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In July 2011, Tim Gunn remarked that our then Secretary of State who at the time had been traveling extensively in Greece, Turkey, and Asia was “confused about her gender” and predicated this judgment on her choice of wardrobe.  Here are a few pictures from her travels that month.

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When she returned to DC she visited the Norwegian Embassy and signed a condolence book for all of us following tragic shootings at a summer camp.  She wore this.


We took Gunn to task here for those remarks.  He has remained quiet until now when, in a apparent attempt to redeem himself and gain access to Hillary’s red carpet,  he reevaluated her wardrobe and tried to rewrite what he said then.

Is She Running? Tim Gunn Thinks Hillary Clinton’s Fashion Choices Say Yes

January 16, 2014“I know she hasn’t formally declared,” he told Whispers. “But when you look at how she’s transformed in terms of her fashion and her grooming and her hair, I smell presidency,” said Gunn, whose new show “Under the Gunn,” a spin-off from the popular “Project Runway,” debuts Thursday night on Lifetime.


“When she was elected senator from New York I thought, OK, this is a license to go all the way in terms of fashion, but she seemed to retreat,” he said. “And then as secretary of state, I thought, why does she keep wearing these boxy menswear tailored suits?”

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Menswear?  Huh? What men does he know who dress the way she is dressed in those pictures from when she was Secretary of State?  What men are wearing all those ruffles, colors, pearls,  and prints?  Boxy?  Those suits look very nicely tailored to Hillary’s lovely figure which is in no way boyish.

I suggest Mr. Gunn stay out of the business of political prognostication and refrain from commenting on Hillary Clinton’s wardrobe.  He is simply incapable of remarking on it without digging himself into an even deeper hole.

Here you go, Tim.  This is you under Hillary’s kitten heel!
Or perhaps you are all sour grapes because of this.

Giorgio Armani Would Happily Provide Pantsuits for Hillary’s Inauguration

It appears that while language might be a barrier, love for Hillary Clinton and her pantsuits is universal. Armani has joined Oscar de la Renta and Anna Wintour in the Hillary for 2016 club: “I like her decisive and feisty manner. I like her self-assured and determined way,” he told the magazine.

When asked how he feels about her signature pantsuits — and what he thinks she would wear to her inauguration should she win the presidency in 2016 — he responded with equal passion: “I love a strong woman in a suit, although a powerful woman today doesn’t need to wear trousers to succeed. An authoritative appearance helps though, and let’s just says Mrs. Clinton looks good in pants. So yeah, she’d look great in a soft and sophisticated Armani pantsuit for that inauguration ceremony.”

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Actual Hillary foot when Cinderella almost lost her slipper at the Elysee Palace in January 2010.  Nothing boxy, unfeminine, or unshapely there, Tim.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy



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Joy of Resistance airs on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 9-10 pm (EST) at 99.5 FM in the tri-state area & streams live at wbai.org. JOR tweets at@joyofresistance

In the 2nd half of the show, we’ll speak with Jennifer Lee, director and creator of the new film Feminist Stories from Women’s Liberation–which just  won the Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival as “Best in the Festival for Documentary”–but which, more importantly, has the approval of many of the movement pioneers–approval difficult to come by, as this group was actually there  and has had to see its history distorted many times over.The documentary chronicles the story of the women’s liberation movement from 1963 to 1970. Beginning in 2005, Lee traveled the country interviewing many of the women who created modern feminism.

Lee introduces the film by telling her audience that she was motivated to go on this quest because she couldn’t figure out why the word “feminist”, when it came up in the conversations of her generation, was whispered, as if it were a scary and somehow shameful word. She felt that being a feminist was a good thing–but didn’t have the information whe needed in order to convince the whisperers of why she felt that way. She wondered why her feminist history had been so hidden from her and became determined to go in search of it.  

Lee interviewed, among others, Betty Friedan (Lee holds the rights to her last video interview before she passed), Aileen Hernandez (first head of the EEOC), Kathie Sarachild, (a member of Redstockings and a SNCC worker), Frances Beal (SNCC Women’s Liberation Committee and author of Triple Jeopardy), Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton–and many others.

Punctuated by an astonishing amount of period footage and an energetic sound-track; the film touches on women in the U.S. before the feminist movement (starting with their having been ousted from well paying jobs after WWll); Betty Friedan‘s publication of the The Feminine Mystique; the President’s Council on the Status of Women; the struggles within the movement over lesbianism as well as class and race; the influence of theStudent Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Civil Rights Movement; the fight to get women included in the Civil Rights Act of 1964, leading to the founding of the National Organization for Women (NOW); the Miss America Beauty Pageant Protest–and up to the Ladies Home Journal sit-in and theWomen’s Strike for Equality. Many of the issues you see being raised in the film by are still being struggled for today–such as full access to reproductive rights and childcare–some 50 years later! Joy of Resistance hopes to offer DVD’s of this film as a premium during WBAI’s Winter Fund Drive in February.


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