Justice Long-Delayed



Bringing El Salvador Nun Killers to Justice

More than 30 years later, justice closes in on the Salvadorans behind the rape and murder of American nuns.

In December 1980, members of the National Guard of El Salvador abducted, sexually assaulted and executed four American churchwomen.

At the time, El Salvador, Nicaragua and the rest of Central America were on the front burner of American foreign policy much in the way that Iraq, Syria and the Middle East are today. The nun killing was one of those acts of horror that may galvanize the American public at the same times it exposes the disarray of American policy.

In that sense it is analogous to the beheadings of Americans and Britons and hundreds of Iraqis and Syrians by the so-called Islamic State and the bombing and gassing of much larger numbers by the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad.

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