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This just came in an email.  Great opportunity for those in the NY metro area to see this award-winning documentary and  to meet the filmmaker, Jen Lee.

There is a New York City screening of “Feminist: Stories from Women’s Liberation” on December 5, 2013! The  filmmaker, Jennifer Lee, will there for a Q+A.

Here is the official Link to buy tickets:http://www.tugg.com/events/6419

Date + Time: December 05 7:30pm – 9:05pm
Where: New York, NY at AMC Loews Village 7
Price: $12.00 General

This is a crowd funded event. This is a young feminist doing this screening and she needs 77 more tickets purchased for the show to go on! Ten days to go!

“If I had a magic wand and could bonk you with it, I’d spirit you to a screening of a documentary I wish were mandatory viewing in schools: It’s called “Feminist: Stories of Women’s Liberation.”  Pasadena Weekly
“This is a MUCH SEE film for anyone who is interested in the women’s liberation movement.  This film addresses issues of intersectionality and provides important clips of a broad cross section of women activists.” – Linda M. Perkins,  Associate University Professor and Director of Applied Women’s Studies and Africana Studies Certificate Program, Claremont Graduate College
There are many ways to construct the narrative of this history, but Jennifer has put together one of the best. In one beautifully organized hour of video, she is able to cover the deep roots of women’s discontent in the postwar years, the brave and pioneering individuals who opened up to her about their women’s liberation experiences, and – most movingly – acknowledgement of the innumerable other women, the movement’s rank and file, in one of the great grass roots political developments of the era. Thank you Jennifer!” – Professor Ellen Dubois, UCLA Department of History
 “Remembering and studying the women who broke the barriers before us is not just the right thing to do; we ignore their hard-won lessons at our own peril. For American women, our careless amnesia is plain poison and Lee’s film is a healthy portion of the antidote. – Amnesia: Feminism’s Poison Pill, Huffington Post, Kamala Lopez



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