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In case you missed it, Arizona declared its independence yesterday.    Yes indeed, Arizona has  decided that it is too good to remain part of the union, and as one of the four more recent ratifiers of the Constitution acted on its buyer’s remorse and split from the union as its Governor, Jan Brewer,  signed into law a bill that for all practical purposes forces visitors from other states to travel to Arizona with a U.S. passport under the protection of the U.S. Secretary of State, the esteemed Hillary Rodham Clinton (like Bill, I cannot resist mentioning her whenever I have a chance).

Unlike the signing of the U.S. Declaration in 1776, this was not a multi-signatoried event with Founding Parents traveling to the capital over a series of weeks and months to sign.  It happened before TV cameras with the swipe of a pen by a single individual so that now, if you are in Arizona and either looking or behaving in a way that some officer of the law perceives as alien, you must now, by law,  produce proof of legality.    Arizona will evidently be  issuing some kind of national I.D. document, but if you are not from Arizona, you would be well advised to have your passport on you at all times while within its borders.  The papers must be on your person at the  time you are stopped.   You can be arrested for not having your papers with you while looking or acting alien.  Exactly what is meant by that phrase has yet to be defined, so, at the moment, it is impossible to know how we might alter our looks or behavior in order to slide beneath Arizona police radar.

It is so interesting that this is being called an “Immigration Law” far and wide in the press when it is, in fact, a vote of no confidence in the federal government and secession from it. Given the wide publicity a few weeks ago of Virginia’s celebration of what state officials argued was a War of Secession,  you would think that the concept of secession would be fresh in the minds of media reporters.

As I have argued here on many occasions and as former President Bill Clinton reminded everyone last weekend, words mean something,  and we should be careful about  how we select our vocabulary.  Immigration law can be enacted only by a country, not by a state.  This is not an immigration law and resembles immigration law far less than it does the use of national I.D. cards to classify groups as seen in Nazi Germany.

In the event that Arizona is on your itinerary and you do not have a current U.S. passport, of course it is our beautiful and efficient Head Homegirl to the rescue.  Just go here to her website.  She will make sure you are protected while within the borders of the Country of Arizona.

In case you missed this historic occasion, here is the video.

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more about “Arizona“, posted with vodpod

Okay, after you had to be subjected to that, here is one of my favorite pictures of the lovely Secretary of State to rinse your eyes on.  Is she not the prettiest SOS you have ever seen?  Goddess!

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Dorothy Height, Heroine of Civil Rights Era, Is Dead at 98


Dorothy Height, who in an 80-year campaign for social justice became the grande dame of the civil rights era and its great unsung heroine, died Tuesday morning at the age of 98.

Her death was announced by the National Council of Negro Women, of which she was president emerita, and by Howard University Hospital in Washington, where she died.

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Judging from the comments I read both at the original post and at the Facebook pages where this article was linked, I think I speak for all the Homegirls and Homeboys when I say, resignedly, that I really did not expect better.   In fact, the Team HIllary Clinton Facebook denizens can attest that exactly a month ago, I warned that something like this would happen.  Am I shocked? No.  Does that make this easier to swallow? Absolutely not.  It is patently outrageous, predictable as it was.

The History

Although she claims to have been a Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter, in the past year we have seen a few articles and comments from Tina Brown that ring odd coming from a self-proclaimed admirer.  In summer of last year, for example she published her much circulated article  Hillary, Take Off Your Burqa , AKA Obama’s Other Wife. in which she suggested that Obama was keeping Hillary in the shadows, eclipsing her, as it were, and that for sundry reasons that amounted to left-handed compliments to our Homegirl, he should let her take off her burqa.   A link to The Daily Beast article by Brown appears in this post:  Mean Season at the All-Star Break.

Almost a month later, in the midst of a taxing two-week tour of Africa, Hillary briefy lashed out at a question during a Townterview.  She understood the question to have been about her husband’s opinion.  Truth be told, many of us Homegirls actually enjoyed the little outburst.  She was awesome.   Tina Brown was later known to comment that Hillary was “…hot, feeling fat, and needed to go to the gym.”  Many of us agree that Hillary is hot, but  not the way Brown meant it.  Commenting about her body, however,  and what she arguably might or might not need to do was way out of line.  Again, we wary Homefolks wondered about Brown’s supposed support of HRC as well as her agenda.

A month ago, Hillary generously and graciously, on a Friday night after a long, typically busy week,  provided introductory remarks at Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit’s reading of the play Seven.  You can see the text here: Hillary Rodham Clinton: Remarks At the Women In The World Summit. You can also watch the videos here:  Video: Secretary Clinton Introducing the play “Seven” at the Women in the World Summit 03.12.2010.

At the time I posted these,  I alerted the Home boys and girls at Team Hillary Clinton that Tina Brown merited watching.  Hillary did her a big favor despite the snipes Brown had taken at her.  Sure enough,  today a Homegirl and Team member posted a link to an article in The Daily Beast that frivolously asks Are Power Pantsuits the Solution? by Kate Betts

Solution?  Is there a problem?  Doesn’t look like it to me!

Now granted Brown did not write this piece of frivolous, opinionated trash, but The Daily Beast is hers, falls under her oversight, and, as we see it, she should have killed this post.  Furthermore, she should never allow another article of this nature at her blog given the lovely gesture Hillary made for her just last month.

The criticism is lodged at Hillary’s style.  This outfit evidently inspired it,  pantsuit AND shoes.

Now I thought she rocked this look SO beautifully that I posted all the pictures I could find on Sunday here: Photos of Hillary Clinton’s Sunny Sunday in D.C. To find it savaged so thoroughly at a site belonging to someone Hillary had actually graced with her time and presence is an outrage.  It is not a shock.  I fully expected something like this, but  the ungrateful conduct  is contemptible.

To compare Hillary to Michelle Obama is apples and oranges.  To compare her unfavorably to Nancy Pelosi?  Ridiculous!


I sense envy, the green monster.  Hillary Clinton puts herself together artfully, meticulously, and her natural beauty would allow her to get away with much less, but she goes the extra mile and always looks exquisite.  So, Tina, call your dogs off!  Here’s what we know – when Hillary hears the dogs barking, she keeps going!  And so will we!  Until you cease and desist in your underhanded campaign against an angel in service to her country. Her hard work alone should cause you shame in having allowed this article to be posted.  Her personal favor to you?  You, Madam, are an envious, wretched ingrate!  (You wish you looked that gorgeous!  Not to mention the brain.  You would envy her sense of decency if you had any ethics.)

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I REALLY do not have time for this,  and I wish it would STOP!

Senator Al Franken, when he was on Saturday Night Live, used to play a character named Stuart Smalley whose running skit was a series of Daily Affirmations.  Because I posted about this topic a mere two days ago, I am getting the idea that my running column here is about to become Hillary Clinton Daily Negations.

Today’s negation is precipitated by comments from Senator Franken’s colleague in the Senate, Orrin Hatch who, today, is all over the interwebs with an Associated Press story about Hillary Rodham Clinton as Supreme Court Justice.  Please see my prior post from Saturday, April 10 for all the reasons why this is a crazy idea.

Here is a link to just one of the many publications that carried this story today.  Which leads me to ask,  is there any NEWS going on?  Like the Nuclear Security Summit?

Hillary Clinton as Supreme Court justice? Sen. Orrin Hatch says she’s possible nominee

Okay,  look,  Senator Hatch.  We see that you like her.  Fine!  We like her,  too!   A LOT!  For the moment, however, given the great job she is doing,  we like her as Secretary of State.

It should also be noted that wherever Sen. Hatch heard this, it did not come from the White House which actually issued a list last week.

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In “West Side Story,” the brilliant NYC-based adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet” by Sondheim and Bernstein, when Maria (Juliet) discovers that Tony (Romeo) has killed her brother, she quickly kneels before a shrine of the Virgin in her room and begs her to “Please! Make it not be true! Make it not be true!” I KNEW this was coming, but that does not make it easier to digest. I could not have phrased it better than New York Magazine.

Inevitable Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court Talk Begins
It’s only been a few hours since John Paul Stevens announced that he’ll step down from the Supreme Court this summer, but speculation over who his replacement will be, of course, is already rampant. The White House is well prepared for the decision; not only did it know Stevens’s retirement was approaching, but it already has a bunch of candidates lined up from the last go-round. According to ABC News, Obama already “has a list of fewer than 10 possible nominees,” including the widely discussed Solicitor General Elena Kagan, Judge Diane Wood, and Judge Merrick Garland. Other names being mentioned as “outside the box” picks are Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano and Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm.

But there’s also some chatter on the Internet promoting another big name: Hillary Clinton. Slate senior editor Emily Bazelon writes that Clinton would be “a rock star of a Supreme Court justice” whose only downside is that she’s already 62. Prominent liberal blogger Ezra Klein tweeted, “By the by, have always thought Hillary Clinton would make a good justice.” Daily Kos leader Markos Moulitsas, another prominent liberal voice, retweeted some other guy suggesting, “What about Hillary as Supreme Court nominee?”

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Oh, please! Do not!  Do not get me started!  Hillary Clinton, grad student extraordinaire, has spent the last 16 months cramming for and acing foreign policy exams á la I-have-never-seen-anybody-do-this-so-well, and yet, again, people want to throw a black robe over the rainbow in her pretty,   flag-coordinated pantsuits.  Wake up, America!

There are many, many qualified jurists out there.  We have a Secretary of State who has successfully RESET, really,  our relationship with Russia,  is standing firm on our Quartet Statement on peace negotiations for the Middle East,  brilliantly salvaged an almost doomed Armenia-Turkey accord (in an hour, on her Blackberry, from her car!),   can cajole Canada on important issues without a true meltdown along the longest peaceful border on earth,  goes like an angel of mercy to devastated places fearlessly, beams like the sun on all corners of the planet no matter how long she has been traveling or how tired she might be,  is greeted like a rock star wherever she goes,  and goes to the people in Town Halls, interviews, and Townterviews, generously, wherever she goes (SHE invented it – it was not part of her job description), talks to them, takes questions, answers them in a manner consistent with policy, yet respectfully no matter the answer.

Let me get this straight.  THIS Secretary of State, the one who has reinstated lost friendships, SHE is the one you want to throw a black robe over and sequester at SCOTUS?  Are you NUTS?

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Well, clearly I am going to have to address headers and stories like these:

Hillary Invades Canada!
Canadians hosted hundreds of American air passengers whose planes were grounded on 9/11. They opened their hearts and their homes to us. During the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979-81, fearless Canadian diplomats in Tehran helped smuggle out of that maddened country endangered Americans.

None of that seemed to matter this week. Not content with putting an end to America’s historic “special relationship” with Britain, nor with bullying the U.S.’ only reliable ally in the Mideast, Israel, the Obama administration has launched an attack on our Northern neighbor, Canada. Their unguided missile landed squarely on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It was Hillary.

Hillary reprises `Ugly American’ at G8 summit
What the heck is with the U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton? Meetings of the type she stormed out of are scheduled months in advance and a list of attendees is available to all.

Well, yes Canada, we do remember all that as well as the hoards of young Americans who rushed to join the RCAF long before Pearl Harbor, and we do appreciate, although it is not mentioned, your harboring of young guys who fled to you when they objected to the war in Viet Nam. The fact that we are friends does not imply total agreement. That is a message we have been hearing consistently throughout the first year and a quarter of this administration, most recently in the wake of the stand-off on the continued building in East Jerusalem. For what it is worth, consistency and even-handedness appear to be an important stanchion in the building code of the Obama administration. All of the stakeholders shou ld have been represented. Anyway, I, personally, am still upset that you guys let the baby seal hunt commence on the day our SOS arrived.

Now as for the “storming out” story. This is the first story I have encountered saying she stormed out. The story does not specify which meeting she “stormed out of” – I doubt it was G8 as the header implies. Sorry about that, guys. She tends to get impassioned – some of us actually LIKE that about her – voted for her because of that. If you do not find her fire for the disenfranchised particularly endearing, well, all I can say is that I am glad she is ours and not yours. We like it and are more than happy to keep her!

I am not pro-abortion, but I am pro-choice and pro-planning. Hillary Clinton is not pro-abortion when unwanted pregnancy can be prevented. She is talking about access to preventive measures, primarily, and abortion as a last resort. Like some men in our own Congress, men in Canada would do well to hear her out on this. She is well-versed on this topic.

Afghanistan? Her job is to try to keep you on board.

I have never seen evidence that some of the 9/11 terrorists did NOT come through Canada. Nine of them lived eight blocks from me. Three (I believe) left Canada on flights to the U.S. If she was wrong about that, I want proof.

Whatever! She looked as charming and diplomatic as ever to me.

So what special friendships were wrecked? Hillary Clinton did not declare war on Canada!

Then there arrived this: In which Hillary Clinton speaks for Canada

Update: Lawrence Cannon does not think any of this was a big deal, and agrees that the maternal health issues needs to be revisited by Canada.

Clinton criticism ‘tempest in a teapot,’ Cannon says

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It takes grit, guts,  and extraordinary determination to run against an incumbent, especially when he is occupying a dynastic seat, has WAY more money and backing,  feels entitled,  and is, well… a he.   Right away, if you are a she,  impecunious, and lack the media exposure,  you are at a disadvantage.  Well, Candice “Britt” Britton has all of those qualities ( and disadvantages) plus the passion and empathy for people that we all love in our Homegirl Hillary.

I have spotlighted  Homegirl Britt Britton before, but it was just an introduction.  Her story is inspirational,  and now the campaign becomes a battle.  As she explained to me in an email,  there is a popular local TV show called “Donnybrook,”  and the hosts commented that the incumbent (I will not link to his website here – you can google him) Lacy Clay had no real opposition.  Britt has limited access to the internet,  but she composed a letter to the hosts of Donnybrook that I am sharing with all the Homegirls and Homeboys.  Visit Britt’s webpage and see who she is and what she is up against.  She is a Hillary Clinton Democrat and worthy of our support.

Here is her letter to the hosts of “Donnybrook.”

To Ray and Bill and the Donny Brook Hosts,

I watch your show all the time my name is Candice “Britt” Britton and I am running for U. S. Congress District 01.

Judging by your comments on the April 1, 2010 show you all think my candidacy as a Democrat running against Lacy Clay is a lost cause. I am sorry you feel that way. Are you telling children and the disabled and regular citizens you can’t beat a career politician whose family has held the seat for 40 years? Are you telling me (a Democrat) and others there is no need to run? I am sorry you feel Lacy Clay has no real opposition. Are you saying non career politicians (citizens) on the outside of the political machines need not to apply? I take by your comments I don’t have your votes Mr. Clay does!

I am running for the U. S. Congress District 01 and my candidacy is no joke it is very real. I ask you to give my candidacy the same respect and chance as you give to Lacy Clay and his candidacy!

My name is Candice “Britt” Britton and I am running for U. S. Congress District 01 and I respectfully ask for your vote and support. Please visit my campaign site at www.candicebritton.com

The votes have not been counted yet. Please don’t discourage the constituents in District from going to vote. Why should anyone in District 01 go and vote if Lacy Clay has no real opposition and cannot be voted out of office?

Your words have influence and power!

Democratic Candidate
Candice “Britt” Britton

Candice “Britt” Britton is one of Hillary Clinton’s 18 million.  She was not invisible to Hillary, and I am going to make sure she is not invisible to the voters of District 1 in Missouri in every way within my power!   Please help viralize her candidacy.  Visit her website.  Contribute to her campaign if you can.  Let’s give Britt a fighting chance for the people she so much wants to represent.   Here is what she said in an email to me tonight.

I went to a fish fry this evening way up north in my district 01. When I introduced myself to the folks their eyes lit up and they poured their hearts out. As I looked into their eyes,  their words “you have my vote”  with a smile and a sparkle in their eyes filled my heart with love for them,  and I don’t want to let them down. For me this campaign is truly for them,  and I just pray I can go to Washington DC and be their voice!

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