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I guess I do have to say something more because there is Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B from ThinkProgress.org:

Palin: My whining is different than Hillary Clinton’s by AmandaTerkel
Since announcing that she would resign as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin (R) has been blaming her decision on the “mainstream media” and political operatives who accused her of “all sorts of frivolous ethics violations.” Ironically, Palin last year criticized Hillary Clinton for complaining about being put under “a sharper microscope,” saying that when there is “any kind of perceived whine” coming from a “woman candidate,” she thinks, “Man that doesn’t do us any good.” Time’s Jay Newton-Small asked Palin about this contradiction in a new interview. Palin replied that she’s totally different than Clinton because the accusations she’s facing are way worse:

What I said was, it doesn’t do her or anybody else any good to whine about the criticism. And that’s why I’m trying to make it clear that the criticism, I invite that. But freedom of speech and that invitation to constructively criticize a public servant is a lot different than the allowance to lie, to continually falsely accuse a public servant when they have proven over and over again that they have not done what the accuser is saying they did. It doesn’t cost them a dime to continue to accuse. That’s a whole different situation. But that’s why when I talk about the political potshots that I take or my family takes, we can handle that. I can handle that. I expect it. But there has to be opportunity provided for truth to get out there, and truth isn’t getting out there when the political game that’s being played right now is going to continue, and it is.

And Exhibit C (an email I received yesterday):

Dear Friend,

When it comes to Sarah Palin, we’re damned if we do and we’re damned if we don’t.

WomenCount is a non-partisan, progressive organization that got its start during the Hillary Clinton campaign. So it’s no surprise that we don’t share Sarah Palin’s policy agenda or politics.

But when we defended her during the campaign when she was the victim of gender bias because it was the right thing to do, we were attacked. When we criticized her on issues of policy and didn’t back her as some had hoped simply because she is a woman, we were attacked. When we were just silent and neither defended nor criticized her, we were attacked.

We can take the heat, and we did. But it all misses the point: If we had more women in office in the first place, Sarah Palin wouldn’t be the symbol that she is for women in politics.

Frankly, I am tired of hearing that Palin sets women back, that she has disappointed us, embarrassed us, and the worst, that she reflects badly on all women. Not because it’s not true, because I am afraid it is, but because it shouldn’t be. When a man in politics makes a misstep or a bad decision, does it reflect on all men? Ha.

Our colleague Meghan Harvey has reminded us often in this space that women governors are dropping like flies. With Palin’s resignation we’re down to six women governors around the country. That’s it, six out of fifty.

This disproportionate representation, like the 17 percent of Congress and the 24 percent of state legislators, means those women carry a heavier burden – to speak for us, to fight for us, to promote issues that we hold dear. The flip side is that when they don’t, when those women let us down, it damages us even more.

Sarah Palin does not speak for us, and she is not speaking for all women. But until there are more women in office and running for office, the impact of her actions on all women will be magnified to a degree that is disproportionate to what it should be. That’s not fair to her – or to us.

So the lesson of her abrupt and unexpected departure – and the fallout from it – is simple: We need more women in office. So run for office. Vote for women who run. Support women who run. Another way to help: Support WomenCount’s work to promote women in politics.

And read our other blog posts about Palin. Comment and add your voice to the dialogue!

Stacy Mason
Executive Director

(N.B. This is not our stacyx who comments here)
So here are some points I need to argue, and I’ll begin with C since it relates to our banner.

Unlike Women Count, The Department of Homegirl Security has always been aligned with a party. It is not non-partisan or a coalition entity. This Department is associated with the Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party. We sometimes call ourselves Hillcrats and are sometimes also called Clintonistas, Hillaristas, and PUMAs.

I am seeing this email slammed over at Hillary’s Village for reasons that are not always clear. (There are people who need to learn to point to evidence rather than simply use terms like cr*p). Maybe I am crazy, but the message I get from this email is that:
1) Women should run.
2) Women should support women who run.
The number of women governors has been reduced (bear in mind Napolitano and Sebelius resigned to join the new administration) and women should consider running for office. Am I missing something here? I think Palin’s resignation HAS done damage, but it’s awfully hard to support somebody who is not running and who just resigned an elected office. Support her doing what? Oh, yes, she WAS on TV yesterday. Sarah? Go fish! We are partisan here. We party with Hillary.

Then there is Our Hillary – Our Chief Homegirl who works hard whether the cameras are rolling or not. The points I want to make about A and B , and I did say at HV as well, are these.

A. This video from March 2008 where Sarah makes remarks about Hillary “whining,” if it has ANY value, is an example of myth-making. I watched Hillary throughout the campaign and have followed that up by watching hundreds of hours of Hillary speaking on the trail. I have not seen ANY clips of Hillary whining! When did Hillary whine? Where is the video of that? (And please do not say it was in that interview where she brought up RFK and was accused of wishing Obama dead. She did not whine in that. Her voice was very well-modulated). There is no video of Hillary whining for a simple reason – it is a myth! It is a lie.  Even when, in a debate, she was gang-raped by the men on stage with her (who were egged on by the male moderator), even when in another debate she noted that,  yes,  she WAS getting all the hard questions first , Hillary never whined.  She was a good sport.  She shrugged  that last off with a good-natured, “I don’t MIND!”

Of course since the video has surfaced, as such annoying exhibits often do, Sarah went on to make the statements in Exhibit B. Now B is very interesting because it fulfills two functions:
1) It revives the myth that Hillary whined.
2) It serves as a renewed attack on Hillary, who, by the way is industriously attending to her own work and ignoring this firestorm.

Why, you may ask, would Sarah reach out at this point and slap Hillary AGAIN? The simplest answer would be that she has to defend words that are on record, so she defends herself by deflecting the attention back to Hillary who is innocently toiling away and NOT resigning her job which many wish she WOULD do!

Is there a back story here? I think so. Who ARE these people calling for Hillary to resign? The ones saying she is marginalized, powerless, ineffective – who ARE these people? Is this from people with an ax to grind? People with CDS? I don’t think so. I think this is coming from strategists in the wind-up to 2012. I know there are people out there with irrational hatred for Hillary buried in their hearts, but I think this emerges as a cool calculated swipe at the person we now know is the most popular member of the new administration. She is the Golden Girl Hillaristas always knew her to be. Hillary is America’s Sweetheart, the Queen of Hearts who, here and abroad is wildly popular. With her elbow healing, she will be in the air again next week and once again will be the beautiful face we put out there in the world. Of course the opposition strategists would like to marginalize her. But nobody puts Baby in a corner.

There is one more purpose Exhibit B serves: It demonstrates the silliness of the suggestion that these two women, whose platforms are polar opposites, would ever appear as running mates on a third party ticket. Please get over that idea!

Someone at HV said “Hillary is doing her job her way, and Sarah is doing her job her way.” Well that’s only half true. Hillary IS doing her job, and Sarah is quitting her job.

Another said words to the effect that while we are bickering, Hillary and Sarah are not attacking each other. I beg to differ! Once again, only half of the statement is true. The Secretary of State is attending to matters in the wide world. She has no reason at all to make any statement about the Governor of Alaska since it is not a foreign country. Sarah’s statements in Exhibit B are NOT from last year, they are from this week. So, yes, Sarah did attack Hillary this week, again!

If her own Village will not defend her, this Department will.

This is not cross-posted at HV.

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Given the stated mission of this Department, a few events of the past few days require some comment.

Reports that Carolyn Maloney will challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for the Senate seat vacated by Homegirl-in-Chief, Hillary Rodham Clinton emerged. Now for two strong, accomplished Homegirls to be competing for a seat once occupied by the incomparable HRC might seem the best of all possible worlds. But, evidently, not so fast, girls!

Lets take two steps back. Both names (along with others) were floated when Hillary decided to accept Secretary of State. Many would have been happy with either one given the other prominent female name out there, the stunningly inarticulate Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg. In the end, Governor Paterson picked Kirsten, but everybody involved knew that this seat would be up for grabs again and the occupant would have to fight for it.

Now the way these things usually work is that the incumbent decides whether or not to run again and challengers declare themselves and we, the voters, listen and decide who to vote for. Usually. But way back in May, this story and its disturbing implications came up from AnnieNYC. She tells it so well. Obama, the White House, interfering in NY State politics – um -you know – like he did when he told Paterson to put Princess Caroline in that seat.

Well, as we see in Annie’s blog post, Israel did back down in compliance with the wishes of The One and Only. The White House exhaled palpably.

Then, this week those annoying little tweets on Hillary-compliant Twitter (yes, they delayed maintenance because she asked them to for Iran protesters to have a line of communication – I love it) first claiming that none other than Bill Clinton himself will head up a fundraiser for – are you ready? – Carolyn Maloney to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for that Senate seat Hillary once graced. What? You ask. Didn’t she read Annie’s blog? Doesn’t she KNOW that the White House annointed Kirsten? And BILL! What is THIS about? Defying your wife’s – um – boss? (I get hives writing that).

Well, early posts in some PUMA quarters claimed that this was a mere formality based on Bill’s promise to raise funds for anyone who supported the Love-Of-His-Life and our beloved Homegirl-in-Chief. A spokesperson for Bill says Bill will not take sides in this. But wait! Charlie Rangel will! Gerri Ferraro will!

And why on earth should Carolyn NOT run? Well, I hear there has been a call from the White House – from Joe Biden. I don’t know if the WH liaisons such as Biden and Emmanuel are empowered to offer some kind of compensation for compliance with the wishes of the On High.

Clearly Carolyn has said, “Thanks, but no thanks.” And Charlie Rangel, to whom we are forever grateful for having lured one Hillary Rodham Clinton (whom he refers to as “My Girlfriend” – I love Charlie) to the Great State of New York in the first place, once again puts himself in the Rebel Camp against the Obama machine. Momma Nancy is going to be mad and once again threaten to spank! Personally, I think Charlie can stand up to all of them, just like Carolyn.

So let’s have a fair fight between the Homegirls. Democracy is often messy. We like it that way!

Before closing, and this will be VERY short, the other breaking news immediately preceding Independence Day was the news of Sarah Palin’s resignation as Governor of Alaska. Was there abuse by pundits, press, comedians, etc. of Sarah and her family? Yes. Did the recent dust-up with Letterman precipitate this monumental overreaction? Perhaps. Is this her move toward the national stage? Personally, I do not see how on earth it COULD be!

What about this action is supposed to inspire confidence in her as a public servant? Well, I suppose I am hardened and unsympathetic, and jaded. And I know, I know The Department of Homegirl Security is supposed to defend sisters in distress.

But, you see, THE Homegirl, The Head Honcho Homegirl, the H Homegirl on the bumper sticker that still graces my car, she taught us all something about sticking the way that sticker sticks to my car. She was treated HORRIBLY by her own party and by Main Stream Media over a year and a half while she pursued her candidacy. I cannot, being a Hillary Clinton Homegirl, understand how QUITTING an elected post after two years in any way enhances someone’s public image as any kind of candidate or why this should encourage my support or defense of the action or the person.

To those who ask “Will Hillary be next?” HA! Hillary has a lot of work to do at the State Department and the world is in a mess on several fronts. So I ask back, “Why SHOULD she or WOULD she?” Nonsense!

You are talking about Hillary Clinton – you know, the firecracker, the one who hangs in there!

This one:

(Well, you KNEW I was going to get Hillary in here SOMEWHERE, didn’t you?)
If you think SHE would quit for some flimsy reason, you never understood her to begin with. If she ever does, it will be over a very serious issue.

Have a Happy Independence Day, Homegirls and Homeboys. Stay safe.

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