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Ok Homegirls, this dispatch arrived from BlogHillary today.  Other parts of this story are relevant to other blogs I write, but there is a line here:

“…the two former rivals talk on the phone “every so often,” Clinton said.
‘I try not to abuse the privilege, but, you know, I stay in touch with him,’ she said.”

WHAT?  Abuse the privilege?  Wait uno momento here!

Let’s take these two words separately.

Abuse:  Calling him too much is abuse?  Oh my darling Hillary!  During the primaries, he treated you so badly that when I watch some of the video clips I want to cry, or slap him silly – no BOTH!  I will not go into a litany, all the Homegirls know what I mean.  We have a list.

Privilege: However many of your supporters you bring to his table (and I am not one – not because I love you less but because I fear him more) the privilege is all his, my sweet.  He is the lucky one to have you.

Because of you, Bill is campaigning for him.  If you weren’t involved, I am sure Bill would let him sink or swim on his own.

So no no no sweet darling Homegirl, you are abusing no privilege.  You are honoring him with your presence, energy, brilliance, and attention.  And we had better see proper respect and attention paid to you, whatever the outcome next week.

PUMA Boomer Women are watching!!

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Your Homegirls love you for this

Your Homegirls love you for this

Dear Hillary,

Your Homegirls wish you a lovely and happy birthday.

We are lucky to have you out there fighting for us.

We will not let anybody attack you anymore ever.

We’ve got your back.

Have a wonderful peaceful, lovely day.


Your PUMA Homegirls

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