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Several blogs and forums have posted links to this Politico article suggesting that Hillary Rodham Clinton, powerhouse extraordinaire, star of the global stage, straight-talker, charmer of heads of state the world over, and, to us, Head Homegirl, might somehow be eclipsed by super-envoys brought aboard at State on her initiative for her own very good and clear reasons. So after I say *voice of Lucy Van Pelt*

“THAT’S THE MOST RIDICULOUS THING I’VE EVER HEARD!” Let me say “That’s the MOST ridiculous thing I have ever heard!”

1. As I said, the super-envoys were Hillary’s idea, dammit! With the emphasis in foreign relations shifting from the Pentagon to State and diplomacy, she realized that regions at risk required special attention and monitoring and came up with this brilliant idea! And it IS a brilliant idea! Give her credit for that!

2. If the super-envoys were getting a ton of press coverage, I might understand the line of reasoning here, but they are not! Only nerdy people like me and the people who read the stuff that people like me write really know THAT there are super-envoys and who they are.

3. The “shadows” are part and parcel of the smoke and mirrors that we have long seen used against Hillary by the mainstream media. People (the general public) see and know about what the msm covers. That the msm gives only minimal coverage to Hillary, and to ANYTHING at State, lies at the bottom of the obscurity they then point to. How many Americans knew she attended an OAS conference prior to meeting up with Obama in Cairo (for his momentus speech)? How many knew that between El Salvador and Honduras she was reported on Twitter as having met, in Cuba, with Fidel (twice)? How many knew that the morning she was shown in that red jacket (seen above) making statements about Iran and North Korea she was on her celebrated (in Canada, anyway) first diplomatic visit to our neighbor to the north standing on The Rainbow Bridge?

I’ll tell you. Few! Why? Because msm neglected to cover any of that or explain where she was or why she was there.

So I need to ask: What shadows? What kind of eclipse is this? In a lunar eclipse, the shadow of the earth passes over the moon by getting between the moon and its source of light, the sun. In a solar eclipse, the orbit of the moon causes it to pass in front of the shining sun in the daytime when the sunlight usually lights a hemisphere of the earth causing temporary darkness in the daytime.

The light emanates from Hillary. She does not reflect anyone’s light, and she is no moon orbiting around any third-rate planet. She is a center. People orbit around her. Some of those people are her super-envoys, others are staffers and Foreign Service Officials at State, supporters, friends, colleagues, family, etc. and some are the media. If the crummy little media-moon decides to place itself between Hillary and one of these planets, the American public, let’s say, well then she may be eclipsed, but who is blocking her light? The very same scoundrels who say she is eclipsed!

So yes, we are in another mean season, or perhaps the old one never ended. And the sport of the season appears to remain unchanged. Hillary-bashing has not subsided.

But if the msm thinks it is going to use our Homegirl as a piñata, the Homegirls will once again beat them back and knock them out of their evil orbit. We have tools other than pots, and pans, and rolling pins. We have blogs, forums, and Twitter. By now, we trust you understand that you cannot control that.

Hillary is an outstanding Secretary of State doing an exemplary job at a very difficult time. The fact that she really ought to have stayed home for two weeks following surgery and instead went back to work after two days speaks volumes. She is a fine, dedicated public servant. The Homegirls (and Homeboys) will blog, and comment, and tweet and RT (retweet) this message.

Step away from Hillary’s orbit!~ We have control of the remote, and we know who your sponsors are!

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Neda Soltani

I have no words. Yesterday I watched as this lovely young woman, looking for a better life in her own country was killed on the street. I know I was not alone, and I also know I was not the only one who cried.

The video is not for the faint of heart. Her sister posted it on her Facebook:

Women are playing a large role in this upheaval, and this young female casualty has become the rallying point. On Twitter, there is a suggestion to change #iranelection to #neda. Further protests are expected on the 3rd, 7th, and 40th days after her death as these are days of remembrance in Shiite tradition. Such remembrances brought down the Shah in 1979.

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When Obama nominated Hillary for SOS and she decided to accept, I really did try to give him a chance. The nastiness of the primaries and GE were behind us, and he claimed to put himself forth as the candidate of reconciliation and unity. I never actually bought that, but I tried to hang back and give him the open field. Well it seems the meanness was less a function of the season than of the man. He has a nasty sense of humor. When given the floor, his “jokes” have what Rosemary Woodhouse would call “a chalky undertaste” – something bitter in the mix.

At the White House Correspondents Association Dinner in early May, a period when H1N1 flu virus was devastating Mexico and breaking out in pockets in the U.S., Obama’s “joke” about Hillary involved her recent trip to Mexico. He said she hugged and kissed him when she returned (Wishful thinking. Don’t kid yourself, Barry, you cannot handle Hillary Clinton – she’s a handful.) and encouraged him to go there. As if Hillary were intentionally trying to pass on the virus (which she did not have).

At this same function, he joked about his own daughters, AF-1 and the buzzing of Lower Manhattan. This was not a funny incident.

So it seems that the press simply cannot get enough of Barry and his toxic wit. At the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner last night, he began nicely enough saying that he wishes Hillary a speedy recovery (she had been though the surgery that morning). But then he had to go ahead and ruin the sentiment by saying Richard Holbrooke was seen spraying WD-40 on the garage floor and that Hillary has decided to settle. For the record, yes Holbrooke was with her and apparently was loathe to leave her! She had to order him to go ahead to the meeting without her. Here’s the NYT account quoting Mr. Holbrooke who is clearly a gentleman in the company of a lady in distress:

The mishap occurred as Mrs. Clinton was walking to her car in the basement of the State Department. She was headed to a meeting with President Obama, accompanied by the administration’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard C. Holbrooke.

After Mrs. Clinton fell, Mr. Holbrooke said, “She struggled to get up to go to the meeting, but the pain was very intense.” Still lying on the ground, she instructed Mr. Holbrooke to go without her and reminded him to brief the president about a visit to Afghanistan planned by the State Department’s new ambassador for women’s issues, Melanne Verveer.

“She said, ‘Go to the meeting, that’s an order,’ ” Mr. Holbrooke said.

Mr. Obama does not seem to have courteous, gentlemanly bone in his skinny frame. His sense of humor is twisted, and I have no doubt that the source of some of these comments is his frat brother over there at 1600. You know the one. The guy who gave us this unforgettable image.

No fellas, even in a gang, you cannot handle her and do not have a chance. Her sense of humor is well beyond you. She NEVER makes a joke at another’s expense. She doesn’t have to. She is genuinely funny!

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So our Homegirl broke her adorable right elbow seen so sweetly raised in a salute! What a Homegirl we have!

If we needed further evidence that our Homegirl was flesh, blood, and bone (I did not), last night’s Tweets put an end to that. Scads of Fangirls and Hillary’s Women reacted reflexively: “Poor Baby!”

Now I got into a brief, indirect, but for me perhaps elemental fray over those words some weeks ago. I defended their use by another. Many of us perceive Hillary as our little sister, daughter, aunt, mother, etc. No matter your age, if you feel that kind of bond with her, your reaction could easily be, “Poor Baby!”

When a buddy on a thread used that expression, she was met with a word-bomb by a poster with power. The words were deemed “sexist.” I stood in favor of the expression. The thread was taken down.

The thing that turned me away from “feminism” in the ’70s was the militancy, the group-think, the “rules.”

I don’t follow those rules. I am small, strong, very feminine, and I do shave. Sorry! I do not find dark hair on light skin especially attractive in some outside-the-bathing suit areas. That’s me! I never liked the “rules.”

Neither do I like rules about language. I am a linguist (via graduate studies). As such, I sit back and observe how language works – it’s a cool way to do research.

So! If women who love, support, and vow forever to be in the corner of one Hillary Rodham Clinton, react reflexively with “Poor Baby,” who am I or anyone to attack that reaction?

My friend Regency said it for 15 minutes (by her account) when she heard of Hillary’s injury. She is young, strong, a LEADER! I not only follow her on Twitter, I FOLLOW her! I turned my Twitter icon green because she led me. On Saturday night last, the icons became a green string – partially because of her leadership. I don’t know a stronger feminist than Regency. And she DID say, many times, “Poor Baby!”

It is NOT sexist!

I rest my case.

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lgbt Hillary

About two weeks ago, first on Twitter, and later in official dispatches, we heard that Hillary had not only heard the requests from LGBT Foreign Service employees, but had researched the feasibility of granting their requests and had decided these requests should be honored. Several days later, I noticed a preponderance of Tweets proclaiming deep, passionate, love and loyalty for Hillary. When I backed into the accounts, these were posted by very nice looking young men. At first I wondered what had inspired this love-slam (well, not really, since I am always ready to love-slam Hillary – I just wondered how she had turned on all of these young guys all of a sudden). When finally I saw a similar post from two women, I realized that all this love was from the LGBT community and was due to her announcement from State.

Yesterday morning, Hillary released her statement: In Recognition of Gay and Lesbian Pride Month 2009.

Since last week, I have been pointing out to fellow PUMAs, Hillcrats, and assorted other POPs (Pissed Off People), that the way the LGBT community was responding to her, it seemed to me that we had not reached out ENOUGH to this community early on. Many expressed regrets for having supported Obama and wished they had known that Hillary had been the candidate of action. I proposed that we begin reaching out now, even though we cannot know the future, Hillary’s plans, or the prognosis for the current administration. I suggested that this is a powerful community that we did not have in the tent last year, should accept regardless of their past politics, and have ready to jump in should Hillary decide to ditch this administration and run again.

So it was in that spirit that having seen the very seductive header “Hillary Rocks the House” on Twitter, I clicked on the URL and visited the article of the same title at Gay Rights.Change.org last night.

Predictably, I found the notes of buyer’s remorse regarding Obama. I wrote a comment inviting them to join us all at Hillary’s Village. One comment, however, pointed out that even though Hillary had done so first, Obama later released a Gay Pride Month Proclamation, and see? He had done the right thing!

Well, you could say that, but only if you didn’t know or notice that this is a pattern. During the debates, Hillary even said that she was getting all the hard questions first (“I don’t MIND!” she responded adorably). Obama’s typical response to the same question was almost invariably, “Senator Clinton is right about that.” In addition, not having invited Nancy Reagan to a signing of the stem cell research bill, and having been called on it by a reporter who contacted Mrs. Reagan, he decided, after the fact to honor HER today. When Nicholas Sarkozy and he excluded the only living head of state who had served in uniform in WWII (to the consternation of EVERYONE who knows that history) to the D-Day Ceremonies in Normandy this week, Obama again, way too late, released through his Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, an assurance that he is “working” to get that addressed. It’s a pattern.

I replied to the misguided commenter, of course, but I wonder if the LGBT folks, and other marginalized groups that have been kicked to the curb by this administration understand that nothing will be done to advance their issues and agendas. NOTHING!

When I opened my email this morning I found a notice reminding me that June is also ASPCA Adopt-a-Shelter-Pet Month. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not making comparisons AT ALL but shelter pets and gays share this month and you would have to be living on Mars not to know that when Obama promised his girls a dog, originally that dog was supposed to be a shelter dog. Bo Obama, of course, as we all know, was a gift to the girls by Uncle Teddy Kennedy and came from Kennedy’s breeder. So the shelter pets also were kicked to the curb.

I chose this blog for posting this because this is where we defend the marginalized. Gay people are still marginalized. No Presidential Proclamation will change that. Only actions change things, not words! (UM, WHO is the person who acts?)

In 1969, gay people stood up and acted – courageously. Unfortunately, Obama is not going to be courageous in acting on their behalf any more than he has been for the shelter pets. Essentially, he is telling shelter pets, gay people, women, the Queen of England and all her subjects, as well as, lately, Angela Merkel to sit, stay, get under the porch (or back in your closet) and shut up.

It’s actions, not words. Obama will never help anybody if it is not in his self interest. For the record, the month of June has long been Gay Pride Month – long before “President Barack Obama” so proclaimed it yesterday. Ask Hillary. She marched in the parades.

Hillary Clinton

By the way, you can help feed shelter pets for free, by simply clicking on the purple button on this page. Unlike the rest of us, these pets cannot speak up for themselves. You can even set up a daily reminder and do this every day. It costs nothing and takes a few seconds. Visit the Animal Rescue Site.

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