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…I take exception.

Hillary Clinton visited Egypt today for the first time since the uprising. When asked why she went, Bill Clinton said, “Believe me, if anyone can stop an uprising, it’s Hillary.” —Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy, I love you, but I also love Hillary and Bill. Lay off this ridiculous theme. If there’s anyone can start an uprising, it is Hillary!

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Forum for the Future 2011

I credit her for encouraging these democracy movements.  You should, too. For the record, she’s hot!  She can make the Dead Sea rise if she wants to.

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Another fellow blogger and friend, Tanya Domi,  is a brilliant historian and teacher.  She has composed a wonderfully instructive blog post in honor of International Women’s Day.  Until I read her post, I had not known the history of this day.  I encourage you to visit the site and read her post.

International Women’s Day Properly Observed, Thanks To Clinton, Obama

Thanks to the efforts of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, International Women’s Day, which marks the 100th anniversary this year, finally gets a credible, proper observation from the United States.

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My friend and fellow blogger,  Discourse in C#minor,  has been posting about admirable women, some, perhaps many, of whom you may never have heard.   I encourage the Homegirls and Homeboys to visit her blog and see these wonderful profiles in courage.  I hope Discourse feels free to post the links here, also.  Prodigious work!  *Applause*

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My dear friend, DiscourseinC#minor,  has mounted an amazing tribute to women in history.  Please visit  and see what she has found.  Here is her latest.

Admirable Women – The Long Walk to Freedom Taken Many Times Over

She has a lot to share.

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