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This showed up in my inbox a little while ago. No she did not use a salutation, a nicety that has gone by the boards since the “new leadership” has taken over this party.  (Of course this was addressed to my real name and I responded with that.)

On Tue, Aug 17, 2010 at 4:50 PM, Jen O’Malley Dillon, Democrats.org <democraticparty@democrats.org> wrote:

The Democratic Party

Still4Hill —

For the first 144 years of this country’s existence, women were not guaranteed the right to vote — and winning that right did not come easily.

Women’s suffrage took a movement. It took organizers who worked tirelessly and allies who fought for the cause in the halls of power. On August 18th, 1920, when the legislature of the state of Tennessee voted to ratify the 19th Amendment and affirm its place in the Constitution, it passed by a single vote.

Because of the work of those who came before me, my right to cast a ballot was never in question. From the first time that I stepped into a voting booth to the day when I became the executive director of the Democratic Party, I’ve been deeply mindful of that fact.

Last week, President Obama asked us all to make a commitment to vote this fall. To me, that promise isn’t just about choosing the direction I hope to see this country take — it’s an opportunity to honor those who didn’t have the right to vote but fought so that their daughters and granddaughters would not be denied the full measure of citizenship.

Will you join me and commit to vote in this year’s election?

The movement for suffrage began before the Civil War. Women faced prison sentences — even beatings — to cast ballots as a gesture of protest. Even before the right to vote was won, women like Victoria Woodhull and Belva Lockwood ran for office. States across the country began to grant suffrage, and on the eve of the First World War, Woodrow Wilson — a Democrat — became the first president to take up the call.

Susan B. Anthony devoted her life to the cause of equality, and in 1897, decades before her fight was won, she wrote “Suffrage is the pivotal right.” In the 90 years since the 19th Amendment became law, that statement has borne out.

Today, in the United States, there are more women registered to vote than men, and the gap stands at nearly 10 million. From House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, women hold office at every level of government.

But the fight for full equality is not finished. In 2008, a woman in the United States earned only 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man. For women of color, the disparity is even greater.

We have a choice with this election about whether we want to continue the fight to bring down barriers — whether we want to move forward or backward. We’ll decide whether we want to honor the legacy of those who couldn’t vote but reached for that right. But all those decisions begin with the promise that you will participate in the fall elections.

Commit to vote:




Jen O’Malley Dillon
Executive Director
Democratic National Committee

Here is how I responded.  I did not bother with the nicety of a salutation either.  Neither did I bother to “click to commit.”  Oh, and I disabled the link on this post.  If you want to click to commit, you’ll have to seek out their website.  A little cutting and pasting will do it.  But I do not think the Homegirls and Homeboys here will want to do that. 😀


I vote in EVERY election. I voted in my state’s presidential primary on Super Tuesday in 2008. I also saw my governor shred my vote on the convention floor in Denver. It seems to me that the last people in the world who care about my vote are the Democratic Party leadership. Donna Brazile famously told the base in 2008 to stay home!

So NOW you care about my vote? And you DARE to invoke the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton? Wow! The party must be in trouble! If the Democratic Party wants to hang onto the Oval Office, it needs to wise up. The only candidate who can keep this party in power is Hillary Rodham Clinton, the woman whose nomination this party torpedoed in 2008. When this party corrects that error, I will consider myself a Democrat again.

Beg her, and pray that she accepts. I am not talking about any “supporting role.” She has been doing that assiduously since June 2008, and, frankly, I’m done with that. TOP OF THE TICKET FOR HER! Then I will know this party honestly cares about women, suffrage, enfranchisement, honesty, and fairness.



Now you KNEW I would not end this without a pic of the Homegirl-in-Chief!

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What is it about the summer season that causes pundits to initiate wild tales about Hillary Clinton that are patently unlikely or untrue?    Do their brains cook in the heat?  Last summer, on these pages, we dealt with a series of Vampire Tales that refused to die.

Vampire Tales: The Story That Will Not Die

Vampire Tales II: The Return of the Toxic Memes!

Vampire Tales III: The Attack of the Unattributable

Vampire Tales IV: The Gov Myth

Vampire Tales V: I have a silver cross. Does anybody have a stake? Some garlic? Anything?

As you can see, these tales that would not die started in early July and did not die out until late January.  Now the whole circus begins again.

I left untouched, and probably should not have, the speculation that Hillary Clinton would replace Robert Gates at Defense.  It was a ridiculous scenario.  For once we have Secretaries of Defense and State who genuinely are a tight team, respect and like each other aaaannnd AGREE!  Why would ANYbody break that up?   But, of course, that little unfounded rumor had to spawn something bigger.  I present, for your careful inspection, the Hillary as VP meme.

First, we need to consider the source.  The earliest attribution I can find came from David Gewirtz on Anderson Cooper’s 360 Blog in late May.  Gewirtz describles himself politically thus:

Gewirtz claims to have voted for both Democrats and Republicans and acknowledges voting for Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. According to Gewirtz, “At various times in my life, I’ve called myself a Republican and at other times, a Democrat. These days, both parties have sufficiently pissed me off that I’m pretty much an independent.”


Seems non-partisan enough. By mid-June this meme was drop-kicked first by Sally Quinn at the Washington Post and then by Colleen O’Connor at the San Diego News Network.  I do not know anything about O’Connor, but I do know that the waters have never been calm between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sally Quinn since the former FLOTUS first set foot in D.C.  One has to wonder what her agenda is in moving this story forward.

The biggest splash came with Douglas Wilder’s Op-Ed at Politico.  By last week, the story had made it all the way to the Wall Street Journal having made a stop a week ago at Chris Matthews Sunday morning network TV spot – serious discussion, I am told.  I missed it because I was watching my friend Will Bower on Fox discussing the Democratic Party’s “Change Commission” on Primary reform (which is code for no change/no reform).

So what of these sources?  All but Wilder have not held elected office,  and what his motivation might have been has borne speculation itself.  Several of the others (Quinn, Matthews & Co.) have shown protracted, open hostility to our Homegirl-in-Chief in the past.  Why would they tout her for VP?

The obvious answer is Obama’s tanking approval rating.  Their boy is in trouble, and they want one-time lifeguard, Hillary Clinton, whose approval ratings are the highest in the administration to keep him afloat.  The story has survived for more than two months and continues to make news – the mark of a truly strong Vampire Tale.

If the DNC were smart (and we know they are not), they would realize that the problem is not the Vice President.  It is Obama’s pitiful performance in office.  Would Hillary on the ticket keep him afloat? Maybe.  Maybe NOT!  If she were VP certainly she would transform that post as we all stood by dazzled.  It would assure Hillary-watchers of years of spectacle.  But, you see, neither is the Vice Presidency in need of transformation, no, not any more than Joe Biden as VP is the problem.

If Hillary Clinton were president, she would transform the executive branch in the same way that she is tranforming the State Department.  She would order reviews at all departments like Defense’s QDR and the QDDR she initiated at State.  These reviews would result in recommendations for streamlining and updating agencies and practices that have been allowed to stagnate.  She would bring the executive branch, finally, into the 21st century.  Ironic, is it not, that the candidate everyone said would be transformative is not.  But the Secretary of State, she is a change-agent extraordinaire!

Our American practice seems to be that if you fail, we provide tutoring and remediation.  We need to rethink that as an application to the highest office in the land.  We might start by killing off this vampire tale of Hillary as VP with a mighty stake,  and replacing it with a real prospect for this country, that of a truly transformative, brilliant, hard-working, and creative, dedicated candidate at the top of the ticket where she has always belonged  but now more than ever.

(I believe the adorable gifs are the handiwork of Homegirl Conanincharge. If they don’t play, try clicking on them, and they will open in a new window and play.)

From Team Hillary Clinton just for this blog:

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The Homegirls and Homeboys would like to dedicate this powerful Youtube, courtesy of Team Hillary Clinton, to Vincent “Vinny” Albanese who was laid to rest today.

Vincent Albanese, firefighter who worked at WTC site, laid to rest

August 5, 2010 By STACEY ALTHERR. AND BEN WIEDER.  stacey.altherr@newsday.com., benjamin.wieder@newsday.com

As bagpipers played “Going Home” under summer’s blue skies Thursday, more than 100 city firefighters dressed in their formal blue uniforms, as well as friends and family, said goodbye to Vincent Albanese.

The retired New York City firefighter who worked rescue and recovery at the World Trade Center site died of cancer Saturday, just one day after Congress voted down a measure that would have…

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The guys and gals went to “The Pile” for months.  The fire burned until mid-February, yes, for FIVE MONTHS!  They were there, every day, breathing that smoke.  After the fire finally was extinguished, they continued, until the pile was no longer a pile.

Hillary Clinton, as a Senator, fought for medical care for these heroes.  Who among us would have gone down there as they did?  Daily, pulling the dead out of the rubble, clearing the rubble in all kinds of weather?  Hillary fought for them, but no longer can.  I remember the day she accepted Secretary of State publicly.  There were moments when there was a catch in her throat,  There were many moments when her face betrayed a sadness.  I believe the necessity of leaving this battle behind her contributed to that sadness.  So, yes!  Thumbs up and kudos to Anthony Weiner for picking up the gauntlet and fighting for the unsung heroes of 9/11.  We applauded them that day in September, as they drove DOWNtown, while refugees of the attacks limped uptown like so many refugees of Sherman’s attack on Atlanta.  We must remember that they did what Hillary Clinton told US to do.  They kept going.  Every day.  And MANY (900 +or-) have become seriously sick.

So the Homies, among us many who saw the towers burn in person, not on TV, applaud Anthony Weiner as he, too keeps going.  We applaud J.C. at Team Hillary Clinton for his masterful video, as well!  Let us never forget, and let us do the RIGHT thing!

Join us at Team Hillary Clinton!

Please join Team Hillary in writing the Republican Party and Demand that they do the right thing…
with this link….

And Vinny Albanese … bless you!  Bless your soul.  Eternal rest grant unto you.  May your soul and the souls of all the faithful departed  rest in peace.  Amen.

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