto this day and even in this country.  We are still in “slavery days.”  That you would make such a comment proves your lack of information.

Here is the evidence.  Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State,  included the U.S. in the annual Trafficking in Persons Report to the great consternation of some.  The decision showed our better side.

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No woman, criminally impregnated, should be subject to your judgment.  You are no better than a male slaveholder when you say she should be.  We own our bodies. We all do, men and women alike. You, Ben Carson need to do some homework.  You don’t own us!

Hillary Clinton Releases the Ninth Annual Trafficking in Persons Report

This is modern slavery, a crime that spans the globe, providing ruthless employers with an endless supply of people to abuse for financial gain. Human trafficking is a crime with many victims: not only those who are trafficked, but also the families they leave behind, some of whom never see their loved ones again.

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If a woman gets pregnant this way she absolutely should have a choice to abort.  Less demotes her to second-class citizenship at most and slave at most probable.

So can we please not worry about me liking cute shoes?  If you question my feminist creds, check the archives here.   It isn’t about the shoes.  I do have a lot of shoes.  I am short – vertically challenged. It has kept me away from folks at events. I can’t fight past all the tall Clinton Cowgirls.

The way to lengthen your look is to be monochromatic, so I do notice shoes. I have a lot of them to coordinate with every outfit so I don’t look cut off.  If you are going to attack anything, please attack heightism, which makes me notice shoes.   Thank you Adrien Arpel for pointing out that little fashion tip.

On height.  One of 87 mayors today who endorsed Hillary is long, but not so tall.



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I am a HUGE Helen Mirren fan so I have watched the David Mamet movie Phil Spector many times.  I cannot say I am certain that Spector is innocent, but like Mirren’s character, real-life Jersey Girl and whiz-bang defense attorney, Linda Kenney Baden,  at the end I have a reasonable doubt that he is guilty.

One thing I know for sure:  If Spector had not had a collection of guns at his mansion, if he had had no guns, Lana Clarkson would not have died of a gunshot, very likely accidentally by her own hand, in his house, and he would probably be a free man today.

‘Phil Spector’: Emmy Nominee Mamet Now Convinced of Music Legend’s Innocence

This story first appeared in the August 13, 2013 issue of Variety.

David Mamet, nominated for both writing and directing “Phil Spector” for HBO, initially resisted examining the wacky recording magnate to be played by Al Pacino.

“I went kicking and screaming, the guy’s a thug, he’s a lowlife, da da da.” His change of mind about the man’s fascination parallels that of consulting attorney Linda Kenney Baden (Helen Mirren), whose reflex certainty of her man’s guilt slowly gives way to passionate belief in his innocence.

Sophisticated themes of rooted-out prejudice and ideology raise the pic out of the realm of the courtroom procedural, though Mamet insists his topic was never the trial: “The movie is about what might have happened backstage.”

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(Please note that although it is not mentioned in the article, Linda Kenney Baden cooperated in the production of the movie and is cited in the credits.)

It is the “backstage” reenactments by the defense team that instill the reasonable doubt.  Like Kenney Baden, I do not see how he could have done it.  But certainty that the whole incident was completely avoidable comes with an exchange between Spector, played by Al Pacino, and Kenney Baden, played by Mirren, when she discovers a wall where guns, now removed by police, had been on display.

Pacino as a faded music whiz charged with murder

By FRAZIER MOORE Mar. 21, 2013

The difficulties of the case seem beyond the wherewithal of Spector’s original attorney (played by Jeffrey Tambor in a robust supporting performance), who has brought in hotshot lawyer Linda Kenney Baden (the splendid Helen Mirren). She takes over as lead attorney and, as the film unfolds, joins Spector in a verbal pas de deux that teems with Mamet’s shrewd dialogue:

“Why do you have so many guns?” she inquires on her first visit to his sprawling castle home near Los Angeles, where the shooting took place.

“I might need one,” he replies.

“Why would you need more than one?

“How many shoes do you have?” he poses. “How many feet?”

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It was an excellent, lawyerly question.  What is obvious and never leaves you after you hear Spector’s account of the incident is that had there been no guns, of the many things that could have happened that night,  a death by gunshot would not have been one of them.  Maybe a disturbed and intoxicated young woman did ask if he had any guns.  Maybe she did do something she thought was sexy, and maybe the whole thing blew up in her face – literally – and in his life.

I truly do doubt, after watching this movie, that Phil Spector killed Lana Clarkson.  He is in prison, essentially, because he kept guns in his house.  That’s the danger with guns.  They can backfire on you.

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So Jason Chaffetz wants (and gets!) an apology from the Secret Service for disclosing details related to his rejected application to join the force,  but the newly transparent Republican Party feels no such compunction to apologize to Hillary Clinton for investing $4.5 million and more than a year trying to damage Hillary’s reputation.  That, of course, was the purpose of the committee, and when it was articulated by majority leader and Speaker-in-waiting, Kevin McCarthy, the remark was intended as an indication of success in getting stuff done by the majority party.

In the public interest, this is what your $4.5 million tax dollars have gone to finance.

The Select Committee on Benghazi has a website.  These are the members.

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Really?  I have to talk about this again?

I just did that YESTERDAY!   <<<<Please just go there to see the history on this (including the letter from the Democrats on the committee dated July 15). 

Hillary registers her distress.  I register my frustration.  Apparently it is not NEWS until we get it from a Republican. Democrats (and I) have been shouting into the wind evidently all these years. The evidence has been clear all along.  Just go back to yesterday’s post up there to see ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑.

“Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping.”

– House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy 09/30/15

Hillary registered her distress speaking with Reverend Al on Politics Nation.

Transcript from David Wiegel at WaPo

SHARPTON:  Let me raise another issue.  House Majority…

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Still —

Carly Fiorina owes an apology to Planned Parenthood and the millions of women and men it serves.

She should apologize for maliciously describing a video that doesn’t exist and, when confronted with that lie, doubling down on it.

She should apologize for her despicable lies on Sunday that Planned Parenthood is “aborting fetuses alive to harvest their brains.”

She should apologize for using her position as the only woman in the GOP field to actually lead, instead of stop, the war on women.

But you and I know Carly Fiorina won’t apologize. Just like she never apologized to the 30,000 HP workers she fired while shipping their jobs overseas and taking a huge payout for herself.

Well, I know the best way for us to send Fiorina a message. We can do everything in our power to elect women who will stand with Planned Parenthood and fight back…

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Finally!  I have found someone else who sees history repeating itself here.  I was beginning to think I was the only person who remembered how ACORN came down.

Anhvinh Doanvo Headshot

Reflections on Planned Parenthood, Clinton and ACORN

Posted: 09/06/2015 9:14 pm EDT Updated: 09/08/2015 11:59 am EDT
Hannah Giles, James O’Keefe, Peter Schweizer, and David Daleiden: These are names the American public should know. Their writing, which thrives on catchy headlines and specious content, has embodied modern-day yellow journalism. Their investigations have masqueraded as a “public service”. But in reality, they have aimed to eviscerate political enemies, regardless of whether their targets have committed any wrongdoing. In fact, time after time, these hatchet jobs against Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, and Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) have been debunked by…

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If it were not obvious from the outset, guess what?  The political nature of the Benghazi Select Committee is gaining notice!  Wow!  It has taken only three years and a wasted $4.5 million not to find out what went wrong so that we can prevent similar attacks in the future.  Correct the Recordshared this today, for those who need a picture.

But we have known it all along. We knew it less than a month after the attacks when the House Oversight Committee accused State Department officials of a political agenda.

Representatives Darrell Issa and Jason Chaffetz of the House Oversight Committee, on October 2, sent Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a letter listing attacks in Libya over the six months prior to the deadly September 11…

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It seems that truth is relative.  Is it possible that discerning truth involves applying a formula more complex, esoteric, and profound than Einstein’s or anything ever worked out by Stephen Hawking?  Or is it a simple matter of speaker identification?

For weeks, a word association poll dominated the media because and only because respondents associated words like “liar” and “untrustworthy” with Hillary Clinton.  This remained a top story and interview topic for an extended period because, of course, Hillary Clinton is running for president so we all need to know what some cherry-picked population thinks of her.


The generalization that is then applied is that nothing Hillary says is trustworthy.  Everything is potentially a lie or actually is a lie because Hillary Clinton said it. There can be no such extenuating circumstance as a clouded memory due to transition from one major role to another years in the past…

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