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Hillary with the women of Mumbais Self Employed Womens Association

Hillary with the women of Mumbai's Self Employed Women's Association

The United Nations Foundation started a Care2 petition to thank Hillary for all of her hard work for women and girls. You can sign it and even add a personal note to Hillary! Also please Tweet and ReTweet this. It grows by the hundreds in minutes when you do!

Here’s the link

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Homegirl HRC at ASEAN Conference, July, 2009

Homegirl HRC at ASEAN Conference, July, 2009

Well our Homegirl returned from a successful trip to India and Thailand on Friday, went straight to her office and the White House, appeared for the full hour on Meet the Press today, and STILL THIS MYTHOLOGY PERSISTS!

In the July24 New York Times, the article Asia Trip Propels Clinton Back Into Limelight propelled the mythology of Hillary in the shadows back into the limelight while purportedly shining the limelight on her. How tricky is THAT? The article, authored by Mark Landler, in signaling Hillary’s emergence from the shadow of The Great Oz Obama, propels the myth back into the MSM. Like the original myth, the story contains misleading statements as well as outright lies. For example here:

After being sidelined at home in recent weeks by a broken elbow, Mrs. Clinton thrust herself back into the limelight, making headlines with unexpected statements about Iran, North Korea and Myanmar….

This statement gives the impression that Hillary Clinton has spent the five weeks since her accident and surgery resting at home while nothing could be further from the truth. She has been at the State Department and the White House every single week since the surgery with no time off. To say she “thrust herself back into the limelight” is misleading. It is the press that decides what to cover and what not to. That news organizations spent big bucks sending correspondents along with Hillary on this trip mystifies me when they then neglect to cover the trip – Oh! – until she makes statements about Iran and North Korea, which, by the way, she has been speaking about all along. She did not need to fly to the other side of the globe to make these statements. At most press opportunities during bilaterals with representatives of many countries, the subjects of Iran and North Korea have been raised and she has regularly addressed them. Click on Secretary of State here to see videos of many bilaterals where these countries are mentioned. Another great source of videos of our Homegirl is Secretary Clinton Blog where Homegirl Stacyx posts video energetically. Since the news was not covering these events I am not surprised that journalists characterize these statements made overseas as some kind of launching pad for a newly visible HRC, but I will not give them a pass for not doing their job.

Hillary, herself, addressed the ubiquitous myth:

Mrs. Clinton batted away suggestions that she had been marginalized. That, she said, was a canard propagated by the news media, which jumped on the fact that her recovery from the elbow injury forced her to cancel two foreign trips, including one with Mr. Obama to Russia.

“I’m not with the president on the trip and all of a sudden everybody goes, ‘Oh, where is she? She’s gone, disappeared,’ ” Mrs. Clinton said in a tone of mock horror, as the audience giggled.

I am glad to see her fighting back. Here we continue to fight back also. She has it exactly right by pinning the rap on the news media. Yes! They ignored her and then said she had disappeared. DU-UH!

There was also this:

She warned about nuclear links between North Korea and Myanmar. And she offered a rare glimpse into what the United States might do if Iran did not respond to its diplomatic overture. Her comments about the possibility of extending a “defense umbrella” over the Middle East ricocheted around foreign-policy circles.

Mrs. Clinton’s aides did their best to convince reporters traveling with her that she was not signaling any change in administration policy. But when a secretary of state muses publicly about one of the world’s most sensitive diplomatic problems, the story quickly takes on a life of its own.

Well, of course if the reporters are not covering her statements they would have no idea what policies she has already outlined. Ahem! It’s just like college, you guys! If you miss a class, you are still responsible for the material! She has said these things before. That you were absent that day does not excuse you. I guess this is why she has to have so many teaching assistants staffers along.

Then there was this:

Fortunately for her, most of the audiences seemed to care less about greenhouse gases and security umbrellas than about hearing dish from her about her life, her ambitions and, particularly, her relationship with Mr. Obama.

Fortunately for whom, Mark? She can go for hours on these subjects without a teleprompter. This is the kind of gossipy stuff you guys like, and it’s where this silly story came from to begin with.

Sorry, I should not have referred to college above. Seems the American Press never got out of 5th grade.

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NYCgirl, a regular here, sent this as an email. She gave me permission to post her eloquent defense here. We need to support and defend those who were fair and defended Hillary.

Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs

I just got a message from the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to which I have belonged since 2005. They want me to write to CNN and ask them to fire Lou Dobbs for bringing up the BC issue! So, here was my response to their request, just FYI:

“I just received an email from J. Richard Cohen asking me to write to CNN asking them to take Lou Dobbs off the air. I have been an SPLC supporter since 2005, long before Obama declared his candidacy for president. I did not support Obama in the primaries — I supported Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton was savaged by the blatantly pro-Obama sexist coverage by CNN and the rest of the so-called progressive mainstream media, while Obama benefited from their attacks on her and said nothing about the misogyny. I watched CNN regularly during the primaries and remain shocked by the bias and unprofessionalism of their coverage of then-Senator Clinton’s campaign.

BUT — Among all the despicable, hateful, anti-Clinton reporting on CNN, one person consistently reported the truth about Hillary’s campaign with respect and evenhandedness, repeatedly calling out the mainstream media for their unprofessional sexist pro-Obama bias: LOU DOBBS! And when I realized that in January of 2008, I became a regular viewer of his show, in spite of the fact that I disagree with many of his political positions. I am thankful for his ability to stand his ground during the contemptible sexist onslaught of the primaries and to defend Hillary Clinton against the media, including his own network CNN. Lou Dobbs has my gratitude for that. And he can question Obama’s eligibility all he wants. Obama has done nothing to dispel the rumors of his lack of an authentic birth certificate. If Lou Dobbs’ audience wants him to pursue this issue, then that’s fine with me. It’s called exercising your right to “freedom of speech”. SPLC also has that right.

So, more power to Lou Dobbs. No, I won’t write to CNN to ask them to fire him. I owe that much to him for telling it like it is about the media’s bias against Hillary Clinton.”

Authored by NYCgirl

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Remarks by Rahm Emmanuel to the L.A. Times (July 22, 2009) have stirred up gossip that just as she is “emerging from the (phantom) shadows,” Hillary is running afoul of the official White House stance on Iran and is skating on thin ice.

…late last week, the Los Angeles Times acquired a statement from White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel stating that Secretary Clinton was on ‘thin ice.’ Most troubling to the White House have been several statements pertaining to US foreign policy which were not cleared by the White House. One was a statement in which Clinton stated that she “hoped democracy would triumph” in Iran.

Hillary Clinton is an excellent skater. She has been skating since she was a little girl. I think by now she knows where the ice is thin and she knows to stay away from that spot.

What irritates me about this story is that Rahm Emmanuel has not been vetted or confirmed by anybody but Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton has been super-vetted and heartily confirmed in the Senate. Who the heck is Rahm Emmanuel to be making comments like these?

Today, seen on TV, Hillary’s jacket was a brilliant kelly green. It is a new jacket, I believe. I don’t remember ever seeing this jacket on her before. Of course she is going to Ireland, as we know, and she probably has built this color into her awesome rainbow wardrobe in preparation for her traditional entry wearing national colors as she did in El Salvador and Canada.  Oh! You didn’t KNOW she went to Canada? Yes, on a Saturday. It was not covered by MSM *yawn* – that MO is getting boring.


US Clinton Cannon Iran

Then it occurred to me that kelly green is also the color of the green-for-Iran shirts that are for sale on the internet . I went in there to look. The color is described as kelly green. So, always the efficient one, Hillary probably got that jacket for two purposes, for Ireland and for Iran. Today, I think her color-code was for Iran.

Here are some pictures that seem to speak volumes. Hillary looks very happy. Normally, when I see her with Obama, she has a hard time smiling, but she looks gloriously happy (and beautiful, of course) in these. He doesn’t look that happy.

I love that Hillary, as a (gorgeous) woman can do what guys cannot. She can use colors to broadcast messages, and all the Homegirls know how to read the code. She looks lovely in kelly green, and I am glad, for so many reasons, that she added this color to her rainbow. She should wear it often.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton introduces President Barack Obama before he signs a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room at the White House in Washington Friday, July 24, 2009.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton introduces President Barack Obama before he signs a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room at the White House in Washington Friday, July 24, 2009.

President Barack Obama, left, looks on as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a signing ceremony of a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room of the White House Friday, July 24, 2009 in Washington.

President Barack Obama, left, looks on as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a signing ceremony of a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room of the White House Friday, July 24, 2009 in Washington.

U.S. President Barack Obama listens to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to signing a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in Washington, July 24, 2009.

U.S. President Barack Obama listens to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton prior to signing a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in Washington, July 24, 2009.

U.S. President Barack Obama escorts Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to an event for the signing of a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room at the White House in Washington, July 24, 2009.

U.S. President Barack Obama escorts Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to an event for the signing of a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room at the White House in Washington, July 24, 2009.

President Barack Obama, right, stands with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a signing of a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room of the White House Friday, July 24, 2009 in Washington.

President Barack Obama, right, stands with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a signing of a proclamation celebrating the 19th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act in the East Room of the White House Friday, July 24, 2009 in Washington.

And P.S. Rahm, THIS was totally out of line:

Emanuel also stated to the Times that Secretary Clinton had been working closely with her husband in order to further policy decisions. “No offense to my former boss,” Emanuel stated, “but his presidency ended eight years ago.”

Yes, you intended offense! And of course she works closely with her husband, as she does with former Secretaries of State. Her husband IS a former President, after all. Psssst, Rahm! I hear she and Bill are sleeping together! You have a problem with that?

On thin ice? I don’t think so, not she! He does not dare fire her. She is the one jewel in his crown, the only bright star in his administration. He needs her, and, judging from her beaming smile, she knows it!

UPDATE:Two of the Homegirls here have researched the origin of this story and have NOT found the original story at the L.A. Times, so it is evidently is a hoax. Nonetheless it is out there, and hoax or not, requires refutation.

Apologies to Rahm Emmanuel if he did not say these things, but SOMEBODY decided to circulate this story.

The conclusion remains the same: She is the brightest star in the new administration. You fire Hillary Clinton at your own risk.

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My new boyfriend!

My new boyfriend!

I have a new boyfriend! His name is Shepard Smith and we see each other nightly (shhhhh) on FoxNews. Here are two reasons why I love my Shep.

1. I missed out on this report last week somehow – I get home late some nights. But on the evening after Hillary’s somewhat (on Hillary sites and state.gov) publicized “major foreign policy speech,” which, by the by was meant for a specific audience, The Council on Foreign Relations, not the general American public, this exchange occurred on Shep’s Fox New report. I cannot embed the video because Fox does not provide the code. So please click on the link here or above.

2. Then tonight, Shep came out as a REAL feminist (regardless of that idiotic Ms cover). He called the remarks by North Korea about our Homegirl and the Secretary of State of the United States sexist! You go Shep! Hillary’s Women and Girls are right behind you! You are a hero!

Jordan Lieberman can go suck an egg! Shep had the last word and we are lovin’ us some Shep tonight!

Here’s the transcript of the video.

” What she’s America’s top diplomat to the rest of the world in the face of US foreign policy. The last few — weeks really the secretary of state Hillary Clinton has to certain agreement. Been sort of out of the spotlight and in it played second fiddle if you will the president the vice president Biden. And really another of a number of other special envoys to be fair you know she was sidelined with a fractured elbow. And had to cancel two overseas trips she’s been rehab and if you will. But today Secretary Clinton delivered and what that what — office called a major foreign policy speech. Among the things about which she spoke America’s role on the global stage here listen.”

” No doubt we lost some ground in recent years but the damage is temporary it’s kind of like my elbow it’s getting better every day. Whether in Latin America or eleven on Iran — Liberia. Those who are inspired by democracy. Who understand. That democracy is about more than just elections. That it must also protect minority rights and press freedom. Develop strong confident and independent judiciary legislatures and executive agencies. And commits. For democracy to deliver results these are the people who will find that Americans are their friends not adversaries.”

” But after being forced to sit things out for so long. Some are asking mostly her critics whether secretary Clinton’s influence waned in the Obama administration — is now the publisher of politics magazine. Jordan Lieberman as witness Jordan to — I — is this more than above elbow here or it just sounds like detractors trying to make something that absolutely nothing to me.”

” Both got a perfect storm that she’s you know she’s got broken elbow in the Barack Obama goes on a huge international trip and she’s been marginalized because her husband’s. Supporting — someone else in the New York senate primary. All this together makes her you know in some ways really on the outside of this administration.”

” So where do you see things going now.”

” You know the balls entirely in hit in her court you’re living on a major international trip are now she needs to carve out a niche she needs to be relevant. At and then cut and and actually deliver something in terms of policy or she risked becoming just really a figure had become a kind of the — Angelina Jolie of American foreign policy.”

” Hillary Clinton ambassador come all want to feel — I let you know the Taliban and are you out of your mind. Hillary Clinton why can’t I just can’t imagine Hillary Clinton no that’s not that’s foolish to got nowhere to go. She’s got nowhere to go with the issue surrounded she’s around about Obama loyalists and she’s she’s really in a tight — right now while we you know because we have more than one problem in the world and I was — kind of — that we had more than one person working on a mall. If she falls off the front pages and becomes an afterthought to Joe Biden. I don’t know how much of.”

” Biden but but she’s got you got Richard Holbrooke and she’s got it you know extraordinarily talented staff of deputy pull over. So the question is really what is her job. — his visit to project the — you know this image of America and and go to funerals and ribbon cuttings and deliver checks. Or just to make policy and I think unfortunately for voters it’s the former about the latter.”

” While. If that happens I don’t know you dinner some wish — on this. There’s this just sounds like a bunch of people who have sour grapes against the clintons trying to come up with some bad on Hillary that she’s — them. Drooping flower at the no it never checked all the her — respect Jordan thank you believe that when I see it.”

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Hillary in the Rose Garden

Hillary in the Rose Garden

I teach Applied Linguistics in a grad school. On the side I am a bit of a webbie geek. So when I come across something involving both, I latch on. Years ago, in my wanderings around the interwebs searching for something for a class I was teaching, I discovered an online dictionary that offered email updates with “The Word of the Day.” Cool! I signed up. Usually, they send me words I already know, and sometimes they send words I would never use because no one else would know what I was saying.

Corollary to this, I do not check that particular email account (associated with my job) when I am not at work so that I do not miss important work-related emails. On Mondays, my mailbox is cluttered. This morning, oddly, the three words that were sent over the weekend and the “Word of the Day” for today all somehow related to what we have been talking about here for weeks. Normally, I would simply have deleted these, but I think we should take a look at some “Words” of the past few days.

Word of the Day for Friday, July 17, 2009
leitmotif \LYT-moh-teef\, noun:
1. In music drama, a marked melodic phrase or short passage which always accompanies the reappearance of a certain person, situation, abstract idea, or allusion in the course of the play; a sort of musical label.
2. A dominant and recurring theme.

We have been noticing, both in the MSM and online a leitmotif , and it has been vicious, unsympathetic, maddening and untrue. It is, as you know, the theme that Hillary’s status and influence have been diminished, that she toils in the shadow, that she is a weakened player, somehow. That she is obscured. That she is (whoa! lookee here!) adumbrated!

Word of the Day for Saturday, July 18, 2009
adumbrate \AD-uhm-brayt; uh-DUHM-\, transitive verb:
1. To produce a faint image or resemblance of; to outline or sketch.
2. To prefigure indistinctly; foreshadow.
3. To suggest, indicate, or disclose partially.
4. To cast a shadow over; to shade; to obscure.

When such a leitmotif is intentionally put forth, it is done with a purpose. The Homegirls here believe that the purpose was to imbue in the American mind the idea that Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of State and top diplomat in the new administration, is a toothless, feeble, and yes, I believe they meant to imply washed up presence in the current government.

Word of the Day for Sunday, July 19, 2009
imbue \im-BYOO\, transitive verb:
1..To tinge or dye deeply; to cause to absorb thoroughly; as, “clothes thoroughly imbued with black.”
2. To instill profoundly; to cause to become impressed or penetrated.

All of the above leads me to today’s word:

Word of the Day for Monday, July 20, 2009
pastiche \pas-TEESH; pahs-\, noun:
1. A work of art that imitates the style of some previous work.
2. A musical, literary, or artistic composition consisting of selections from various works.
3. A hodgepodge; an incongruous combination of different styles and ingredients.

Now I almost decided not to try for a fit here, but as if working a puzzle, I changed my mind when I saw the fit. This leitmotif does consist of a hodgepodge of fact, lie, supposition, rumor, and neglect – the last being the most infuriating.

On June 17 Hillary Rodham Clinton slipped while rushing to her car for a meeting and shattered her elbow. She required surgery which was performed within two days (June 19) of the accident. She was working the next day. If you doubt this, look here, and while you are there bear in mind that on Monday, June 22, she was at the White House although it is not on the schedule, and by Tuesday, June 23, she was back to her bilaterals with foreign dignitaries. While she worked from home a few days a week in the ensuing weeks, she did work, and she was at Foggy Bottom more than she was not. Here is July.

Oh, and one more fact: Hillary does not seek publicity. If it comes to her, fine, but she is not on the phone shaking down the talking heads. She’s too busy working!

*Obama imposed the Super Envoys on her to weaken her. I am so tired of this one. They were HER idea. They report to HER. She sought this structure to oversee at-risk regions in order to strengthen OUR presence in these regions, not to enhance her image or otherwise promote herself.

Also: She’s nothing but a glamorous figurehead. I cannot disagree with the first part. She is beautiful – gorgeous and glamorous. When you don’t see her it is because she is running the ship, not stuck out there on the front of the bow.

There’s the myth of the Byzantine intrigues between the National Security Team concentrating foreign policy power at the White House v. the little blonde SOS who just cannot outmaneuver them! People dreaming this one up (MSM among them) have too much time on their hands. We have no way to know this. Secretary Clinton denies it. And when there is no information rumors abound.

Now I have to ask, why is there no information? Why all this supposition ending in rumors? Might I suggest that the reason is neglect? The American press, the Main Stream Media have dropped the ball. If they had bothered to check the State Department webpages I linked above and here, they would have found Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton working regularly, not in the shadows, but right out in the open where all of her loyal supporters and friends knew we could find her even though journalists with their investigative skills could or would not. Imagine!

If the American press were physicians, we would be suing for malpractice. The leitmotif recurred because of #MSMFAIL, #AmericanPressFAIL, #JounalismFAIL in this country!

How these words came up in this order, I wonder. Maybe the editor is a PUMA. Only once, during the Bush administration did the perfect word come up on the perfect day. I can no longer remember the word or the news story, but these words and this story are sure to stay with me. It’s time to put an end to it, because Hillary’s people are sick and tired of it. Churchill said the Brits would fight on the beaches. Hillary’s army is eschewing the beaches this summer because THIS battle is one of Twitter, Facebook, and blogs. Turn on the music! (And no leitmotifs to adumbrate our girl) We are ready to dance on in and lift her to the stage. Nobody puts our BB in a corner! Nobody!

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So if the question of last week was “Where’s Hillary?” the answer is pretty much the same this week as it has been for the past four weeks since her injury and surgery – she’s working! Yes, she’s working on the weekend, while the rest of us enjoy the summer weather, and she is being received in India, as she is wherever she goes, like a rock star!

Earlier today, I posted a version of this at A Rose for Hillary and Still4Hill. I decided, on second thought, to put it here as well for a few reasons. First of all, some people are visual learners. They need you to draw a picture for them. Perhaps the “Hillary toils in the shadows” toxic meme needs to be refuted with some beautiful pictures of Hillary working all day (ahem! on a SUNDAY – y’all) and in the bright sun of India. She is hardly in the shadows.

The second reason is a little more complex. People tend to observe others in a couple of ways. We might recognize in another something of ourselves or we might project on another our own habits and characteristics without actually having observed them. I have observed that Hillary Clinton, while in the Senate, kept her nose to the grindstone, worked like a dynamo, and did not get or even seek publicity for many of the initiatives she put forth. She does the work. She never seemed to care about having the spotlight on her. I once had all the videos of her presentations on the Senate floor. She was methodical, organized, matter of fact, got it done, and yielded the floor.

There are some folks in the public eye who seem to need the cameras rolling in order to do their jobs. Hillary is not one of those people. I have to wonder about the people who think that if the cameras are not rolling, Hillary is not working. That is patently untrue and so uncharacteristic of Hillary as to be bizarre! Maybe the people who perpetuated this idea, themselves, work better under the floodlights. Maybe some of them are seeking the floodlights. Whatever the reason for the wrongheaded stories, they are wrong. Hillary has worked every day since her accident – that is how she is, and those of us who visit her State Department website know very well her schedule, her meetings, and her statements.

But for those who need a picture, these should be worth a few thousand words (your words, which you should EAT!). Here is Hillary! We FOUND her! She’s in India! She is shining like the sun, and …uh…I don’t see any shadows around her anywhere! Have a look!

From the album:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on stage with Timothy J. Roemer, U.S. Ambassador-Designate to India (R), and Consul General Paul Folmsbee (L) during the address to Mumbai Consulate staff at the Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai, India July 19, 2009. [State Department photo]

AP Photo Indian Agriculture minister Sharad Pawar, in white, greets U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, center, as she arrives at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in New Delhi, India, Sunday, July 19, 2009. India and the United States can jointly devise a breakthrough plan for fighting climate change that will generate massive new investments

AP Photos
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton gestures as she arrives at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, in New Delhi, India, Sunday, July 19, 2009. India and the United States can jointly devise a breakthrough plan for fighting climate change that will generate massive new investments and millions of jobs, Clinton said Sunday.

Reuters Pictures

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton attends a conference on global climate change at the ITC Green Centre in Gurgaon, in the northern Indian state of Haryana, July 19, 2009. Clinton sounded optimistic on Sunday that the United States and India can bridge their differences on reducing greenhouse gases.

Read her Remarks Following Tour of Indian Agriculture Research Institute Research Field

Read her statement re: ITC Green Centre and discussion here.

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This was in Peggy Noonan’s Opinion column in today’s Wall Street Journal. When I read the first few paragraphs, I thought I was going to have to point out once again – and perhaps I do – the the super-envoys were Hillary’s idea, Peggy!

But when I read the last two paragraphs, I saw my own words – sort of. She is saying what I have been saying since about March. Anyone who is observant can come to this conclusion. Hillary is an excellent student and scholar. She is, I will say it once more because I doubt that I have said it HERE, devouring briefs, treaties, charters, agreements and the histories of every one of them. Hillary herself confirmed the truth of this in an interview after her 100th day at State.

There will be an incident. It will not arrive soon. Hillary has plans for a major overhaul of the State Department following the QDDR that she announced to State last Friday and at USAID on Monday. The refitting of the bureaus will take a few years (during this time, she will be training her replacement). But there will come a day when the White House National Security team hardlines a violation of some agreement she knows about. She will oppose them, and when they push, she will finally resign- and noisily – very close to 2012. Then she will mount a challenge, and she will win handily.

This is not some pipe dream. I say this based on what everyone really knows or should know about how Hillary operates. Peggy Noonan has been watching. She knows. I cannot believe she agrees with me! (She really oought to check in with me once in awhile. It took her until the morning AFTER Obama’s speech in Denver to figure our the Greek revival backdrop. Worse, she thought she was the first in America to “get it.”)

Sotomayor Hearing Escapes Gravity
They put a man on the moon, and a comedian in the Senate.

Mrs. Clinton is in a different position now. By this spring it must have become apparent to her that when the nice new president came and offered her the secretary of state job, and she said yes, she got rolled. What he got was clear: He took her off the chessboard. She wouldn’t be in the Senate being a counterforce, wouldn’t be planning her next move or become the rallying point of anti-Obama Democrats. She’d be on board, part of the team and invested in the administration’s success, for now its success would ensure her future. If their relationship didn’t work, nobody would think it was his fault.

What she would not have known was that she would be a public face of American diplomacy—not the face but a face—and not a decisive inside power. The portfolio for key areas—Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Mideast—was day by day given to others. She was sent off to do interviews on “Good Morning Manila.” In a foreign-affairs apparatus of clashing egos, she’d be just another ego. A Henry Kissinger or George Shultz would never have allowed this. She didn’t even go to the G-8 or the Russia meeting. President Obama, that canny fellow, only wants Obama in the room. It is true she broke her elbow, but they make it sound like a farming accident where her elbow was torn from her arm as she fed the thresher. Tina Brown wrote a witty column saying Mr. Obama should let Hillary out of her burqa.

But you know, one thing Mrs. Clinton’s learned is how to wait. Things turn on a dime, you wake up in the morning and there’s a new headline that changes everything. Sooner or later Mr. Obama is going to get in trouble, sooner or later the trouble will take hold and settle in, and sooner or later she will be the unsullied one who quietly did her duty in spite of the slights to which she’s been subjected. And when that happens, she will emerge—reluctantly, painfully—as the Democratic alternative. The one who almost won, who knew—who learned the hard way—that you can’t do everything all at once, that it’s the economy, stupid.

They will look like kids playing with history. Hillary isn’t a kid. She’s experienced, and has been roughed up by history. Watch. She’ll roll right back.

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Well, the Yankees begin the second part of the season tonight, the post-All-Star break part. And for Hillary Rodham Clinton, short-stop extraordinaire, NYNY Girl on the World Series stage, the drama continues at least as suspensefully as it does for the Bronx Bombers, her neighbors and Home Team.

We have been hearing for a month, since she broke her pretty Elbow of State © on June 17, that she “toils in the shadows,” has been marginalized and ignored by the Obama Administration, has diminished stature and standing in that administration, and is the victim of some backroom back-stabbing.

Today, however, as we emerge from the All-Star Break (a date that never fails to dishearten me – THIS is when summer is half over) two interesting developments arise in the helter-skelter of tripotâge surrounding the Homegirl whom we also surround with all of our defenses.

In Madam Secretary/FP this morning, there was this. Clinton amused, baffled by Daily Beast burqa post

I found the above , however, AFTER my early morning shock. Upon emerging from the shower, I saw THIS, on Today!

Compelled to ask myself, at the confluence of these two decidedly similar stories promoting still another (toxic) meme* the age-old philosophical/rhetorical/sophist question: W*T*F??????

Suddenly, the hermetic, reclusive, cloistered, (yeah, well The Cloisters are near Yankee Stadium – coinky-dinky) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton emerges from the shades and shadows, makes a high-powered speech to the Council on Foreign Relations, is taking off, even as I write, on her NEXT tour to India and Thailand while still in excruciating pain and WINS THE DAY! Again the age-old philosophical/rhetorical/sophist question: W*T*F?

For her Itinerary and the events of the day, please see our sister’s-site: Secretary Clinton. Stacyx rolls over the MSM any day of the week. Go Stacyx!

*See MadamaB

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Serendipity: The act of finding something propitious completely by accident while on some other mission or quest – it happens!  Also sh*t happens.  Most of the time sh*t happens, in fact.  We all need a little serendipity in our lives,  but it’s way too rare.  Well when it was so sorely needed, I made a serendipitous find this past weekend!  Wow!  I needed that!  I followed a link on Facebook or Twitter about Bill Clinton, and the story was posted at a newsfeed site I have never seen before which calls itself  The Love Network. I thought that was rather sweet and appropriate.  Bill is lovable.  But then I noticed something else.  Up in the taskbar there was one of those “related stories” type menus.  If you like this  you might also like: Hillary Clinton.  Actually, I might also LOVE Hillary Clinton, so I followed that link, and chose to subscribe to the RSS feeds from what is known as Hillary Clinton| The Love Network.  As I have said here before, I do not require huge reasons to love-slam Hillary Clinton, but I was encouraged to find a newsfeed that loves her too, since so many news orgs seem intent on continuing to use her as a fastball, a change-up, a screwball, and a spitball (YUCK!) against the angry bats of any team that wants to send her out of the park.

The marginalization meme we have  discussed for several weeks now, continues.  In fact it worsens while we watch.  I know Tina Brown did not REALLY expect us to believe she was on Hillary’s side advocating for Hillary to be freed of her burqa when she wrote this, so viral on the internet the past two days:  Obama’s Other Wife.   Some of the Homegirls would be gratified if Hillary removed some article of clothing (a jacket would do – wear that pretty white eyelet blouse we like), but a burqa is not an article any of us ever wanted to imagine ON Hillary to begin with.

One thing I found interesting about this article: In contrast with earlier “Hillary in the Shadows” articles,  Brown agrees that Richard Holbrooke  is a Hillary-hire.  The meme we argued with on June 25 , The Sport of the Mean Season,  was that Obama hired the super-envoys, Holbrooke included.   Hmmmm….maybe Tina was here and has corrected the official story based on the truth as stated here.  Or maybe they just can’t get their stories straight because they are, well… STORIES!

I will give Tina a h/t for this:

On her State Department plane, Hillary is always eager to throw off her well-groomed public look and sit up front with no makeup, wearing sweats and her bookworm glasses, as she crunches her way through a big fat file of foreign-policy memos.

Once again I am validated! I have been saying that since she took the oath. Hillary confirmed it in an interview at her 100th day in office, and Tina, who clearly has been aboard HillForce One (whether or not she DESERVES TO HAVE BEEN) re-confirms that Hillary is eating the wallpaper off the walls at Foggy Bottom as well as volumes in flight. It is not for no reason. If you know anything about Hillary, you have to know THAT. (Try not to make her look TOO attractive while she does this, though, Tina, y’know? I suppose you blog in your Chanel suit.)

Well Tina is not the only one taking continued pot shots at our Chief Homegirl.  The NYT seems never to miss a chance, so true to form, on Sunday, in an article about Howard Wolfson (now Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Minister of Propoganda) we found these unfortunate remarks which must be addressed:

Still, there is an alternate view: that Mr. Wolfson, reeling from Mrs. Clinton’s demoralizing loss, and an object of scorn among some Obama loyalists for the attacks he waged long after it became clear that she had no chance of winning, saw in Mr. Bloomberg an easy, high-profile victory.

“I am not interested in losing,” he said.

Mrs. Clinton’s drawn-out defeat in last year’s presidential primaries was a defining moment in the long journey that took Mr. Wolfson from the relative obscurity of local Democratic politics to the pinnacle of national campaigns and, now, to his new and unexpected perch.

Reminder: The long story that began on May 31, 2008 with the Rules and Bylaws Committee and ended with the most outrageous roll-call vote since the convention began televising roll-call votes, the true story of Denver has yet to be told! Fact: Hillary won the largest popular vote IN HISTORY in the primaries. She did not lose! Calling it a loss does not make it so.

(Also NYT, try not to look SO obvious. Quoting Patti Solis Doyle and Chris Matthews – my heavens, you are outing YOURSELVES!)

Finally, and I really wish I did not feel compelled to include this, but in fairness, I must. First let me say that readers do appreciate the effort of Preeti Aroon who took this blog over when no one would, and clearly she has little time to spend on this, but still, the Foreign Policy Magazine, Madam Secretary blog, purported to be – in fact publicized as – a blog for Hillary fans who want to know what she is up to, published this unfortunate post: Clinton Getting Her Second Wind.

My comment is posted there. I’ll put it here too. If you want to read the lies, you can go to the link.

Second wind, huh? I hope you never have broken any bones or required any surgery, and I hope you never will, but if you have you probably know that people who have had serious surgery under general anesthesia generally are out on disability for two weeks MINIMUM! Secretary Clinton was not out of work two DAYS following such surgery. She worked from home THE WEEKEND OF THE SURGERY and was at the White House the following Monday.

As it happens, her particular injury and surgery require intense physical therapy which prevented her from traveling with Obama to Russia, Italy, Greece, and Ghana on this latest trip. We are glad to see that she is well enough to travel at the end of this week, but the fact that she missed one trip is hardly a reason for this “toiling in the shadows” meme that keeps bobbing up. She has been working steadily since the injury and surgery. That the media does not cover her work does cause one to ponder. Here are a few things we need to remember:
1. Hillary does not need a “limelight” on her (or cameras rolling) in order to do her job.
2. To say

Obama has been able to travel abroad, and when he does, people go wild with Obamamania. Obama and his identity have been riveting symbols overseas

is patently false. Students on the streets of Moscow could not have cared less, and some resented having their classes cancelled due to his visit. There were no wild cheering crowds in Mother Russia. (Hillary will go there later this year – the contrast is sure to be interesting).
3. Prior to this one missed trip, Hillary has traveled tirelessly and indeed in partial shadow. Big trips have received perfunctory mention by the media, and others received no media attention (OAS Conference in Central America prior to meeting up with Obama in Egypt, visit to Canada to conclude a year of Canadian celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Boundary Waters Treaty – btw – Americans didn’t even KNOW there was an anniversary – why?).
4. This

” Clinton “hasn’t been the face of America abroad,” said Ben Smith

is pure tripe! Yes, she is very much the face of America abroad. The WORLD knows it even if America does not.
If people like Ben Smith and Wendy Chamberlin are going to be quoted here, how about a little editorial balance from Madam Secretary/FP?

So here we are at the seventh inning stretch (for real! really!) in the All-Star Game, and after the break, the Mean Season continues.

Hillary, we’ve got your back!

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