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Tweeted by Nancy Roc  of Radio Metropole (whom I am now following):


Well, this is less than helpful, with the country in disarray and the election contested.  While René Préval retains the presidency,  at least nominally, for the time being,  this development does not bode well.  Préval was never a strong president.  This time last year, in the aftermath of the quake,  he did little to reassure his people,  leaving the work of representing the government on the ground to PM Jean-Max Bellerive, who is an excellent and strong leader and did a yeoman’s job.  There may be many who had some kind of local power under both Duvaliers who might wish to return to those days which were not the best for the Haitian public in general.   This comes under the heading of:  Things were not bad enough….

At best, his presence in the country from which he was ousted could contribute to unrest,  not a happy prospect.

Ousted president Duvalier returning to Haiti: diplomat

16.01.2011 – A man holds a poster of former Haitian president Jean-Claude Duvalier during a demonstration in Port-au-Prince in 2010. Duvalier, ousted from power by a popular revolt in the 1980s, is heading back to Haiti where he is expected to arrive later Sunday, a diplomatic source in Paris said.

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The Congresswoman was shot point-blank in the head while appearing at a constituent event this morning.  If you click on her banner, you will see the information about this event on her website.  The CNN story is here. According to a sheriff’s deputy, 17  others were also shot.  At the moment,  the Congresswoman is out of surgery.  Doctors are optimistic for her recovery.  Her District Director was among six people killed.

The Congresswoman had won re-election.  You would have to be living on Pluto not  know that the 112th Congress convened this past week.  The Congresswoman was doing exactly what she was elected to do – meeting with her constituents in her home district to listen and learn what they want her to do as their representative.

The reason we have elections is so that we can choose to hire or fire our representatives without resorting to bloodshed.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Congresswoman Giffords, her family, friends, colleagues, and the others who were injured and killed, their friends and families.  My Lord!  What is this country becoming?

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